About us:

Established in 1980, we are proud to announce that GAT Tours have been providing the highest standards of various tours in Egypt and the Middle East for 35 years. We managed through our highly skilled and long experience staff to serve hundreds of thousands of tours and provided services for numerous tourists coming from all over the world to enjoy their vacation in Egypt. It takes a long journey into the travel business to reach perfectionism and this is what we excel in providing our clients with the highest standards of client’s satisfaction.

Our beloved company, GAT Tours, is an active member in the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the American Society of Travel Agencies (ASTA), and the Egyptian Travel Agents Association (ETAA). We are a registered company under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism with license number 265 of the year 1980. We have branches serving all the regions of Egypt including the main office in Cairo, branches in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, and North Sinai. This is besides partners, ground operators, and suppliers all over the globe.

We always deliver what we promise so get ready to enjoy your vacation in the style you have always dreamt of. With our long diverse experience in the travel business we are professional in providing all our clients with the finest services and the facilities. A monument, like the Pyramids of Giza for example, would feel and seem totally different depending on the experience a traveler passes through. We pledge to show you the magnificence and the greatness of Egypt like nobody else would!

In order to provide our clients with the finest tours and services, we have launched our new user friendly website which enables the guests to select their most preferred tour in the easiest and fastest way ever! Try it out today and have a great experience enjoying your vacation with GAT Tours.

  • The Mission of GAT Tours

    With more than 35 years of experience in the travel business in Egypt, our mission never changed through out the years. We are always keen to provide our guests with the highest standards of services and facilities that fulfill the needs of travelers from all age groups. We are also keen to have a long lasting relationship with our guests featured with success, happy moments, and loyalty. The same goes to our partners and local suppliers, as we believe that our collaboration with them is the key to the success of all us.

  • Multilingual Staff

    Although our website is in English, we are proud to announce that we can provide tours and services for travelers coming from different sections all over the world. We only hire employees with the best multi lingual abilities in order to have the clearest and most efficient communication with our clients to serve them in the best way possible!

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    It will never ever happen that you need us and you don’t find us. We are ready to provide you with anything you require 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us through our emails, phone numbers, or through our instant messenger through our new website and we will reply at any point of time. If it’s early morning, late at night, or in the middle of the day, working in shifts, our clients will always be served at any moment during the day.

  • Meet & Assist at Airports

    GAT Tours’ multilingual-speaking tour leaders will meet you upon arrival to the airport to welcome you in person and to transfer you to your chosen hotel. For sure they will help you during the check in to make sure that your room is booked and everything is like what we have confirmed with the hotel.

     We believe that the first impressions remain! This is why upon your arrival at any given airport, the long experienced, multilingual, and friendly GAT Tours representative will be happy to assist you until you reach your chosen room in your desired hotel. He/ she will affirm that everything is ready for you to enjoy a non-forgettable vacation in Egypt. They will also provide you with any information you require or any help you would be in need of.

  • Private Transportation

    Since traveling depends largely on the different means of transportation, we are proud that we use our own fleets of various modern, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles that range from small limos, four wheel drive cars, vans, mini busses, and larger busses. We have the facilities to offer the highest standard of transportation for all sorts of clients including individual travelers, families, small and larger groups of tourists.

  • Nile Cruises & Other Special

    Cruising the magical Nile has been and will always be one of the highlights of any Egypt tour.
    GAT Tours has a Nile cruise reservation center to assist you, to find the cruise ship that matches your needs.
    Whether you are looking for a cabin for a few nights, we are happy to offer our market experience to help you get the best value.

    Also we are proud of the fact that we can organize accommodation and tours for one of the most famous cruises in the world, the Norwegian Cruises. So we are happy to announce that we can organize tours for this luxury fleet to serve our clients around the world.

     During the past few decades, cruising down the Nile has become quite popular among tourists spending their vacations in Egypt and for Egyptians as well. We deal with all types and standards of Nile Cruise ships in Egypt in order to fulfill the needs and budgets of various clients. We are professional in providing our customers with the best value for money. We are proud to state that we organize tours at one of the most luxurious cruises in the whole world; the Norwegian Cruises; famous all over the world for offering class A services and facilities.

  • In-Bound Tour Operations

    With our experience of more than 35 years of organizing pleasant tours in Egypt and the Middle East, we are positively sure to provide our clients with the most enjoyable vacations. We provide our clients with a number of readymade packages that cover the requirements of various travelers coming from all over the world. Moreover, we would be happy to organize the most perfect tailor made tours for travelers who wish to have a special vacation. With our successful experiences over the years, we are certain to offer our customers with the best tour they can ever dream of!

    Other than vacations, either readymade or specially tailored, we provide our clients with the best and most practical and enjoyable sightseeing tours. A half-day, full-day, or for a couple of days, we are positive that we are ready to get any client to visit any monument or attractions all over Egypt guided with the best and most talented tour guides in the land of the Nile. Comfortable, enjoyable, practical, and the best value of money are the features of any tour that we provide.

  • Out-bound Tour Operations

    We’re here to help all our customers with the advice they can trust, the best travel packages and prices. together with our world wide professional travel partners and connections, GAT Tours team will be more than happy to help all our guests with their travel arrangements in the destination of their choice, We will assure them the highest quality of service in the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America giving them such unforgettable travel experience that they deserve.

  • Honeymooners packages

    GAT Tours believes that the perfect couple deserves the picture-perfect places for the first golden days of their new life together, their Honeymoon Heaven. We at GAT Tours offer the most breathtakingly beautiful backdrops for your romantic honeymoon in Egypt. Whether you choose an intimate royal retreat in Sharm El Sheikh, or sun, sand and sea on the beaches of El Gouna, or a magical cruise on the Nile River, or and other destinations  worldwide.

    We believe that the beginning of any journey has an impression that lasts for the whole trip. Therefore, we cherish any newly married couple that will be enjoying the first days of their long lasting relationship with us. Egypt has many romantic spots for honeymooners to enjoy their intimate moments together. Would you like to enjoy the beaches and exotic nightlife of Sharm El Sheikh, go for a romantic Nile Cruise, spend a classical tour in Cairo and Alexandria, or explore the mountains and the desert life in Sinai!? We will provide you with a heavenly honeymoon that would have a special position in your heart and soul forever. Your wishes are our orders. All what you need to do is to choose the destination and we would be more than happy to draft the first chapter of your long life with your beloved one.

  • Eco and Desert Safari Tours

    Many travelers all around the world started preferring eco-tours as they have a positive effect on the environment, the life of the people who reside in the destinations visited, and the economy of the country. One of the most important goals of our eco tours is to increase the awareness of our travelers to back home and share their experiences with others so we all become more conscious concerning the preservation of our beloved planet. Our eco tours would include camel riding, watching different species of birds, sailing down the Nile in a Felucca, the traditional Egyptian boat, cycling, and exploring some of the many marvelous natural protected areas in Egypt.

  • Shore Excursions & Quick Trips

    We offer the most wonderful and practical tours for guests who have a stopover in one of the Egyptian ports like Alexandria, Safaga, Port Said, Nuweiba, and many other ports in the land of the Nile. Our GAT representative will be awaiting the guests in their desired destination, transfer them with one of our modern air-conditioned vehicles to spend a day in Cairo exploring the magic of the Pharaonic pyramids, or a day in Alexandria to visit the most important highlights of the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, or any of the many tours we provide all over Egypt. We offer the best services, the highest standards of facilities, with the finest competitive prices and the best value for money.

  • Trains & Flights’ Bookings

    Our reservation department would be happy to book tickets for our clients in trains and flights, either domestic in Egypt, or international all over the world. We are proud to provide our clients with the best prices in the market for any tickets’ booking. GAT tours can arrange your vacation from A to Z providing you with all the transportations, accommodations, and sightseeing.

  • Special Needs Travelers

    Whatever you dream of; exploring the mountains of Sinai, discovering the secrets of the ancient Egyptian temples and tombs, go for an adventure in the desert, or simply go on a classical tour in Cairo and maybe a Nile Cruise journey, we have pledged to enable any guests with a special need to enjoy his vacation like he never did before!

    We will be offering our guests with special needs with hotels that are designed to accommodate wheelchairs. GAT tours, with our wide range of partners and ground operators, will provide the tourists with accommodation in hotels that offer grab rails and roll-in showers.

    We have succeeded in providing many clients with special needs with a marvelous vacation through our careful planning to provide them with the necessary care they need and any medical services that are required. All you need to do is to kick back and relax!

  • Safety and Security

    Just like a football match referee, the safety and security of our clients is our number one priority all the time. With our long experience and highly educated employees, we will be able to keep our clients away from any troubles and ensure their safety at any point of their trip. We are always keen to answer all the questions and reassure our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Secured Online Payment

    With a secured online payment service that is 100% guaranteed, fast, and easy to operate, our clients can pay online using their Visa, Master Card, or JCB. When your GAT tour consultant, featured with long experience and the fluency of various languages confirm all the requirements you have in your vacation has been met, you can easily pay online and book your vacation.