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A Day in Port Said City

If you visited Port Said, you will discover the third most important city in Egypt as the first and second ones are Cairo, the capital, and Alexandria. This amazing city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and considered as the entrance of the Suez Canal in the north. 

Port Said is about 3 hours away from Cairo and there are lots of transportation means you can use to reach Port Said. The buses and the mini bus will be your fastest and easiest choice to reach Port Said and spend your vacation there. 

To know more about Port Said and to discover what to do or what to eat, this blog should be your biggest resource:

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Where to go in Port Said

Port Said is an amazing city rich with very attractive monuments you can visit and make your vacation much more interesting. Here are some of the most famous monuments to help you arrange a day program in Port Said

The Port of the city

This is one of the most important ports in Egypt and the second-largest one. This port has a very unique location which is at the northern entrance to the Suez Canal, a very important location like this gives it the uniqueness.

The Old Lighthouse of Port Said

The old  Lighthouse of Port Said is the first structure to be built with concrete iron and cement from 1869. This incredible monument has a very important historical significance as it built during the period of Khedive Ismail to work as a guide for all the passing ships through the Suez Canal 

We can help you imagine it’s shaping until you visit it yourself. The lighthouse has an octagonal shape with 56 meters in height. It used to have an enormous ball at the top to be able to determine the time three times a day. A place like this needs a live visit to enjoy its beauty.

The Suez Canal Authority Building

The most important Islamic construction of Port Said is the Suez Canal Authority Building. This incredible building stands alone on the canal in the middle of the water with its beautiful pastel colors. 

This monument will attract your sight from very far which will make you eager to discover its details closer. Each place in Port Said has its own beauty and you are always the winner with this beauty.


Do you imagine to use the train from a historical train station with incredible artwork, you will definitely enjoy your travels. This train station in Port Said opened in 2017, from the main entrance until you reach your booked train, you will get pampered with massive paintings lining the walls. Visitors came to the station to enjoy this beauty too, you don’t have to be a traveler.


This historical district built especially for the construction workers at that time. Each building consists of two-story buildings with veranda, enclosed gardens, and perfectly colored interface. This made the distinct worth visiting where you will enjoy just walking beside this beautiful art. 

The Base of the Statue of De Lesseps

You will find at the entrance of the Suez Canal a 33-foot bronze statue for Ferdinand de Lesseps. This statue built-in 1899, but due to the Suez Crisis in 1956 the statue gets removed and you will only find the statue base.  


A very long boardwalk for pedestrians is located along the waterfront with 8km long. For the view lovers and shopping addicts, this boardwalk is the perfect place for your free time in Port Said. You will be sop close to the sea where you will enjoy mother nature, besides lots of little shops where you can buy everything from clothes to electronics. What do you think about turning this amazing place into an open-air center, it will be much more interesting, right?! Stay tuned for such great news.

What is unique about Port Said

Port Said is one of the most unique cities in Egypt, we’re so proud of having it that close. The city is unique because of its location which created a free zone area for selling products from all over the world. You will find imported products that are free of taxes because it gets through the Port of the city itself.

That’s why we always recommend this city for having a great shopping vacation. You will be able to buy different items at special prices from the same place as the Malls but in the shape of a whole city. 

Where to eat in Port Said

Put in your mind that you’re visiting a coastal city so you should never miss a seafood meal with the local recipe of Port Said Restaurant. If you asked for seafood, locals will recommend to you the most famous restaurant “Kastan” where you will definitely eat a very special taste for seafood.

But Like any small city, you will find in Port Said all kinds of cafes and restaurants, so if you’re not keen on seafood you can try different food. For meat lovers, you can go for Egyptian food and grilled meat at the greatest of them all “Abdou Kofta”, a taste you will never forget.

It’s now Feteer time! Once you are visiting Egypt and especially at Port Said, you have to try eating Feteer or a flaky pastry that can be filled with many different kinds of savory & sweet goodies based on your own preferences. To have the best experience eating feteer you can go to “Makhboza”, where you can order your own perfect platters of freshly baked rolled feteer. 

In your free time, you will not find a place to enjoy Turkish coffee or some Egyptian deserts like the one in “Makane”. This is a very popular café in Port Said where you will enjoy the free time with your friends either for a morning bite or an afternoon bite. You should never miss trying new food during your journey to Port Said. 

Why the city called Port Said

What is the source of the “Port Said” name? This name came from having a very unique “Port” plus the ruler of Egypt “Khedive Said” who was there during this city was built. That’s why they chose the name “Port Said”, an international committee consisting of many countries like England, France, Russia, Spain, and Austria had a big rule in choosing the city’s name in 1855. 

An international committee that consisted of the membership of delegates from England, France, Russia, Spain, and Austria chose the name of Port Said in a meeting that was held in 1855. 

Having a great city like Port Said in your adventurous list is a must, you will definitely enjoy every single detail during your vacation there. Not only the historical and touristic monuments, but you will also enjoy living like locals and eat from their delicious food.  Put some adventure tast in your life and book you vacation to Port Said in Egypt. 


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