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GAT Tours Terms and Conditions

Tour Price

GAT Tours’ prices are quoted according to the season of travel, program inclusions, and hotel/cruise category.


GAT Tours requires a 50% deposit of the total price payable to us at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due six weeks prior to departure date for groups. However, individuals can pay the remaining balance when arrive to Egypt.

Travel Delays

GAT Tours is not responsible for travel delays prior to departure or during your tour that are brought about by technical difficulties, strikes, bad weather, or any means beyond our control. Sometimes weather or Nile River traffic delays can alter the tour itinerary. These alterations do not constitute a refund.

Representatives / Tour Guides

GAT Tours will provide you with a Local Representative and Tour Guide, unless otherwise indicated.

Hotels / Nile Cruises

GAT Tours reserves the right to switch hotel/cruise accommodation at any time, but ensures the switch will be made to the same category of hotel/cruise available at that time.

Passports / Visas

Passengers are responsible in ensuring that they are in possession of the correct travel documents upon departure and they have met all health requirements. Please check with the nearest consulate office for information concerning travel visas before you travel and if you are required to obtain this or any other document in advance.


GAT Tours will make every effort to ensure that all travel arrangements and services, connected with the tour, will be carried out as specified. However, in some instances we do not have direct control over the provision of services by suppliers and we do not accept liability for errors and omissions of such suppliers.

I understand that

Deposit is due at our Cairo Head office to confirm the place, or the reservation is canceled. If you pay by credit card, additional signature is required, on the invoice and I will not stop the credit card payment for any reason.

Any handling / service fee / cancellation fee etc. as spelled out in the cancellation fee & terms & conditions are non-refundable, by sending your signed booking form you agree not to request any charge back on your card for any non-refundable items such as cancellation penalties etc. as spelled out in our terms & conditions as well as in our cancellation policy.

Refunds (Unused Services)

No refund will be issued to you for any unused services, included in your tour. Please note that some suppliers (hotel, cruises, airlines, transportations, tour guides) do not refund GAT Tours, thus GAT Tours will not be able to refund you this portion.

Children Policy

  • Children from 02.00 years up to 05.99 years will be free of charge.
  • Children from 06.00 years up to 11.99 years will enjoy 50% discount from the adult rate.
  • Children from 12.00 Years will be treated as an Adult.

Cancellation fees

  • No cancellation fees if you cancelled the trip more than 120 days before the trip.
  • 15% of total charge will be applied if you cancel your reservation 119 days or less before the date of the tour.
  • 20% of total charge will be applied if you cancel your reservation 90 days or less before the date of the tour.
  • 25% of total charge will be applied if you cancel your reservation 60 days or less before the date of the tour.
  • 50% of total charge will be applied if you cancel your reservation 21 days or less before the date of the tour.
  • 100% of total charge will be applied if you cancel your reservation on the arrival day or No show at Airport.

For packages that include international/domestic flights are NON REFUNDABLE and NON CHANGEABLE and/or subject to heavy penalty for any change in names, dates etc.

International airfares included with some of our tours or added based on your request, are based on non-refundable, non changeable and fares even if it’s a business class or first class, which are offered at steeply discounted rate to you. If you must change or cancel your international flight reservations after we have issued your airline tickets, you will be responsible for any and all airline rebooking fees or cancellation penalties, which may equal the full original cost of the ticket(s).

Responsibility Waiver

GAT Tours acts as a tour operator only. Our tours and arrangements are the sole property of GAT Tours and cannot be reproduced in any form. In addition, GAT Tours will not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury, delay, or any other irregularity that may be occasioned by any defect in any vehicle, accident, or any other form of error or default of any company and/or person engaged in conveying passengers, carrying out the arrangements of the tour, or otherwise in connection therewith.


In case the car you see in this photo is not available, we guarantee an alternative of the same model and condition.