One of the world’s favorite destinations, the UAE is ranked first in the Middle East and Africa and its tourism sector is the world’s most sustainable, according to the World Economic Forum’s annual Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report in 2010.

The country has been an important trading hub since ancient times, bringing together people from all across the world. Today, over two thirds of the world’s population lives within an eight-hour flight of the UAE, and the country certainty isn’t letting its strategic position go to waste.

Already a stunning success and one of the country’s key economic drivers, the UAE’s tourism sector is set to experience dramatic and sustained growth over the next decade, thanks to innovative global outreach campaigns, unrivalled infrastructure development, competitive travel costs and ambitious government-led initiatives across the country.

The UAE is also home to Dubai International Airport, set to beat long-established airports in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom to become the world’s busiest airport by 2015.

With key investments in new attractions and world-class hotels accommodating a host of lifestyles and preferences for people from across the globe, the UAE will welcome even greater numbers of visitors for generations to come.