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Egypt and Jordan Combined Tour

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17 Days / 16 Nights
Availability : 01 Dec 2023 - 30 April 2024
Min PAX : 2
Tour Details

Many travelers who tour the Middle East prefer to visit two destinations in one trip in order to make use of already being in the region and paying for the flight tickets from their homeland to Middle East.

This wonderfully tailored travel package gives the guests the chance to visit two of the most remarkable and interesting countries in the region of the Middle East; Egypt and Jordon.

Pyramids, ancient Egyptian monuments, Nile Cruise journey, Pharaonic Temples, Sharm El Sheikh beaches, the Monastery of Saint Catherine, Aqaba beaches, Petra, and a camp in Wadi Run. These are the keywords of this fantastic tours.

The guests will begin this marvelous tour in Egypt by spending three night in Cairo to explore the most remarkable places in the Egyptian capital including the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, Memphis, Saladin Citadel, Khan El Khalili, and the Egyptian Museum.

The next stage of this holiday in Egypt would be to visit the breathtaking Temple of Abu Simble, simply the most charming ancient Egyptian monument ever erected.

The guests will then enjoy spending four nights in one of the best Nile Cruise ships in Egypt that sail from Aswan to Luxor. These ships are superb and enjoyable for all the family members to sail down the Nile, enjoy the sun deck, watch the magnificent views of the River Nile, and participate in parties and competitions at night.

The Nile Cruise journey will also include a perfectly chosen schedule to explore all the notable monuments in Luxor, Aswan, and even between the two charming cities. The visits would include the High Dam, the Temple of Philae, the Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan, the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Karnak in Luxor, and the Temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Edfu between these two amazing cities.

Now it would be time for more fun enjoying the most amazing beaches of the city of Sharm El Sheikh, the city of peace and the most popular Egyptian resort. We will be also exploring the Monastery of Saint Catherine and climb the Moses Mountain.

Now is the time to tour Jordon and discovering the secrets of a country rich in its history and various monuments. Our visits in Jordon will include spending a night and a day in Aqaba to enjoy the beach and the mood of this magical Red Sea Coastal city.

We will be exploring the desert of Wadi Rum, camp in the desert at night, have a BBQ party, and enjoy a Bedouin party. The guests will also have the chance to visit monuments like Little Petra, the Shobek Castle, the Kerak Castle in one superb vacation in Jordon.

Do you love ancient history, monuments, pyramids, the most amazing beaches of the Red Sea, Petra, and many other historical sites in Jordon? If your answer is YES, so please never miss the chance to book this great vacation in Egypt and Jordon.

Price Includes

  • 03 nights’ accommodation in Cairo – on (Bed & Breakfast) basis.
  • 01 night’s accommodation in Aswan – on (Bed & Breakfast) basis.
  • 03 nights’ accommodation on board Nile Cruiser – on (Full Board) basis.
  • 03 nights’ accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh – on (Half Board) basis.
  • 01 night’s accommodation in St. Catherine – on (Half Board) basis.
  • 01 night’s accommodation in Aqaba – on (Half Board) basis.
  • 01 night’s camping in Wadi Rum – on (Half Board) basis.
  • 02 nights’ accommodation in Petra – on (Bed & Breakfast) basis.
  • 01 night’s accommodation in Amman – on (Bed & Breakfast) basis.
  • Meet and assist by our Professional English-speaking representatives.
  • Entrance fees to all the indicated historical sites, temples, museums, etc.
  • Professional English-speaking Egyptologists in all the indicated historical sites.
  • Lunch meals at local restaurants during the tour in Cairo only.
  • Ferry boat tickets (Nuweiba/Aqaba) by AB Maritime Fleet.
  • Complimentary Local SIM Card for using within Egypt for local calls, messages, etc.
  • All transfers by private A-C vehicles with qualified drivers.

Price Excludes

  • Entry visa to Egypt/Jordan.
  • International flight tickets.
  • Domestic flight tickets (as per the program).
  • All personal expenses like laundry etc.
  • Tipping to Guide, Driver, etc.
  • Any Optional tours may require.

Day 1Arrival to Cairo Int. Airport

Upon your arrival to The Cairo International Airport, you will first meet GAT Tours’ representative who will be your main assistance for the coming few days. 

He will take you on an air-conditioned vehicle towards your hotel in Cairo to check in and get some relaxing time at your new room after a long flight. You will Enjoy all the hotel facilities and have free time for the rest of the day.

Day 2Pyramids Sakkara Memphis

After having your delicious breakfast in the morning, you will be ready to join your professional Egyptologist who will be your guide for today’s visits. 

Today’s adventure will start at The Pyramids of Giza which is the most popular monument in the whole world. This great site was constructed around 2500 BC at the 4th dynasty. You will find there, the Grand pyramid of Cheops, the middle one of Khafre, and the last one is for Menkaure. and of course we can’t miss the marvelous status of sphinx that was constructed in the shape of a lion’s body and a human’s head to guard the 3 pyramids from any threats.

The adventure will continue at the next destination of Saqqara city. This city was considered  the royal burial site of the 3rd dynasty and this made it one of the richest archeological places in Egypt as they discover lots of treasures in this place until today. Once you’re visiting Saqqara, you have to visit the Step Pyramid of Djoser, as this pyramid is considered the oldest surviving stone monument in the whole world and even older than the 3 pyramids of Giza. This pyramid was built in the 27th century BC, that’s why we call it the first pyramid to ever be constructed in Egypt. 

The last stop for today’s visits will be at Memphis city which was the first capital of unified Egypt and continued till 10 centuries. KingNarmer built this city in the 32nd century BC after he was able to unify Upper and Lower Egypt. That’s why this city is the masterpiece of this Journey. 

Then you will go to have your lunch meal at one of the best local restaurants in Egypt. 

Now you will come back to your hotel to get some rest and refreshment and enjoy the rest of the day free at leisure on your own in Cairo.

There will also be an optional visit to the sound & light show at Giza pyramids, which will be an interesting way to know everything about the whole story and history behind the creation of the pyramids from the startling sphinx himself. 

Finally, you will get back to your beloved hotel to spend the night. (Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 3Museum Citadel Old Cairo

Get your breakfast meal first thing in the morning before starting a fresh and sunny day. 

You will now join your expert tour guide in an interesting tour in the city center of Cairo where you will start exploring The Egyptian Museum. This incredible museum is the largest one with a huge collection of ancient Egyptian history you can find in the world. 

During your tour at this museum, you can’t miss passing by the golden exhibits of Tutankhamen, lots of interesting statues, the mummies’ hall, and large impressive reliefs.

Then you will be heading directly to the Citadel of Saladin which was built in the 10th century during the ruling period of Saladin. He made this huge building to be a protector for Egypt. Inside the citadel you will find lots of interesting places to visit, like the famous Mosque of Mohamed Ali and the Mosque of El Nasser Mohamed. Besides there are more than one museum that presents various periods of Egypt. You can also have great pictures for the memory as the citadel has amazing panoramic views for the city of Cairo. 

Now you will go to get your lunch meal at one of the best local restaurants in Cairo to enjoy the Egyptian food.

Let’s go to discover the area of Old Cairo where you can find many interesting Coptic monuments. You will start this amazing tour by visiting The Hanging Church which is the first established church in the 5th century and this made it one of the most important historical sites in Egypt. Next, you will pass by the Abu Serga Church, we all believe it was built at the same place where the holy family rested during their journey to Egypt. It was built in the 7th century. 

Then lastly, you will be visiting the Church of Saint Mary, this is an orthodox church built during the 5th century. This area is full of a great Coptic history that will blow your mind. 

After such a long and fruitful tour, you will get back to your beloved hotel in Cairo to rest and refresh. 

Tonight you will be having free time on your own in the hotel. But at the same time we will be offering you an optional Nile Cruise Dinner where you can enjoy a delicious open buffet, a Tanoura show, belly dancing performances, and live music with the remarkable views of the great Nile River. 

Finally, it’s the time to relax and spend a great night back in your hotel. [Breakfast & Lunch]

Day 4Abu Simbel Temples & Aswan O.N.

Today you will start by having your breakfast then check out the hotel in Cairo to go for another destination in Egypt. 

Our English-speaking representative will take you on a private air-conditioned vehicle to Cairo International Airport in order to catch your domestic flight to Aswan city. 

Once you arrive at Aswan International Airport, our local representative will be waiting for you to assist you during your stay in Aswan. 

From the airport you will be starting your first journey in Aswan, by driving with a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle to Abu Simbel that is located near Nubia at the south of Aswan. The Abu Simbel Temple is considered the greatest achievement of ancient Egyptians. It was constructed by Ramses II, and they discovered these two temples in the 19th century. 

After such a memorable tour, we will drive back to your new hotel in Aswan where you will check in and get some rest.  You will be having the rest of the day free on your own to enjoy the beautiful city of Aswan at night.  

Tonight you will be having a relaxing sleep at your hotel in Aswan. [Breakfast]

Day 5The High Dam, Temple of Philae & The Unfinished Obelisk

Today is a very special day, you will be having your breakfast at the hotel then you will check out to go to your Nile Cruise ship. 

Our local representative will be taking you on a private air-conditioned vehicle to the location of your Nile Cruise ship. You will check in and get ready to enjoy your lunch meal in the middle of the Nile River. 

The ship will land first at the site of the High Dam; this great structure was built by the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1960s. He built it in order to store the flood  water of the Nile River and also to generate electricity for all the Egyptians. This is one of the greatest achievements that ever exist in Egypt. After the construction of the High Dam, the water of the River Nile affected many historical monuments that’s why UNESCO made a rescue mission for the Abu Simbel Temple and Philae Temple to relocate them away from the water damage. 

To reach Agilika Island you will need to ride a motorboat. Once you arrive at the island you will visit the marvelous Philae Temple, this amazing site was constructed in the 3rd century BC for the worship of the goddess Isis and this was during the Greco Roman era. 

Your last visit today will be more unique as you will be discovering the Unfinished Obelisk, Which, if it was completed, would have been the largest piece of stone ever to exist in the whole world. They found this Obelisk in the granite quarry at the south of Aswan and it dates back to the New Kingdom. 

After a long and interesting day, you will get back to your ship to have some rest and relax.

During the afternoon, you will be having free time on board to enjoy the weather beside the pool and get some relaxation. 

At night we will be offering you a wonderful optional tour to the sound and light show at Philae Temple. You will enjoy the amazing story of the goddess Isis and her husband Osiris with a marvelous ambience. You will know many legends and facts about the era of ancient Egypt. 

Then you will get back to your Nile cruise ship for having your delicious dinner and spend a relaxing night in the middle of the Nile. [Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner]

Day 6Temple of Kom Ombo & Temple of Edfu

In the early morning you will enjoy the best breakfast on board before starting today’s adventure. 

The Nile Cruise ship will be sailing towards the Temple of Kom Ombo to visit such an incredible site. This temple was built in the Ptolemaic period and they continued building until they finished it in the Roman era. The interesting part of this temple is that they made it for the worship of two gods, the local crocodile, Sobek and the famous eagle god, Haroeris and this is why they divided the temple into two sections; one for each god.

Then you will be heading to the amazing City of Edfu. While your Nile Cruise is sailing towards the city, you will be enjoying your lunch meal. 

Once you reach Edfu city, you will start the tour by visiting the Temple of Horus in Edfu. It’s one of the best preserved ancient Egyptian temples in Egypt as it was constructed during the Ptolemies era in the 3rd century BC and was dedicated to the god Horus. The temple has charming beautiful stones and amazing wall carvings. You will definitely enjoy your visit there. 

During the evening time, you will be free at leisure on board where you can enjoy some Egyptian folklore shows, this includes a belly dancer show, Tanoura show and lots of other entertaining performances. 

At the same time you can choose to go on an optional tour to attend the sound & light show at Temple of Edfu. This is a wonderful experience to know the whole story behind  the temple construction with an amazing sound and lights show. 

Usually it depends on the cruise schedule, as some cruisers don’t have an overnight in Edfu. [Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner]

Day 7West Bank of Luxor

Enjoy your morning time free at leisure or you can choose to go with us on an optional tour to ride a Hot-air Balloon and explore the whole city of Luxor from the sky. You will enjoy the feeling of a flying bird and having amazing views of the city. 

Get back to your Nile Cruise and enjoy your delicious breakfast before starting to explore the West bank of Luxor or as it is known, the city of the dead. 

You will start the day by visiting the Valley of the Kings, this is an amazing site full of fascinating ancient tombs for the old kings of Egypt. The kings from the New Kingdom have made this site their royal tomb. One of the remarkable tombs of this site is the famous tomb of Tutankhamen which was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. All these tombs have amazing wall paintings with beautiful colors that have remained the same until today. 

Next, you will be exploring the Temple of Deir El Bahari, this amazing temple was built in the 18th dynasty by the famous Queen Hatshepsut. The Temple is one of the most unique temples in Luxor and it has many terraces and there are statues of the Queen with a beard inside the temple, plus it has a unique location as it is curved in one of the great mountains of Thebes.

The last visit for today will be to the Colossi of Memnon where you can find two huge statues in a charming view that will blow your mind. These statues were constructed in 1350 BC and they were the only parts remaining from the great funerary temple of Amenhotep III.  

Once your tour is over, you can get back to your beloved Nile Cruise to enjoy your delicious lunch meal in the middle of the Nile. 

The rest of the day you wll be free to enjoy relaxing on the ship and at night there will be a funny party called “Galabeiya Party” or you can listen to some international music with the Nile views.

Now it’s the sleeping time where you will enjoy it on your Nile Cruise [Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner]

Day 8East Bank of Luxor, Flight to Sharm El Sheikh & O.N.

Today you will be exploring the east bank of Luxor, but first don’t miss your delicious breakfast on board. 

You will begin the tour with the Temple of Karnak which is considered the biggest temple in the world. All the Karnak Items date back to the new kingdom as It was constructed more than one thousand years ago.

As you’re touring Loxur, of course you can’t miss visiting the Luxor Temple. It is the second startling temple built in Luxor after the Karnak temple, it was constructed in the 14th century BC and it’s construction process has taken many years to be finished. That’s why the construction was handled by many pharaohs along the years like Ramses II and Queen Hatshepsut. The temple’s design and architecture will amaze you.

After such an amazing tour in the city of Luxor, you’ll go on a private air-conditioned vehicle to Luxor Airport in order to catch your domestic flight to Sharm El Sheikh where the fun will begin (usually via Cairo). 

Once you arrive at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, our English-speaking representative will be waiting for you and take you on a private air-conditioned vehicle towards your chosen hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. 

You will check in and go to enjoy your Dinner meal then get a relaxing night at the hotel. [Breakfast & Dinner]

Day 9Free at Lesiure in Sharm El-Sheikh

Enjoy your breakfast meal at your hotel and get ready for having some fun in Sharm El Sheikh. 

In Sharm El-Sheikh you can have a wonderful time doing lots of funny activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, or even chilling out at the wonderful beaches of the city.

Now, you can have free time at your hotel to enjoy all the facilities there or you can explore this amazing city by night. Sharm El Sheikh is famous for hosting the largest number of night spots including restaurants, cafes, discoes, bars, shops, and various stores and different types of entertainment. 

You can seize the chance to go for an optional Bedouin BBQ Dinner in the amazing desert of Egypt, you will enjoy some delicious food and enjoy the unique Bedouin music and dances. 

It’s now the time to spend a relaxing night in Sharm El Sheikh. [Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner]

Day 10Free at Lesiure in Sharm El-Sheikh

The most delicious breakfast meal will be served to you at your hotel.

Then get ready to enjoy today’s fresh air in Sharm El Sheikh doing your preferred summer activities with the beautiful beaches of this city.

Now we will offer you a very interesting Safari tour in the desert of Sinai, in order to get a small adventure in the Egyptian desert and try this new concept of Safari.(All our tours are secure and we assure the highest quality of services at very special rates for all our valued guests).

Your Safari tour will include two stops in the desert. This first one will be during tea time as you will enjoy it on the Bedouin way, and the second one will be for a Bedouin BBQ Dinner party as you will enjoy music and dances like you have never seen before. 

After a tour full of adventures, you will get back to your hotel to spend a relaxing night. [Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner]

Day 11Depart to Saint Catherine

In the early morning, you will check out your hotel after enjoying your breakfast meal, as you’re going on a totally different adventure. 

GAT Tours’ representative will take you from your hotel directly to Saint Catherine on a ride that takes less than two hours by car. 

Once you arrive at your new accommodation in Saint Catherine, you will check in quickly to be able to catch some time resting in your room before starting your adventure by climbing the Sinai Mountain in the early morning.

You will be having your Dinner meal at your hotel, then, the rest of the day will be free at the city of Saint Catherine. This city was the place where Moses talked to the god and the holy family passed during their trip to Egypt. You will have a blessed stay in this city. 

Finally, you will have a deep sleep to get ready for your adventure in the early morning. [Breakfast & Dinner]

Day 12Moses Mountain and St.Catherine Monastery

Start a rise and shine morning today and start climbing the Moses Mountain, or the Mountain of Sinai, where Moses received the ten commandments of god. 

This mountain is more than 2500 above sea level and offers marvelous views of the sunrise over the mountains of Sinai in a magnificent atmosphere.

After the sunshine, you will go down the mountain to start visiting the Monastery of Saint Catherine, constructed in the 4th century AD as one of the oldest monasteries in the world. The monastery is still operating until today and it is featured with its marvelous architectural elements and its wonderful ambience.

You will then drive towards Nuweiba Port, in order to catch the ferry boat to Aqaba. 

Upon your arrival at Aqaba port, you’ll be transferred by private air-conditioned vehicle to your chosen hotel to check in, rest and refresh. 

Evening time is free at leisure, so that you can explore the city of Aqaba by night. 

Finally, you’ll get back to your hotel to enjoy your dinner and get a relaxing night. [Breakfast & Dinner]

Day 13Aqaba, Wadi Rum Tour & O.N.

In the morning, you will be having some free time in Aqaba city, with its amazing weather that allows you to enjoy lots of summer activities like sailing, water skiing, and swimming. 

If you’re a Diving or snorkeling lover, this is your perfect place as you will be able to enjoy spotting the colorful and varied marine life in the Red Sea. 

We will be offering you more than one optional tour to choose from, along your stay. This will depend on your taste. 

During the afternoon, you will be having a great time at the desert of Wadi Rum, this wild desert has amazing landscapes that fascinated the British liaison officer Lawrence of Arabia. He described Wadi Rum as “vast, echoing and god-like”  he said it all, you will definitely enjoy it there. 

To see Lawrence’s spring, you will drive for about two hours using a 4-wheel drive jeep in the desert to see Lawrence’s spring. During this tour you will pass by majestic mountains and a gorge that have beautiful ancient rock drawings. 

You will have free time to hike on your own enjoying the silence of this awesome desert. 

Then you will try a new concept of camping in an unforgettable night under a blanket of stars including a BBQ dinner meal. [Breakfast & Dinner]

Day 14Shobek Castle, Little Pertra & O.N.

Enjoy your delicious breakfast in the morning and let’s get back to the road and head to Shobak Castle, which was built by Baldwin I of Jerusalem.

Inside this fortress you will find many interesting things like two churches, ruins of baths, cisterns, archways and old Islamic inscriptions. If you’re brave enough, you have to climb the 300 steps down in a well.

In the afternoon you will drive to little Petra. This was inhabited by the Nabataean and has many tombs, water containers and channels. The scale of this area and the fact that it is a continuation of Petra, gave it the name of little Petra.

Now you will head to Petra and to check in your new hotel. [Breakfast]

Day 15Full Day Petra & O.N.

Don’t miss your breakfast meal in the morning, then get ready to explore the wonders of the ancient city of Petra. 

You will start touring the remarkable monuments of Petra including the Treasury, the most astonishing building in the city which is an amazing hewn into the stones of the cliff as the preservation storage section of the city that used to host many treasures. 

You will then visit the theatre of Petra, which is also hewn into the rocks and it used to host more than 8000 people in ancient times.

Now you will move to visit the Monastery of Petra, the largest and one of the most impressive monuments of Petra that dates back to the 1st century AD as one of the oldest surviving monasteries in the world. 

After exploring many other sections of the amazing ancient city of Petra, you will take a private car and return to your hotel to spend a relaxing night. [Breakfast]

Day 16Kerak, Mount Nebo & Madaba

Start your day with a delicious breakfast then check out from your current hotel. 

Now you will join our expert tour guide to go on an unforgettable tour in Jordan which includes the Kerak Castle. This is the largest medieval castle in Jordan, constructed in the 12th century where you will have a marvelous chance to view the history of Jordan at that time.

Then, you will take an air-conditioned vehicle to visit Madaba, 30 kilometers to the South West of Amman. This city is famous for its remarkable Roman and Umayyad monuments. 

It’s now the time to visit the St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church is famous for its notable mosaics with scenes from many other countries like  Jerusalem, Amman, Palestine, and some scenes for Egypt’s River Nile. 

You will also pass by the Nebo Mountain which is situated more than 6000 meters above the sea level. You will enjoy its amazing scenes of the whole area besides its religious significance for Christians and Moslems.

The next visit for today will be to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. This sea is unique with its high level of salts and minarets that are quite beneficial in curing many diseases and offers a marvelous feeling of relaxation.

After such an amazing day tour, you will drive to Amman, where you will check in your hotel. 

You will be having the rest of the day free on your own, so you can enjoy the amazing city of Amman by night before leaving. 

You will spend the night in Amman. [Breakfast]

Day 17Check Out & Final Departure

Start the day by checking out the hotel in Amman after having a delicious breakfast. 

Later on, you’ll meet our English-speaking representative who will take you on a private A/C vehicle to Queen Alia International Airport in order to catch your departure flight back home carrying wonderful memories about this incredible visit to those 2 counties. [Breakfast]


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