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Mingle like locals in Egypt

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Your next Egypt trip will be totally different when you decided to do it in the Local Egyptian way. To be able to Mingle like locals in Egypt, you have to know more about them. In this blog, we will help you to get more information about locals in Egypt.

Learn about Classic Egypt:

  • Food 
  • Dance and Music 
  • Wear 
  • Transportation


If we talk about Egyptian cuisine, your stomach will dance happily as it is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. They have on breakfast many different dishes like the famous Fuul and Falafel which Both made of fava beans, beside feta white cheese, eggs made in many ways, and using the traditional Bread called “Balady Bread” to eat all these dishes. 

For lunch and dinner, they have the traditional “Koshary” which is made from a mix of macaroni, rice, chickpeas, and lentils, they have also the most popular “Molokhia” which is kind of a Green soup made in a very special way -I’m sure you will love it- we can’t forget the “Macaroni Béchamel” the most beloved dish for all Egyptians that made with their unique white sauce. Besides they eat the great “Mahshi” stuffed Vegetables with rice and meat.  

Any cuisine in the world has to have sweets, and for the Egyptian cuisine sweets, you will find Roz Bel Laban (rice with milk) and the incredible Omm Ali (a puff pastry with milk and sugar).


Dance and Music 

Each culture has its unique kinds of music and their own traditional dance, and Egypt has a very unique and interesting creation for both. As for the local Egyptian music, it is like pop music which relies mainly on the soundtrack with the lyrics that will force you to dance once you hear it. This kind of music called “Mahragan or Shaaby” and a very big sector of Egyptians love it and enjoy listening and dancing on it. 

But for the Egyptian dance, of course, we will talk about the most famous belly dance, this kind of dancing is now popular in the whole world, which can be only on the classical Arabic music. but in Egypt, they update it by time, the belly dancers nowadays can do it on any kind of music classical or modern, Arabic or English, and you will enjoy it in any kind. 

Belly dance also doesn’t rely only on the incredible ability to do some moves they also make very creative dancing suits with attractive colors to make you enjoy it with your eyes. Egypt has an amazing and unique culture.



There are many people think that Egyptians still wear clothes like the pharaohs which is something hilarious if you think about it. In Egypt, you will find all the kinds of cloths, this is because there are different classes between Egyptians, and each class wears what suit their community. You will find all the clothes brands everywhere, and a copy of it for the lower classes at a cheaper price from other factories. 

Don’t forget that Egyptian cotton is the best cotton in the world which lead us to talk about the clothes Egyptian brands and it is also very famous and works very well in Egypt.

But in the common Egyptian culture, this culture urges to wear conservative clothing. Most of the Egyptians and especially the women, choose the clothes that cover the shoulders, cleavage, and knees. Besides most of Egyptian Muslim girls wear hijab as something religious and have their own fashion line which is actually very interesting to know about.


In ancient Egypt, the most common transportation were camels which are now turned to be only a way of entertainment for tourists to have fun and taking pictures for memory.

Now modern Egypt has all the possible transportation for inside and outside country traval. 

There is the most common transportation for the public, Cairo Tunnel Metro or The Egyptian Subway which consists of three operational lines that you can use to reach any place in Cairo, it costs about from 2 to 10 Egyptian pounds. 

There is also the most popular Uber app and other similar apps called Careem and Moasalate Masr for private cars.

Of course, there are huge train lines that go across the whole of Egypt to travel and visit all the Egyptian governorates Like Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan.


For the public, there is public transportation like buses and microbuses specialized to deliver to all the districts even the small ones in Egypt.

Egypt airports are for the outside country travel which is available in many cities in Egpyt to make it easier for tourists to travel to any place inside of Egypt and vise versa.

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