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11 Types of Transportation in Egypt: Commute like the Locals

Self Drive car

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Ever wondered how Egyptians commute in their busy cities?

No, not on camels!

There are three types of transportation in Egypt that connect cities: land transportation, waterway transportation and airway transportation. 

They are mainly centered in Cairo as it is the capital of Egypt. 

You can easily transport from one place to another with several means of transportation such as metro, bus, river bus, etc. Among these means of transportation, there are some more convenient and enjoyable for tourists such as River Bus and Nile Taxi.

Let’s discover more!

Land Transportation

Egypt has many highway links to Africa and Asia. There is a developing roadway network that connects Cairo with other cities such as Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road, Geish Road and Ring Road. Egypt’s roadways usually enjoy several advantages: the ways are well-metaled and the road grounds are flat and stretchable. There are many means of roadways transportation in Egypt such as:


The metro system or the subway metro is in Cairo covering many areas. It has 3 lines and it covers 92 ‎stations over the city. The third line is more developed and more comfortable than the first and the second one. The fourth line will be opened soon.‎


The Egyptian railway system is the oldest railway network in Africa and the Middle East. It is the best way for long journeys not shorter ones such as Cairo to Alexandria travel because shorter journeys are usually slower and less comfortable. There are three classes of carriage on the train; the first and the second ones may be air-conditioned. You can enjoy air-conditioned trains and sleeping trains but the price will be much more than normal ones. You can easily know the timetable for mainline trains as it is published every six months. Trains are considered to be a safe means of transportation in Egypt.

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Buses are one of the most popular means of transportation in Egypt. They are widely spread in Cairo ‎and Giza besides a large number of governorates such as Alexandria, Port Said, Ismailia, Sharm El ‎Sheikh and North and South Sinai. The bus is not the best means to move around because of its slowness ‎due to stopping at several stations, the heavy congestion and the difficulty of finding a place to ‎sit during the peak hours. However, it is considered to be one of the cheapest transportation means ‎and it is easily accessed. When you pay the fare, you should take a ticket to prove your payment later. ‎Each bus has a particular line along with a specific number written in Arabic on the front in the driver’s ‎upper area.‎


Microbuses are well known for their high speed. They are also very widespread in Cairo and all other governorates. They are different from buses in many things; they are smaller than buses, you have to sit because there is no place to stand up which makes microbus as a transport better than the bus, the fare differs from place to another regarding the distance and there is no ticket. Microbuses are easily accessed as you can find it at certain stations and you can stop it in the road.


Taxis are one of the most preferable means in Egypt because they are faster and more relaxed. However, they are more expensive than other means and sometimes you may be cheated in the fare; so that, it is better to ask the driver to operate the meter or agree with him on the fare. There are no taxi stations but you can stop any taxi on the road. It is worthy to mention here Uber and Careem services which are the types of private cars reserved from a specific application from your mobile store. They are better than the usual taxi because you know the fare before you take your ride and the fare is calculated based on a particular system. Moreover, their cars are faster and more convenient. You will never be lost with the drivers because they use GPS to know the best and fastest way.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is one of Egypt’s newest means of transportation. They are found in many governorates and many areas and they are common in towns and small villages. Tuk Tuk has advantages; for example, the fare of it is inexpensive, it can easily go into small and crowded routes. It has also disadvantages; for instance, it is considered to be unsafe, it does not transport you to popular destinations but only within the boundaries of small areas.

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Waterway Transportation

River Bus

River bus is one of the oldest means of transportation in modern Egypt. If your destination is along the riverside, you can ride the river bus. It will keep you away from the traffic jam; however, it is slower than other transports.

Airway transportation


The airplane is the best Egypt’s means of transportation for traveling from Cairo to other governorates such as Sharm al-sheik. Although it is an expensive means of transport, it is the fastest and the most comfortable. There is a local company in Egypt that is responsible for this service; namely Egypt Air.


Transportation for tourists

When tourists come to Egypt, they should choose the means of transport that help them see Egypt’s landmarks. For example, they can ride the river bus as it can transport them to the historical Coptic area in Old Cairo. It is a delightful means of transport because of the Nile view. There are also some means of transportation convenient for tourists such as:

Nile Taxis

The tourists can also take the Nile taxi to enjoy the Nile view and to save their time. They are quicker than the river bus. There are two types of Nile taxi; those which you have to wait until enough passengers ride, ones that you can pre-book for a suitable time for you.


Carriages are also means of transport that enable the tourists to see provincial cities and visiting outlying cities. In spite of their delay, they can often travel where the taxi cannot. Nowadays, they are at most used for sightseeing especially during holidays and special occasions. Carriages can be found mainly along Nile Corniche, in Downtown, Zamalek and Giza.


Self-drive Cars

It is a convenient means of transport for tourists. The driver should have an International Driver’s License. It can be hired through the hotel or tourist agencies. Its fare depends on the type of car.

Self Drive car

Egypt has many genres of public and private transportation that both residents and tourists can ride to ‎get anywhere. You can choose your way of transport whether on land, by the river or in the air. There are ‎inexpensive means such as buses and metros. There are faster means such as microbuses and taxis. ‎Moreover, you can find Tuk Tuk in lanes and towns and many other areas; it can go into narrow routes ‎within particular boundaries. Whether you are an Egyptian citizen or a tourist, do not miss riding the ‎River bus to enjoy the tranquility and to go to Old Cairo. If you want to see remote cities, ride ‎carriages for sightseeing. Take an airplane if you decided to travel comfortably. ‎


All what you need to know about traveling in Egypt

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