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Marsa Alam in Egypt

Let’s have a look at another interesting part of Egypt, Marsa Alam is once of the greatest destinations for diving on the Red Sea. What is more special about this city is that you can find it between sea and desert which will offer you all kinds of entertaining activities with mother nature. In Marsa Alam you can live the Bedouin life in the desert and do some safari trips or to live the summer life on the most beautiful beaches of the Red sea. Let’s get into the details of this magical city and give you some tips to enjoy your time there:

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Where Marsa Alam is located

Marsa Alam is located in the south-eastern of Egypt with a very special position on the western shore of the Red Sea. Due to this great location the popularity has increased so fast and it became very famous with many tourists visiting from all over the world.

Since 2003, You could land directly on Marsa Alam International Airport and enjoy your time there.

Activities and Places to visit in Marsa Alam:

Marsa Alam is a rich city with lots of entertaining and wonderful places you should definitely pass by at least one in your life. You should know that Marsa Alam is famous for the perfect diving spots in the world, it has a wide range of the mysterious underwater life and many coral reefs. 

Here are part of the most recommended places to visit in Marsa Alam:

1- Sataya Dolphin Reef Dolphin House

To reach the Sataya Dolphin Reef you can go with a boat trip, this spot is a very safe place to do snorkeling and play with the most beautiful creatures, the dolphins. Here you can discover the underwater life between 60-80 dolphins and get very close to them. You will get amazed by the wide varieties of dolphins, sea mammals, corals and fish. This incredible trip happens 120 K.m away in the south of Marsa Alam and starts from Hamata Harbour .

2-  Wadi El Gemal  ( National Park)

ِAnother spot you should never miss is the “Valley of the Camels”, This is a national park in a big area of desert and coastal water located 45 km away in the south of Marsa Alam. You can reach this place in a ride that takes about 2 hours from Marsa Alam airport. 

This amazing park is a kind of prehistoric rock art as you will find there many ruins from the Ptolemaic and Roman era, There is also this incredible “Mons Smaragdus” mountain that contains small mining communities dating back to ancient Egypt. If you still didn’t try a camel ride, you’re missing a lot, riding a camel on the hotel beach is a totally different and interesting experience you have to try at least once in your life. You will be able to discover wildlife with a variety of birds and desert animals by riding on a camel-pulled wagon that will make your ride more safe through the wadis or the sand dunes.

3- Samadi Reefs- Dolphin House

Let’s go for a boat trip to the great place of Shaab Samadi which started to be called the ‘dolphin house reefs’ because its reefs shaped like a horseshoe. This place is special because it protects from the wind and a good spot for the spinner dolphins to rest and play. Here you can play and swim with these beautiful marine creatures face to face by snorkeling and scuba diving for hours in a magical experience.

4- Nefertari & port Ghalib at night 

Marsa Alam is inside of Egypt, so you will definitely find a place with the Pharaonic style. A Nefertari boat is an interesting place to get an air-conditioned underwater observation where everyone whether the kids or the adults will enjoy their time.

This boat is the first-night sea cruise that offers sunset dinner in a Red Sea submarine and to make it  more special, you can have a romantic dinner in the middle of the sea with its delicious Seafood.

At the new Port Ghalib Marina, you will have a totally different but magical experience as you will get amazed by its luxurious resorts and hotels plus a huge berthing space for around 1000 yachts. You also have lots of relaxation and entertainment options like  gourmet restaurants, the International Convention Centre, tantalizing Spas, or amazing resort houses all in one place.

5- Marsa Moubark( National Park)

Take another boat trip to one of the most  beautiful spots for snorkeling and diving, the Marsa Mubarak. In Marsa Mubarak bay you will be able to discover lots of beautiful coral reefs and the underwater life of the Red Sea. You can be so lucky if you met the endangered Dugong “sea cow” as it occasionally visits this bay, you would have an unforgettable moment. 

6- Safari at Marsa Alam 

Don’t miss having a desert adventure safari trip with the 4*4  jeep cars and discover the Bedouins’ life with their traditions and tasting the Bedouin tea and smoking water pipe. 

There is also a chance to enjoy your night beside the mountains with a BBQ dinner and Bedouin show.

Marsa Alam is always known for the ideal spot for safari trips and exploring the wild life. Inside these mountains they discovered mines of gold and emeralds many years ago but now, you can enjoy visiting these mines which are located 274 km away in the south of Hurghada city.

The suitable time to visit Marsa Alam

To get the best out of your Marsa Alam experience, you should know the best timing to visit it. The temperature from October to March is around 25°C and it’s much higher from April to September as it reaches around 35°C. There is lots of wind visiting the city from November to February but in general the temperature can vary based on the season. 

So your best time to visit Marsa Alam should be from March to May or in October andNovember as it becomes warm and sunny these times. 

Marsa Alam has all 2 dimensions of mother nature beauty, whether it’s Sea or desert you will enjoy massive natural views for a great beauty. Marsa Alam is the perfect destination for anyone because it has everything that a person can love, so whether you prefer the desert, the beach, the reefs or the sightseeing and entertaining activities, you will definitely find your interest in Marsa Alam City.

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Marsa Alam in Egypt

Let’s have a look at another interesting part of Egypt, Marsa Alam is once of the greatest destinations for diving on the Red Sea.

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