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The pharaoh's curse fact or fiction

Are you interested in the Egyptian mysteries?!

Here we will talk about one of the famous Egyptian mysteries, the Curse of the pharaohs. To know the first time this curse happened, the source of this mystery, and the facts behind The Tutankhamun Curse, you should read this interesting blog. Let’s reveal the mystery together.

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When the curse began 

Around the 1920s, the everlasting debatable myth started, this was while discovering the tomb of King Tutankhamun in Luxor and Howard Carter a British archaeologist was the leader for this discovery. The myth says there are two experts who were involved in this great discovery found dead some weeks after the discovery. The interesting part in this myth is that they both were found dead from poisoning. 

After six weeks from the opening of King Tut’s tomb, the first death incident happened.  Lord Carnarvon was the first of his team to lose his life, this was a result of intoxication after a mosquito bite. Lots of people thought this punishment  for disturbing the peace of the tomb. But for Howard Carter, the main leader of this great discovery, he lived a long normal life and died at the age of 64 in his home in England. Plus the daughter of Carnarvon, who was the first one to enter the tomb, she lived for extra 58 years, dying at the age of 79.

To know the real reason behind this myth, you should continue reading till the end. 

What is the nature of this curse

Do you ever think about the nature of this curse? What caused it and why did it happen?

Lots of scientists and Egyptologests took this interesting topic seriously and started searching behind the facts of this bizarre enigma. Some reach the fact that this curse is only some sort of a trap designed by ancient Egyptians to protect their mummified kings and queens and their cemetery holdings. This happened by using some certain bacterial strains, poisoned chemicals or even other unknown methodologies.

The pharaohs used to carve a text on the tomb’s walls in hieroglyphics to explain the fate of the intruder once he or she decided to bother the peaceful king laying down there.

For example:

Oh, all people who enter this tomb,

Who will make evil against this tomb, and destroy it,

May the crocodile be against them in water.

And snakes against them on land,

May the hippopotamus be against them on water,

The scorpion against them on land.”

There is a serious question you should think of while reading about the curse of the pharaohs. Why on earth do the ancient Egyptians try to reach out over thousands of years just to do us harm?!  They did a great civilization and wanted to make a great development, a mentality like this will never think to harm the upcoming generations who are their grandchildren. Just logic wise 😉

The Fact behind The TUTANKHAMUN Curse

People said the curse started with Carnarvon’s death In late February 1923. The real reason behind his death is that Carnarvon was bitten by a mosquito and on the next day he shaved the bite and cut it which led to a severe infection and he contracted pneumonia. 

After Carnarvon’s death, a spate of stories about the “curse of the Pharaohs” started to spread. This was due to two reasons: 

The first reason was Mr.Carnarvon had give the permission for the excavation coverage exclusively to London Times and excluded all other press which made them unhappy and once they heard about the curse they took it as a chance for spicy news, and the rumors began. 

The second reason was the sudden death for Carnarvon which happened directly after three months from the discovery, which was due to a contaminated shave after an insect bite. His death opened the door for all kinds of rumors and false stories, such as he died by a cobra bite.

But if this curse is true and there are magic talismans causing death as a punishment to anyone disturbing the resting place of the dead, it should be powerful enough to scare away the grave-robbers who used to stool everything from the tombs for many years and we could have a huge numbers of antiquities than we have now. 

The truth behind this myth was explained by great Egyptologists, so here is the conclusion for this mystery:

The ancient Egyptian tombs have been sealed for thousands of years, and inside there is a mummy that was mummified with a lot of canyon. And because of this long time sealed, this can exude bacteria and chemicals and the sealed air can be harmful for a human body and lead to poisoning. 

That’s why today Egyptologists make sure to open the tomb for a few hours first to relieve the toxic air before starting the excavation. 

At the end we believe that these curse stories are all made up completely by different people and different thoughts or they have natural explanations. Let’s enjoy the fun part of this mystery and get to know everything about the great pharaohs from a close sight away from any magic or any scary things.

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