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How to live your Daily Life as a Local Egyptian

cairo festival mall

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The daily routine is boring somehow, but in the Egyptian style, I don’t think so.

All human beings are the same in the daily needs, but getting this need in the Egyptian style will be totally different. In this blog, you will know more about the daily Egyptian routine, and how you can live in Cairo like a local citizen to enjoy every single second of your trip to Cairo

This guide include:

Egyptian Food

If you are hungry in Egypt, your stomach will just love you. 

Egypt has one of the best cuisines in the world, as you will find in breakfast, the famous Fuul and Falafel “or Taamia” (Both made of fava beans) beside feta cheese, eggs and eating all this with the traditional Bread called “Balady Bread”. You can try this fabulous breakfast at “Zooba” Restaurant and enjoy the traditional Egyptian decorations. 

Then for lunch and dinner, you have to try the Egyptian traditional “Koshary” (mix of macaroni, rice, chickpeas, and lentils), and you have to try it from the famous “Abo Tarek” Restaurant. Don’t forget also to try “Molokhia” (kind of a Green soup), “Macaroni Béchamel” (Macaroni with unique white sauce) and the great “Mahshi” (stuffed Vegetables with rice and meat) all this from the one and only Sobhy Kaber Restaurant. 

If you think about sweets, you have to try the Egyptian dessert Roz Bel Laban (rice with milk) and Omm Ali (a puff pastry with milk and sugar) from El-Malky Stores for all the Egyptian sweets.


Egyptian Transportation 

The ancient Egyptian transportation were camels, but now riding camels is only for having fun and take photos.

To move easily between Cairo streets, you have lots of options to use.

If you know the exact location you are heading for, you can use the most popular Uber app and other similar apps called Careem and Moasalate Masr for private cars. A one trip through these applications can cost about 10 dollars.

 For a cheaper transportation you can use the Cairo Tunnel Metro (The Egyptian Subway) which consists of three operational lines that can drive you all over Cairo, which costs about 50 Cent For one trip. 

For longer distances, you can use the trains through the Egyptian National Railways to travel from Cairo to any other governments like: Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan etc…

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Things to buy

Where to go to buy what?!

Go shopping in a group of huge malls, where you can find food, brands, and cinemas, ex: Mall of Arabia, City Center Almaza Mall, and Cairo Festival Mall.

You also have lots of hypermarkets around you for your personal needs, exactly like the well-known Walmart, ex: Carrefour and Metro.

The local Egyptian brands, you will find them in a set of stores located in the Downtown, where you can shop and enjoy the beauty of old Cairo at the same time.

Egyptian malls

Medicine and Treatment

When you get tired, you can take care of yourself very well.

In Egypt it’s easier to buy medicine from the nearest pharmacy, you will find doctors there to give you the right medicine for your case.

It is also easier to search for hospitals or medical specialists, and book an appointment for a medical examination through an application called Vezeeta, which includes all the medical contacts in Egypt.

But for the emergency, you can call the ambulance at number 123, and it will reach you right away.

Doctors in Egypt

Places to play games

Life is more fun if you play games.

Cairo has lots of games to make your journey more enjoyable and adventurous. 

The high ropes games at Samaan Al-Kharraz Monastery in Mokattam is one of the most adventurous games you have ever tried. It’s a kind of skiing game from the top of Mokattam Mountain but with tied ropes.  Check the pictures below for a better experience. 

You can also try Escape Room games in many places in Cairo, in this game you will be using your mind to solve the puzzles you face in the room to be able to escape and win the game. 

You will live a very unique experience.

Gravity Code is a place you don’t want to miss. It is a whole place made of Trampoline, where you play many games through jumping all over the place. You will master flying in this place, and all the negative energy will just disappear.

If you get tired of the sun’s heat and misses the snow, you should head to the Snow City in City Stars Mall, where you will find a place filled with snow games to play and having fun with your friends, and to play with the Arctic Penguins too. 

This place will make you feel at home.


To conclude, all that you need in your daily life is easy to obtain in Egypt, and your daily routine will never be boring in the Egyptian style. You will eat a very delicious food, move easily with all different kinds of transportation, and find all your needs very close to you. 

Your next destination should be Cairo, the city of history and entertainment.


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