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Sharm El Sheikh Travel Guide

Sharm El Sheikh is surely one of the most popular beach destinations in Egypt. During the past few years, with the establishment of many large hotels and resorts in the city, Sharm El Sheikh has become the most important city in Sinai and one of the most favorite resorts all over the world with numerous tourists who travel to Egypt visiting Sharm every year.

Sharm El Sheikh Featured with its many marvelous beaches and the unmatched underwater environment that is hardly found all over the world offering divers and snorkelers with heaven rich with different types of fish and coral reefs, Sharm El Sheikh is included in many travel packages to Egypt nowadays.

Sharm El Sheikh Map Location

Maybe one of the most significant features of Sharm El Sheikh city is its distinctive location. Sharm El Sheikh is located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula overlooking the Suez Gulf to the West and the Aqaba Gulf to the East of the red sea.

Sharm El Sheikh BeachesThis is the reason way Sharm El Sheikh enjoy the most marvelous beaches, one of the richest underwater environments in the world, and the most magnificent coral reefs that attract travelers from all over the world to spend their vacation in Egypt.

Sharm El Sheikh is located 500 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, the Egyptian capital, only 60 kilometers to the south of Saint Catherine, 100 kilometers to the south of the wonderful city of Dahab, and around 800 kilometers to the North East of Luxor. That means you can reach Sharm El Sheikh easily from many places.

Sharm El Sheikh Travel Tips

Today, numerous tourists from all over the world travel to spend their vacations in Sharm El Sheikh. The Sharm El Sheikh International Airport welcomes many travelers coming directly from different European cities to spend a magnificent time in Sharm El Sheikh.

What you can do in Sharm El Sheikh

In the morning

You can go for the best diving or snorkeling experiences in the world. There are some diving spots in Sharm El Sheikh that cannot be found anywhere else in the glob. The guests can also simply chill out on the beach, have a drink, or enjoy one of the many water-sports of the red sea in Sharm El Sheikh.

At night

It is never less exciting to be in Sharm El Sheikh. There is no type of entertainment that cannot be found in the city of peace. This includes different restaurants, various pubs and bars, a large number of cafes, museums, horseback riding, motorcycle renting, beach parties, and many activities for the children as well.

Many one and half-day trips that can be organized from Sharm El Sheikh. For example, the tourist can go explore the protected area of Ras Mohammed national park.

Places must visit in Sharm el sheik

Ras Mohammed national park

ras mohamed national parkSituated only 12 kilometers to the South of Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Mohammed is situated at the meeting point of the Suez Gulf with the Aqaba Gulf, Ras Mohammed is also considered to be the most popular protected area in Sinai peninsula. Ras Mohammed national park was declared a protected area in 1983. With more than 450 square kilometers, Ras Mohammed is the home of many birds, animals, and fish that are not found anywhere else. This is besides more than 150 types of coral reefs. This makes Ras Mohammed national park among the most marvelous places in the whole world for diving and snorkeling and specifically in Sharm El Sheikh.

The Nabq Protected Area

It is located between Sharm El Sheikh and the city of Dahab to the North. Nabq has a surface area of about 600 square kilometers. Declared as a protected area in 1992, Nabq has three environmental systems in one place; the desert, the mountains, and the sea. It hosts many travelers from around the world who are fond of camping and diving to enjoy adventure time in Sharm El Sheikh.

Naama Bay

In Sharm El Sheikh resort you will find this natural bay which is a ling beach on the red seashore. Naama Bay is about 10 minutes away from the Sharm El Sheikh resort. there you will enjoy all the beach activities, getting tan, spend some comfort time, and enjoy the crystal water. if you are searching for the beauty of nature, Naama Bay should be your first place to visit.

Tiran Island

Scuba Diving Sharm el SheikhIn a 17.9 km away from Sharm El Sheikh resort you will find Tiran Island. this island is known as a paradise for scuba diving because the water there is very clear and it has a wonderland under the water. this island considers the home for all the strange creatures like the barracuda and manta ray and all the beautiful coral reefs. Don’t forget also to try a cruise trip to enjoy the whole experience. Sharm El Sheikh city has all the beauty and wonderful places.

Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine’s monastery

Mount Sinai is one of the highest mountains in Egypt where you can enjoy adventure time and stand between clouds. Mount Sinai also the place where Moses talked to God and received the holy Ten Commandments on the top of this mountain. Next to Mount Sinai, you will find Saint Catherine’s Monastery, it is considered as one of the oldest monasteries in the world. this Monastery also called the Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai. So in Sharm El Sheikh you will not just enjoy the mother nature, but also will enjoy the history and holy places.

Sharm El Sheikh Historical Story

Sharm El Sheikh does not have the long rich history of some other cities in Egypt like Luxor, Alexandria, or Cairo, but it has been one of the best fishing centers in Egypt where a large number of fishermen have resided since a very long time ago due to its significant geographical location.

After the Arabs’ Israeli war of 1967, Israel took control of Sinai and after a year or two, they started the modern establishment of the city of Sharm El Sheikh. However, due to the continuous clashes between the Egyptian army and the troops of Israel, Sharm El Sheikh remained relatively deserted.

Even when the Egyptian regained control over a large section of Sinai after the war of the 6th of October 1973, Sharm El Sheikh really developed after Egypt ruled over the city again in 1982.

In around a decade, tens of hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, diving centers, pubs, and nightspots were opened all over the city.

With the beginning of the second millennium, even more, establishments were opened in Sharm El Sheikh especially that the former president of Egypt, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, was fond of Sharm El Sheikh and held many important international conferences in the city. This includes a large number of peace negotiations between the Israeli and the Palestinian sides in addition to various country leaders from all over the world.

This was why Sharm El Sheikh was named by many all over the world and in Egypt as the city of peace. It was not actually the choice of the Egyptians to have Sharm El Sheikh as the city of peace. UNESCO due to the role that Sharm El-Sheikh played in the peace process named it the city of peace in the summer of 2002. Today numerous tourists who visit Egypt mingle all together in the marvelous city of Sharm El Sheikh.

Eventually, Sharm El Sheikh became among the most popular touristic destinations for travelers spending their holidays in Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh, in fact, records the largest numbers of tourists among all the cities of Egypt. This includes Cairo, Luxor, and Hurghada where thousands of travelers spend their holidays time in Egypt every year.