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Discover Egypt Easter Tours with best deals and packages

Spend your Easter holiday in Egypt and don’t miss our Egypt Easter tours. Our Egypt tours are backed with entertaining plans to the most prominent archaeological sites, tourist attractions, beaches, and safaris of Egypt. Add a new taste to your Easter holidays in Egypt this year and explore the different Egypt Easter tours packages and offers offered by GAT Tours. Egypt Easter holidays is a whole different story that you have to experience. The weather is in its finest form, prices are still low, the country is not crowded, and everything is just perfect. Many tourists miss this opportunity of visiting Egypt in Easter season, don’t be one of them and check our Egypt Easter tours and packages and decide where to go.

What’s Your Travel Style?

Family Recommended

Egypt Easter Packages

Have some family fun, check out our diverse range of Egypt Easter tours for family vacation in Egypt, all Egypt tours perfectly tailored to ensure the whole family has a great time away together! Egypt offers numerous experiences and tourist attractions for the Egypt Easter holidays deals to keep everyone entertained over the Easter period.

Easter Pyramids & Alexandria from Hurghada by Air

07 Day / 08 Night
Discover the Hidden Gems of Egypt at Easter 2021, Easter Pyramids & Alexandria from Hurghada ...
From 1556 $

Cairo Nile Cruise & Red Sea Vacation

12 Days / 11 Nights
The Easter vacation would be one in all the foremost wonderful times to own a ...
From 2169 $
25% off

Nile Cruise Easter Tour

04 Days / 03 Nights
You can also spend your Easter trip in Egypt on board of a Nile cruise ...
From 784 $$590
14% off

Cairo & Alexandria Easter Tour

05 Days / 04 Nights
Come to Egypt during Easter and visit Cairo exploring Giza Pyramids, Memphis, Step Pyramid of ...
From 784 $$535

Cairo Easter Tour

04 Days / 03 Nights
Did you try the easter in Cairo? If not, it is your chance now to ...
From 639 $
23% off

8 Days Egypt Easter Tour Package

08 Days / 07 Nights
The Easter Tour Package, as described in its title, is truly tailored for those who ...
From 2429 $$1,880
Small Groups Recommended

Tours in Egypt Easter Holidays

Forget Easter eggs, adventure awaits! Receive personalized attention in a small group with Our Egypt easter tours packages which will let you discover every part of this beautiful country with the company of the people you love.

8 Days Luxor & Aswan Nile Cruise and Pyramids

08 Days / 07 Nights
Now, it is the chance to make a very special trip in Egypt which includes ...
From 1879 $
View Details
21% off

Explore Cairo, El Menya, Sohag, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simble

12 Days / 11 Nights
Your awe-inspiring trip in Egypt begins in Cairo, where the great pyramids of Giza are ...
From 2739 $$2,165
View Details
Luxury Travel

Egypt Easter Tours

Experience the fancy side of Egypt on Easter holidays in Egypt with our Egypt Easter tours that will make you see the country like you never before.

13 days Luxury Cairo Alexandria the Nile and Red Sea Vacation

13 Days / 12 Nights
13 Days Luxury Cairo, Alexandria, The Nile & Red Sea Vacation that GAT Tours is ...
From 5123 $
View Details

Luxury Cairo Short Break Package

04 Days / 03 Nights
This is one of the finest tailored holidays for a short a unique Luxory short ...
From 1304 $
View Details

Luxury Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Package

07 Days / 06 Nights
You will see some of the most charming Egyptian tourist attractions in the world. All ...
From 2840 $
View Details

Private Luxury Cairo and Alexandria Tour

06 Days / 05 Nights
Private Luxury Cairo and Alexandria Tour is one of the best custom-made tours in Egypt ...
From 2283 $
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ِِAdrenaline-including Adventure

Egypt Easter Tour Packages

It’s Adventure Time! We have adrenaline-including adventure travel Egypt Easter tours across many different city tours in Egypt Easter holidays.

07 Days Cairo Sharm El Sheikh and St. Catherine

07 Days / 06 Nights
GAT Tours is glad to offer this brilliant Egypt travel package to Cairo and Sinai. ...
From 1601 $

Cairo and Dahabiya Adventure

10 Days / 09 Nights
Cairo and Dahabiya Adenture Tour Package is a good package to explore Cairo and upper ...
From 3200 $

Cairo El Fayoum and El Menya Bus tour

09 Days / 08 Nights
This marvelous travel package to Egypt offers the you the chance to explore every significant ...
From 1676 $

14 Days Egypt Inclusive Package from Cairo to Abu Simbel in the South

14 Days / 13 Nights
This travel package is like a deep adventure in the treasures of Egypt. The civilization ...
From 3555 $

Egypt Easter Deals

Who said you can’t have fun on a budget on your Egypt Easter tours? We guarantee you experience the most luxurious tour in Egypt Easter holidays without spending all the money you have.

03 days Luxor Aswan and Abu Simble Package

03 Days / 02 Nights
What a wonderful opportunity to have the option to have an incredible 3 days in ...
From 904 $

Cairo and El Minya Short Break

07 Days / 06 Nights
Take in the landmarks of Cairo and El Minya on this compact of 07 Day ...
From 1252 $

Budget Tour Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simble and Luxor Package

07 Days / 06 Nights
Our Budget Egypt your package is especially tailored for the fans of Pharaonic monuments, the ...
From 1429 $

Cairo and Hurghada by Bus

07 Days / 06 Nights
Have you ever dreamt to spend a week in heaven? Cairo & Hurghada by Bus ...
From 848 $

Luxor City Break Package

04 Days / 03 Nights
Are you ready for having an amazing tour in the City of Luxor? Spend 04 ...
From 620 $

Cairo and Luxor Highlights

06 Days / 05 Nights
This great package named (Cairo and Luxor Highlights) gives the traveller a good chance to ...
From 1176 $


We plan your Egypt Easter holidays trip,
exactly how you want it. Have a word with us.


Things to Know Before Traveling to Egypt in Easter Holidays

We will help you to prepare not only your Egypt Easter holidays travel plan but also the right luggage to fit Egypt Easter tours.

More to know about Egypt Easter Tours

Thinking of Egypt Tours in 2020? We customize countless Egypt tours and trips that suit every mindset and taste for Easter holiday in Egypt. If you want to have a great Egypt Easter adventure, just explore our Egypt tours, you can also live the safari life in the most visited deserts and oases safari with our Egypt tours.

The wonderfully designed Egypt Easter tours would start off by visiting all the popular monuments in Cairo that include the Giza Pyramids, the Saqqara step pyramid and complex, The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and the open-air museum of Memphis. This is besides exploring the Saladin Citadel and the churches of the Old Cairo Area.

Afterwards we will be exploring the wonders of Aswan and Luxor in a quick Easter Nile Cruise trip for 5 days / 4 nights that would include the Philae temple of Isis, The Kom Ombo temple, Edfu temple of Horus then Karnak Temple Complex, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahariya and Colossi of Memnon. Valley of the kings tour and Dier Elbahari is a stunning luxor tour that will let you visit one of the famous sights in Egypt Valley of the Kings & Temple of Hatshpsut.

Egypt Easter tours would be one of the most amazing tours to have in Ester holiday in Egypt. The weather is just superb and everyone seeking travel to Egypt during this season would truly enjoy touring Egypt to the max.

Best places to spend Easter holiday in Egypt

Easter holiday in Egypt is your golden chance to discover all the Egyptian attractions, you will enjoy the good weather with the beauty of green lands. If you don’t know where to go at Easter time in Egypt, we prepared for you a list of the best places to visit in Egypt.

Cairo City

For your Easter holidays, Cairo has to be your first destination.
In Cairo, you will enjoy visiting one of the seven wonders of the world, The Great Pyramid of King Khufu.
Besides the masterpieces of the pharaohs, you will enjoy the Islamic and Coptic art.
It is better not to miss spending nights in Cairo as this city never sleeps.
A walk beside the Nile, eat any kind of food or attending different parties, you can do all this at any time of the day and enjoy life.

Luxor City

Luxor city is the city that contains the most of Pharaonic monuments, where you will find many picturesque pharaonic temples and cemeteries that will grab your attention in terms of structure, the accuracy of reliefs, and much more.
Luxor is not only limited to the Pharaonic monuments, but it also possesses a lot of recreational activities.
the most important one is riding balloons, where you will enjoy the scenic landscapes while you are flying in the sky. History in Luxor is just fun

Aswan City

Aswan is one of the most distinguished cities in Egypt, it has its own type of magic that will force you to visit it more and more.
Aswan has marvelous views of the Nile and the mountains surrounding it.
Besides the beauty of nature in Aswan, you will also enjoy its magnificent historical monuments like the Unfinished Oblisk, the Philae Temple, and The famous High Dam.
Take this important advice from me, you have to try the Nile cruise to sail down the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, you will never regret this experience.

Hurgada City

Easter can be spent on the red sea and enjoy the summer-time in one of the amazing cities on the red sea shore, Hurghada city Which considered the leading coastal resort on the Red Sea.
The sea activities in Hurghada contain so much fun, you can go for SCUBA diving or snorkeling as it has amazing coral reefs and marine life.
For those who want to discover the mysterious underwater life without getting wet, you can try the glass-bottom boat tour.
There is adventurous activities in Hurghada like windsurfing or exploring the Giftun. What I’m sure about is you’re going to have fun.
Don’t miss our amazing Egypt Easter tours and Book now your Easter holidays in Egypt and we guarantee to offer you a vacation that would remain in your sweetest memories inside your soul!

What Our Guests Say


Are Easter holidays excellent Time to Visit Egypt?

It is suggested to visit Egypt at April and May during Easter holidays because the weather is a delight as the sun is not hot but shining and the air is fresh and pure.

Where to Stay during Egypt Easter tours?

Accommodation, of course, is an important thing you are searching for. There are a number of decent hotels you can stay; they are at a fair price, the rooms are clean and the service is full board. For example, you can stay in al-Azar Hotel (Boutique hotel); it is located in downtown, close to the metro station. The Windsor Hotel also is a perfect place to stay amidst the downtown; it is near to many prominent attractions such as the Egyptian Museum, Opera Square, Khan al Khalili Bazaar, Abdine Palace and the River Nile.

People in Egypt?

People in Egypt are helpful, warm and friendly; they are enjoyed with hospitality especially with foreigners. You will find them smile to you and try to help you if you ask them. Some of them, in the touristic places, may ask you for a picture with you as a kind of greeting and to be memorable for them. Do not hesitate to talk to people in Egypt.

Food in Egypt during Easter holidays

Egyptian cuisine is characterized by different special and delicious types of food. Whether you are vegetarian or not, you will find what enjoys your taste buds including local popular food in Egypt such as ful, falafel, Koshry, etc. Most of the Egyptian food types are accessible as there are many street shops wherever you go. Moreover, local food in Egypt is affordable.

Getting Money in Egypt

The local currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. You can easily exchange your money through the ATM. There are many ATMs everywhere; therefore, do not be worry about running out of money as long as you have them on your account.

Safety Tips in Egypt during Easter holidays

One of the most important things sought by the tourists is being safe in the place they go to. Nowadays, Egypt is safer than after 2011 events; security is everywhere and no one can enter any touristic attraction or metro station or train station without going through the security appliance. Being safe also includes avoiding any disease and being healthy.