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Everything You Need to Know about the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)

Mummy at Grand Grand Museum
Egyptian Grand Museum Exterior Design & View
Egyptian Grand Museum Exterior Design & View

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We are all eager for the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museumv… a masterpiece under construction. 

And you should to!

The grand museum will be one of the world’s largest archaeological museums.

It is now under wonderful redesign in Giza. Its new shape is like a chamfered triangle, made of alabaster and it is established with the translucent stone wall. It will include the superb monuments of Tutankhamen and the royal mummy exhibits.

 ‎The museum is supposed to be opened soon in 2020. Its exterior design will be prominently different.

The Grand Museum will be also featured with many advantages related to the temperature, in order to keep the artifacts safe and to make the visitors comfortable. 

The real entertainment will start once you enter the museum because your mind will be taken to another ages, seeing many elegant artifacts, such as Tutankhamun. 

In this article, we will make an overview ‎ about the Egyptian Grand Museum, including design details, accessibility to the museum, and its ticket price.

The Museum Opening

Egyptian government seeks to open the Grand Egyptian Museum with 500,000 sq. m in 2020. The Grand Egyptian Museum located in Cairo will be the hugest museum that includes a single civilization. It is characterized by its location as it stands only two kilometers away from the pyramids of Giza, out the ‎central Cairo, on the Giza plateau on the edge of the Western Desert.

Exterior Design & View

 Starting from the moment you visit the place, you will be amazed by the splendid design of the museum and the magnificent exterior view. A big zone fruitful with date plants will receive you in front of the museum. Its walls that queue with the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Menkaure will motivate you to take unforgettable shots.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is formed in a chamfered triangle shape.  Then your eyes will be caught by the huge building with translucent stone wall and alabaster ones walking in a line with waterfalls from the ticket office.

Then, 83-tonne limning of the third ‎pharaoh of the 19th dynasty of Egypt will welcome you when you enter the 500,000 sq. meter museum. Afterward, you will see the massive statue of Ramses II greets you in the main entrance. Over the stairs, you will be led by 87 superb enormous statues.

Egyptian Grand Museum Exterior Design & View

Museum Features

The Grand Egyptian Museum enjoys many features that make it distinctive and keep the artifacts in a suitable atmosphere.  The design of the isolated concrete will perfectly handle the different ‎desert ‎temperatures as the designed roof has a temperature of 70C, which maintains the internal precious artifact at a fixed temperature (23C).

Inside the museum, there is a splendid smart technique that uses passive design principles increasing the visitors’ comfort. The passive design composes of designing windows, walls, and floors that are made to collect, store, reflect, and distribute the solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject it in the summer. 

So that, we can say that behind the transparent facade, visitors are protected from the hot desert winds and sun.

Museum Interior View & Artifacts

The Grand Egyptian Museum will contain many galleries that consist of several artifacts dedicated to different eras. It is gorgeous that these galleries are chronologically organized according to the themes. The major galleries will take you to ‎4 eras: pre-dynastic (up to 3100 ‎B.C.), Old Kingdom ‎‎ (the pyramid founders), Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom (Tutankhamun&Ramses) and ‎Greco-Roman kingdoms.

Then, Tutankhamun galleries will move you to his era where you can see for the first time the entire contents ‎of ‎his tomb. Moreover, there are 7,000 sq. meters in the museum only related to the boy-king, with the 5,400 ‎artifacts ‎restored from his tomb ‎including his three coffins and the funeral mask.

Do not miss the opportunity of taking your children with you to the museum because they will enjoy as there is a separate museum within ‎the ‎museum dedicated for kids to easily explain ancient Egypt for them using state-of-the-art visual tricks.‎At the end of your visit, take a look at glass windows, which view the sight of the majestic pyramids.

Egyptian Grand Museum Accessibility

Ticket Prices

According to the Grand Egyptian Museum ticket, you can take a guiding tour before the museum official opening for about $120 for a two-hour tour.

When the museum opens, the ticket price will be less. It is pointed out that the entry ticket will be around 400 pounds for foreigners, 200 pounds for the main halls, and 500 pounds for the combined ticket to visit all the halls.

The Egyptians’ and Arabs’ ticket will be 50 pounds for King Tutankhamun Hall, 30 pounds for the main halls, and 60 pounds for the combined ticket.

Museum Accessibility

It is easier to access the museum more than the old one. It is very close to the Cairo ring road. Across the domestic roads, you can also easily reach the museum. The museum will be linked to the new line of the metro (subway).

If you are traveling, you can access the museum through the air as the new Sphinx International Airport is 20 minutes away from the museum receiving international flights. Alongside the galleries, there will be eight restaurants, 28 gift shops and a 3-D cinema.

Grand Egyptian Museum in a Nutshell

It is an honor that the Grand Egyptian Museum will be opened in 2020 after all additions and designs joined to it. It will include several great artifacts related to many ancient eras expressing the kings’ life. The Museum will reflect amazing exterior view as well as wonderful interior design characterized by various features convenient to the monuments and to the visitors.

The Museum can be easily accessed because you can reach it through several ways including road or air. Do not miss visiting the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020.

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