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Best Time to Visit Egypt - Why You Should Travel to Egypt in These Times

Best Time to Travel to Egypt
Best Time to Travel to Egypt
travelling to Egypt

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Have you ever thought of travelling to Egypt but wondering which time is the best?

Many tourists have the same concern! So, you’re not alone.

Traveling to Egypt will be very enjoyable if you consider some factors before your travel such as the perfect month to visit Egypt, including the weather, the best places suitable for your visit time, the cheapest time and the safety.

In this guide, we will review the features of the times you can go to Egypt in order to facilitate your choice before traveling.

Season & Weather

You can visit Egypt at any time you wish and you will enjoy. However, some months might be preferable than others for your visit in order to enjoy the weather and moderate crowds. We will review the advantages and disadvantages of each time you can visit so as to make your choice easily.

Travel Season and Weather in Egypt

From October to December

It might be the perfect time to visit Egypt as it combines moderate weather and the cooler weather. Sometimes, the temperature is going lower but it is still warm. So that, you can enjoy visiting cultural sites in Egypt such as pyramids without being exposed to the very hot sun in the summer or any sandstorm. October and November will be suitable since the ‎summer heat falls back and the winter is about to come.  Nevertheless, bear in mind that in December, it might be busier than other times because of the Christmas and New Year preparing as the hotels and cruises would be reserved earlier. 

From December to February

They are chilly months to visit Egypt but they are ideal if you decide to visit Luxor and Aswan as they are located deep down in the Sahara desert; hence, you need to enjoy the warm mornings and little cooler nights. It is also the best time to visit Pyramids without burning from the sun, instead, you will relish the warm weather. Besides, most Egyptians are busy at that time because of school time and they prefer to stay in homes in winter; therefore, it is a good opportunity to travel around Egypt without being stuck in the crowds.

From March to May

From March to might be a convenient time for your visit to Egypt as the temperature is moderate, the crowds are fewer and the hotel reservations are lower. It might not be a good idea to go to pyramids because you may suffer from a sand storm or khamsin wind blow. However, you can visit the Red Sea enjoying the ‎ pleasant daytime temperatures which are very suitable for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. It is also a very perfect time to have an  enjoyable Nile River Cruise and going to Sinai for a hiking adventure.  Huge cruise ships peak season are within these months because of the fresh air and the bright sun in daytimes.

From May to September

If you decided to travel to Egypt from May to September, know that the sun is very shinny and the temperature is very high. Nonetheless, you will do snorkeling at Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh as the water is warm and pure. Traveling to the Red Sea from May to September will allow you to enjoy seeing the superb whale shark and hammerhead shark as they only appear in the Red Sea in summer, especially, from the end of May until the end of July. Moreover, the best time to see sharks at Marsa Alam dive sites or Jackson Reef in Strait of Tiran is from July to September. The summer season from May to September is generally cheaper for trips through the Nile Valley.

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Summer In Egypt

Visiting Egypt during Special Events


 It might be suitable for you to choose visiting Egypt during Ramadan (religious 30 days of fasting related to Muslims) because most of the crowds are less in the monumental sites and the sea countries; however, in Ramadan, several shops and historic sites often close during the period of fasting and open at the sunset when the fasting breaks.

Furthermore, some transport schedules might be disrupted; so that, if you seek to move around Cairo or travel from country to another inside Egypt, choose the mornings because the afternoons are overcrowded. If you travel to Egypt during Ramadan, you will be lucky to see Egyptians at their most generous and you will see Egypt in a new colorful atmosphere.

Look at your calendar before your travel because Ramadan time changes every year.

Eid-el Fitr

Fitr Feast, come after Ramadan, might be convenient for you to visit Cairo in particular, because most of the people prefer to use this holiday for traveling to Sea countries such as Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, etc. As a result, you will be delighted with the tranquility at Cairo streets and cultural places.

You will be joyful of celebrating such event in Cairo because there are many festivals held in several places. The restaurants consider serving new different offers of food and beverages. You should take into account that some places increase their prices in such seasons.

Eid elfitr

The Cheapest Time to Visit Egypt

Egypt holidays are cheapest in October, November, from February to April. You will easily find hotel reservations at a reasonable price. You can make a Nile Cruise at any time without earlier reserving as well.

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The Cheapest Time to Visit Egypt


If you wonder if it is safe to travel to Egypt or not? The answer is yes, it is safe. You only should compile to traveling guidelines. You should know the emergency numbers including Main Ambulance, Tourist Police, Traffic Police and Emergency Police. It is necessary to adhere to your tour guide instructions during visiting any historical site.

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Climate Travelling Tips

In the following points, you may recognize some climate matters that help you with your visit to Egypt: 

  • The climate is hot and sunny over the year while in winter, it is moderate. 
  • Top attractions of Egypt are located in its south where it is hotter than Cairo.
  • If you decide to visit Luxor and Aswan from May to October, try to avoid the midday heat. 
  • Take care of the khamasin wind between March and May.
  • If you are planning to travel to the Red Sea from July to August, make an earlier reservation because the resorts there are crowded with vacationing Europeans and Americans as well as Egyptians attempting to escape the Cairo heat.
  • Autumn temperatures are suitable for visiting beaches and they are times of affordable prices.
Climate Travelling Tips

Being aware of the conditions of the country you are traveling to is very essential. Traveling to Egypt will entertain you very much if you regard some matters before your trips such as the weather, the places suitable for your visit time and safety. Realizing the cheapest time for travel will help you as well.

it is necessary to know where to go if you travel in particular events. Accordingly, some tips related to the climate will aid you to make the right decision to travel.

Whenever you want to visit Egypt, you will find the right destination for you. Enquire now


All what you need to know about traveling in Egypt

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