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Classic Egypt Tours

If you want to discover the great civilization of Egypt, you need to see the country from a different perspective. That’s why we offer you classic tours and travels that will reveal the ancient mystery of Egypt with the help of our expert guides who will take you on an unforgettable journey, filled with knowledge and excitement. Our Egypt tours packages are focused on Egypt’s top attractions and sites in each prominent city, such as Luxor tours, Aswan tours, Cairo Tours, Alexandria Tours, etc. We will show you the real civilization of Egypt and open your eyes to great secrets hidden inside many attractions of the Karnak Temple, Abu Simbel, the great Pyramids, and more. Explore our classic tours and don’t miss out!

The best Egypt classic tours

led by amazing, well-connected Egyptians guides!

Relaxing Nile Cruise Trip and Pyramids

12 Days / 11 Nights
Relaxing Nile Cruise Trip and Pyramids gives you the chance to explore the most important ...
From $1,360

Explore Cairo Nile Cruise Aswan to Luxor and Hurghada Tour Package

10 Days / 09 Nights
One of the most fantastic trips to Egypt that we are proud to present. This ...
From $1,440

Layover in Cairo & Cairo Stopover Travel Package

04 Days / 03 Nights
Cairo stopover finely tailored travel package which is like a concentrated dose of Cairo, the ...
From $440

Wonderful Nile Valley Days Tour Package

08 Days / 07 Nights
Cruising the magical Nile has been and will always be one of the highlights of ...
From $995

Pyramids, Citadel, Sphinx, Sakkara and Egyptian Museum Tour

05 Days / 04 Nights
Pyramids Cairo Highlights is one of the finest tailored holidays in Egypt our company is ...
From $530

Pyramids, Nile Cruise and Alexandria Tour

09 Days / 08 Nights
Do you dream to spend an unforgettable vacation in Egypt, this wonderful travel package Pyramids, ...
From $1,360

What do Classic Egypt tours look like?


Adventure and Hiking

Desert Safari

Nile Cruise

Things to Know Before Traveling to Egypt

We will help you to prepare not only your travel plan but also the right luggage to fit an Egypt tour.

What Our Guests Say

  • Prof. Ali Reza Shekhoeleslami | England

    “ Excellent tour in Egypt” Many thanks for organising an excellent tour for us. (I shall send you a separate thank-you note on my University email account, in case you decide to keep it for […]
  • Alejandra Romero & Family | Mexico

    “ We had a great time” Our family were planning a long trip and we really had a fantastic holiday in Egypt and all the beautiful cities we visited, thank you very much for your […]
  • Julia Musso | USA

    “Amazing Stop Over” A friend of mine and I took a day trip to Cairo and went on a day tour with GAT to the pyramids, sphynx, and egypt museum and the trip was phenomenal! […]
  • Anthony Lapham | England

    “ Superb holiday” I am writing to thank you for the superb organisation and direction of our recent holiday in Egypt. Your guides, representatives and other staff were superb and all assisted in providing us […]
  • Aidan and Dyan Dodson | England

    “ Thanks for friendly and efficient service” The trip was wonderful, and I can warmly recommend both hotel and boat – the boat was the best we have sailed on in Egypt (and we have […]
  • D Williams | Australia

    “ Thanks for Professional and Personalized service” I travelled to Egypt with my friend Anna in September and would like to express my thanks to Gat Tours staff for all their efforts in ensuring that […]
  • Haley Bruce | Newzeland

    “Amazing Service” We were met straight off the plane in Cairo by Ahmed Omar and I cannot say enough great things about him and his team of professional Egyptian guides and drivers! We hadn’t planned […]
  • Tony & Helen Cole | England

    “ We had a great time” My wife, Helen and I have just returned from four days in Cairo. We had a lady guide, Manar who was superb, very patient and able to explain eveything […]
  • Anne Mead | Australia

    “ Wonderful holiday” I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the excellent service your company provided, from assistance with border crossings, transfers, guides and company representatives. All services were excellent. In particular […]
  • Yoliandri & Family | Indonesia

    “ Highly recommended” Mr. Ahmed,I just want to say thanks for organizing trip for my family. Overall I would say that we’re really ejoying our vacation trip to enjoy, and specially the kids were enjoying […]
  • Irene Morillo Family | USA

    Top-Notch Service – Really Outstanding! I researched and contacted numerous tour companies in Egypt before settling on GAT Tours. Mr Ahmed Omar responded immediately to each and every question (and I had many over the […]
  • Jamie Winn | USA

    “ A wonderful trip because of GAT Tours” I have only the highest praise for GAT Tours Egypt. I was nervous about taking the tour of Egypt at this time because of what I’ve heard […]
  • Angela Schneider | Canada

    “Highly recommend your tour company” I contacted GAT tours thanks to the good reviews on TripAdvisor and have to concur that the praise is well deserved. Operations Manager, Ahmed Omar got back to me immediately […]
  • Dean and Sarah | Canada & USA

    “Amazing from the first moment” Before travelling to Egypt from Abu Dhabi, I was a little nervous given all we here in the press, etc. I needn’t have been. This was one of the most […]
  • Christina and Family | Brazil

    “ Highly recommended your travel agency” The trip back was fine, just tiring. We really enjoyed Egypt and would like to go back sometime. I’m recomending your company to a friend of mine who has […]
  • Kim Higgins | USA

    “Wonderful time” Ahmed Omar and GAT Tours is the best! I traveled to Egypt on a study abroad trip, which highlighted architecture and history. We had knowledgeable guides, who were very courteous and professional. Ahmed […]
  • Alan Rooney and Group | England

    “ Thanks for successful tour organization” Ahmed, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much indeed for all your hard work in preparing for last week’s tour. Mick has […]
  • Roy Landres | England

    “We had a lovely time in your country” Dear ahmed, we had a lovely time in your country, and the service you and your company supplied was out standing. I dont think you can help […]
  • Vicky Thomas | England

    “ Wonderful adventure in Egypt” Ahmed, Just a quick note to say thank you so much for organising such a wonderful adventure for us From the moment we touched down at Cairo, to when you […]
  • Ron & Adele Hans | USA

    “A unique experience & enjoyable trip” Ahmed, We wanted to thank you so much for arranging the wonderful experience we had during our visit to Egypt. The Best of Egypt package was perfect for our […]

Egypt Travel FAQs

Excellent Time to Visit Egypt?

You should choose a perfect time to visit Egypt. It is known that December and January are often the peak months of tourism; however, it is suggested to visit Egypt from October to April because the weather is a delight as the sun is not hot but shining and the air is fresh and pure.

Where to Stay?

Accommodation, of course, is an important thing you are searching for. There are a number of decent hotels you can stay; they are at a fair price, the rooms are clean and the service is full board. For example, you can stay in al-Azar Hotel (Boutique hotel); it is located in downtown, close to the metro station. The Windsor Hotel also is a perfect place to stay amidst the downtown; it is near to many prominent attractions such as the Egyptian Museum, Opera Square, Khan al Khalili Bazaar, Abdine Palace and the River Nile.

Language in Egypt?

The official language in Egypt is Arabic. It will be better if you learn some Arabic words before traveling; this may give you some protection when dealing with others; especially, money dealings. Moreover, you will be more appreciated and respected by the people there. Try to learn some Arabic numbers to help you when riding a taxi because the license plates in Egypt are in Arabic. If you cannot learn any of these, do not worry because in Egypt; predominantly, in Cairo, many people know English well. Hence, you will always find who helps you and guide you to your destination.

People in Egypt?

People in Egypt are helpful, warm and friendly; they are enjoyed with hospitality especially with foreigners. You will find them smile to you and try to help you if you ask them. Some of them, in the touristic places, may ask you for a picture with you as a kind of greeting and to be memorable for them. Do not hesitate to talk to people in Egypt.

Food in Egypt

Egyptian cuisine is characterized by different special and delicious types of food. Whether you are vegetarian or not, you will find what enjoys your taste buds including local popular food in Egypt such as ful, falafel, Koshry, etc. Most of the Egyptian food types are accessible as there are many street shops wherever you go. Moreover, local food in Egypt is affordable.

Getting Money in Egypt

The local currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. You can easily exchange your money through the ATM. There are many ATMs everywhere; therefore, do not be worry about running out of money as long as you have them on your account.

Safety Tips in Egypt

One of the most important things sought by the tourists is being safe in the place they go to. Nowadays, Egypt is safer than after 2011 events; security is everywhere and no one can enter any touristic attraction or metro station or train station without going through the security appliance. Being safe also includes avoiding any disease and being healthy.