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Egypt Sightseeing Day Tours

We offer a big collection of excursions and day trips to Egypt that will help you discover the history and nature of this beautiful country and its important cities: Luxor and Aswan, Giza, Dahshur, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, etc. Egypt is full of must-visit attractions that are influenced by different cultures and eras across many centuries, such as the Roman, Greek, Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, and much more. In Egypt, there are many activities you can enjoy during your excursion and day trip, such as sightseeing the top attractions, like the great Pyramids, Luxor & Aswan temples. Also you can dive, snorkel, quad bike in deserts, hike Saint Catherine Mountain; or just relax on the mesmerizing beach of Sharm El Sheikh.


We plan Cairo tours and day trips that will help you discover the magic of this megacity. Our private guides will take you on a mesmerizing trip to the Islamic Cairo…

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Giza Pyramids

Giza pyramids is considered the most visited archaeological site as it represents the great heritage of the pharaohs and their supreme intelligence…

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Discover the ancient beauty of Alexandria where you can enjoy the Graeco-Egyptian culture and attractions in every corner you go. GAT Tours provides Alexandria tours…

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Luxor is full of adventures that you don’t want to miss! Discover our Luxor excursions and tours that will surely add a unique layer of fascination in your…

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Luxor – Aswan

Explore our Luxor and Aswan tour packages that will give you interesting insights of the Pharaonic heritage and the beautiful, calming nature of Egypt. You can enjoy…

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Have a relaxing trip to Aswan where you can enjoy a calm day by the Nileside. We offer Aswan excursions and tourswhere you can visit several must-see…

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Valley of the Kings

You like adventure? If you are interested in seeing one of the most mysterious buildings in the whole world, this guided Valley of the Kings excursions…

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