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Travel Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices for Travelers with GAT Tours

Travel Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices

The available countries to visit during COVID-19

15 Jan. 2021

Get sick of staying at home?! Now with providing the Vaccin to the whole world there are many countries opening their doors for tourists with very special packages and prices to encourage the world’s engagement again. The available countries Egypt, Morocco, Rwanda, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, Maldives, Thailand, Germany, Greece, Argentina… Read more 

Book now and travel later with GAT Tours

25 Oct. 2020

It’s now easier to plan your trip and book later with only 15% deposit “Refundable”. Make sure to have Egypt on the top of your travel list, we will be more than happy to welcome you to Egypt to spend a very special vacation with our travel agency GAT Tours. We will assure you such a safe trip with very high quality and friendly service in our beautiful country.

Zero COVID-19 cases among tourists in Egypt

30 Sept. 2020

During the past 3 months, Egypt recorded ZERO cases of COVID-19 among tourists in Egypt. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi had put a great effort into the tourism sector and reached great results in the fight against the crisis.

New air travel regulations in Egypt

20 August 2020

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in Egypt introduced new regulations for all travelers. To ensure your health during the travel, you’re required to provide a recent PCR test to confirm that you’re free of COVID-19. The PCR test should be within 72 hours from your traveling date.

International flights are now opened in Egypt 

01 August 2020

Since the beginning of July 2020 Egypt starts to welcome about 126,000 tourists from all around the world, Egypt has two newly opened touristic sites, The Baron Palace and the Grand Egyptian Museum, both have made a huge impact on the tourists to start visiting Egypt again after the crisis.

COVID-19 Safety Regulations

During the current situation, we put into consideration the safety of all our tourists as our number one priority in Egypt. We have taken all the necessary precautions and prepared everything from the Airports, hotels, transportations, and every tourist site to make your trip very safe and secure. Here you will find all the official regulations you need to know before deciding to travel and visit Egypt with us.

Safety precautions for COVID-19

  • You can’t travel anywhere and especially to Egypt without having a recent negative PCR test result certificate for COVID-19 from the home country, not more than 72 hours of your travel date. This regulation was stated from September 1, 2020.
  • While you’re using all the means of transportation you have to consider a maximum of 50% of the total capacity. Inside the buses or golf cars, you have to leave the seat next to you empty and for the limousine, there has to be a maximum of two passengers.
  • During the trip, your personal tour guide, or even the group tour leaders and the drivers are legally required to wear face masks all the time and use sterilized audio equipment inside all the sites and buildings.
  • Before and after any trip you may take there will be disinfection and cleaning with the proper ventilation for your safety during the ride. 
  • Starting from the first day of September 2020 you as a tourist can visit all museums and archeological sites.
  • Every day before the opening hours of the museums and archeological sites there will be disinfected for all the floors and touchpoints. 
  • There will be a number of limitations for the tourist groups to not exceed 25 people inside any tourist site.
  • GAT Tours will provide you with the needed face masks and gloves to use it throughout the trip.
  • One of the most important precautions taking is to check the employees’ temperature every day plus all the visitors before entering any indoors.
  • Make sure to stick to at least 1-meter physical distancing at any gathering.
  • There is a maximum number allowed for all the touristic sites in Egypt. Inside the museums or any indoors it’s allowed only for 100 visitors maximum per hour, but at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, it is allowed for 200 visitors per hour due to its huge space.
  • For entering any pyramid or tomb it’s allowed for only 10 to 15 visitors and this is also depending on the tomb’s dimensions.

Flexible Payments

We make it easier for you to pay for your booking as there will be a low down payment with only 15% just to book your place on the tour. The rest 85% of the payment can be paid in 2 days before your travel date or even by cash or credit card upon your arrival to the tour manager. Now your booking is way more flexible and less risky.

Available Changes

If you faced any situation and had to do any changes in your booking there will be no applied administrative fees even if you did a full payment or having a voucher. The only case that we will apply the administrative or amendment fees is on the air travel tickets’ booking.

Cancellation Policies

We put into consideration all the possible causes which may disrupt your travel and lead to trip cancelation, like any travel warnings from the government of the airline you’re using that will prevent you from reaching your destination. In this case, you will have multiple options for you, either to ask for a full refund of the amount paid or save it as a credit or a voucher for future travels with us to Egypt or any other travel destination that we operate within 18 months. 

For the cancellation of the flight tickets, we will return to the airline’s terms and conditions.

With GAT Tours you’re always in safe hands, your health is our responsibility once you start booking with us. There are no needs for any worries, just enjoy your travel and count on GAT Tours, we will guarantee you the best and high-quality services. 


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