Lebanon known as the land of Phoenicians, it is a country where races and religions intermingle in secular blending. Lebanon is the gateway between East and West, in the ups and down of history, it has represented a meeting place of great civilizations and cultures. Lebanon has kept its basic immutability like the famous gigantic Cedar which is the symbol of the country.

Lebanon is a year-round destination depending on what activities you want to pursue.It is becoming increasingly popular as a winter sports destination. The ski season extends from November to May. Away from the slopes, winter tends to be cold and often rainy.
The most beautiful time to visit Lebanon is spring. During April and May, and if your timing is just right, you would be able to live the cliché: Catch the end of the ski season and sunbathe on the coast. Lebanon is ideally suited to an archeological sightseeing tour. The county is small and easy to get around while enjoying several outstanding sites. For the more adventurous, the rugged mountains offer scope for a range of outdoor activities: Hiking, mountain biking, rafting or skiing, are some of your options.

Lebanon is a country destined to Tourism. The warmth, hospitality and friendliness of the Lebanese is simply exceptionally inviting. The landscape, archeological treasures and weather make of Lebanon is unique country to visit.