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“ Excellent tour in Egypt”

Many thanks for organising an excellent tour for us. (I shall send you a separate thank-you note on my University email account, in case you decide to keep it for your files.)
Most primarily, I would like to thank you for your enormously helpful, gentle, an charming staff. Everyone of of the guides and drivers was a credit to mankind. (Womankind, also. Please tell Emi that I, as Shaikh al-Islam, must send her a “chador” from Iran!) However, there is no surprise there: They were Egyptians and could not be anything but noble. (Perhaps some Egyptians that we hear about are NOT Egyptians.)

Four Seasons Hotel, and again its staff, were just as what they can proudly claim.
Al-Mudirah in Luxur must be listed as a place of interest to see along with other sites in Luxur. As I have been thinking about it, I have a growing admiration for the place: Unusual, sophisticated, with so many objects to look at carefully in one’s own room. The walk in the garden; the courtyard where we ate; the buildings that I walked by. All memories now.
Al-Jounah is a lovely resort. However, it is not for me. It suits a Western family with children, raised with the idea of a compulsory holiday and manufactured happiness. The only restaurant that was open was an ALL-you-can-eat food bazaar—and distastefully, people ate even more than a “khenzir” could.
Al-Jounah was my mistake. I had mistakenly assumed that Al-Jounah was more secluded and quiet than Dhahab.
Thank you for arranging the car trip back to Cairo. I wanted to feel the land of Egypt. I am grateful to you, Sir.
The most painful part of my trip was to leave Egypt and say goodbye to my friend Tawfiq. Truly, Sayyid Tawfiqina min Allah, aydhan.
May you all be healthy and see a happier Egypt.
Best wishes always,
Reza Sheikholeslami