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Taba Travel Advice

About Taba

Featured with a real significant geographical location, Taba is located on the Egyptian Israeli borders, near the shores of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Taba was the last city that returned in 1989 to Egypt after the Israeli occupation of the Sinai Peninsula. Many travelers visit Egypt to enjoy their vacation in Sinai.

Situated at the opening of the Aqaba Gulf, Taba is a small town that has a population that never exceeded 10,000 in all times. The city is located around 600 kilometers to the South East of Cairo through the new road that crosses Sinai. Taba is more than 250 kilometers to the North of Sharm El Sheikh, 60 kilometer to the north of Nuweiba, around 150 kilometers to the North of Dahab.

Due to its location near the borders of four countries; Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, and Israel, there were many battles and negotiations concerning which country should control Taba in different periods of the Egyptian history.

The first problem began with the decree of the Ottoman Emperor in 1892 that prevented Egypt from having Taba. However, the British authorities intervened and gave Egypt control over Taba.

Moreover, after the Egyptian forces gained victory over the Israeli side in 1973, and both sides signed the Camp David Peace Treaty in 1979, the Israelis left all the cities and regions in Egypt, except for Taba that was returned to Egypt in 1989 after a long negotiation period between the two sides and some international bodies as well.

Like many other towns and cities in Sinai, Taba is featured with its wonderful beaches that are the most perfect choice for snorkeling and diving. While to the West, there is the mountains and deserts environment that is suitable for safari and camping trips. This section of Sinai is quite popular among travelers who tour Egypt.

There are also some marvelous attractions near Taba. The most important of these places is the colored canyon that is situated inside the Taba protected area. The colored canyon area consists of 40 meters of passageways between colored rocks and mountains. They gained their colors from the minarets that are resolved inside them. The colors include blue, orange, red, yellow, golden, and silver.

There is also the charming Pharaohs Island that is 10 kilometers to the North of Taba. This island hosts a huge fortress that was constructed by Saladin, the famous Arabian army commander, in 1171.

The fortress helped in the protection of the Egyptian borders during the period of the crusaders and the rout of the molesthat use to go to Mecca for pilgrimage through the lands of Sinai.

The fortress that is now transformed into a touristic attraction still has some military buildings, a workshop for the manufacturing of weapons, an oven for bread, a steam bath, rooms for soldiers, and a mosque.