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10 ancient Egyptian symbols and it’s meanings

Have you ever wondered about how the first language on earth looks like? The ancient Egyptian language is excites from thousands of years ago and it was the beginning of a real communication beatween people. This is the foundation of a huge culture that is still excites until today and helped us to reveal all the hidden secrets. This ancient langugae used to Shown in different forms like an artistic architecture, symbols, amulets, and many other objects they were used it to bring good fortune and protection.

We know everything about this ancient culture today because of this language as we can see it on the temple walls or obelisks. This symbols is the depicted form of hieroglyphs language that we all know today.

In this blog we will tell you the meaning of 10 ancient Egyptian symbol

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The Ankh

This symbol “ankh” is the most famous one that used many times in ancient Egypt, Its meaning in the hieroglyphic system presents the concept of eternal life. We all know this Ankh symbol as “the key of life” or “the key of the Nile”, you can find the key of life in many Egyptian tomb and other art paintings.


This unique symbol infront of you used to known as ‘the god’s backbone’ and it means  stability, fertility, and eternal life. The ancient Egyptians used to paint this symbol on the sarcophagi in order to help the dead’s souls pass to the afterlife safly.

Eye Of Ra

Eye of Ra is a very famous symbol too and the main concept of this symbol is to present the personification of many goddesses in Egyptian mythology like the gods Wadjet, Hathor, Mut, Sekhmet, and Bastet. So the meaning of this symbole referese to the sun god or the Sun


This symbol of ‘Was Sceptre’ was the meaning of power in ancient Egypt as it used to the dominion of gods. That’s why ancient Egptians belived this symbol brings the prosperity continuance to the king and to gain the power along his reign period.


Cartouche is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic nameplate and it links to the meaning of the sun. 

The ancient Egyptians used the cartouche to present the meaning of protection against evil spirits in the after life or even the exist one.  Ancient Egyptian at that time used this symbol too in order to gain the divine protection during their life. 

The Lotus

Lotus is kind of unique flower that has a great meaning as a symbol in ancient Egypt. They used to refere into the Lutos flower as the rebirth symbol, but there are two types of lotus flower in the ancient times, one was in white and the other was blue. 

Lotus flower was also present the concept of unification of the two Egyptian kingdoms. They were using this flower also in the perfumes section as they were able to produce form it a pleased fragrance. Regarding hte healing part, lotus flower has an analgesic colored antispasmodic and it also have to ability to heal infections. 

This is the reason behind taking this symbol as the meaning of rebirth.


Uraeus is kind of a Greek word that means The cobra, this symbol was very important to the gods and pharaohs in ancient Egypt. As the cobra used to present the goddess Wadjet which is the goddess of royalty.

The Uraeus cobra was a fetsh that all the ancient Egyptian beleiced it presents magical powers and offers magical protection based on a very famous legend at that time. BA

Winged Sun

The winged sun or as it known in ancient Egypt, Behdety was a very important symbol that presents the god  Behedti which is the god of the midday sun.

They used this symbolto be as an amulet to give protection to whoever wears it.

Nemyss Egyptian symbol

Nemyss is the famous Egyptian ritual headdress for the pharaohs that is well know around the world. The world knew it from the popular image of Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus. 

This nemyss is made out of linen that rises from the forehead and hangs down the shoulders. This is the main symbol that presents the pharaohs that’s why everyone use it nowadays to show the pharaohs periods.

Pschent Crown

Pschent Crown is the Double Crown for the unified Egypt, the upper and lower Egypt. It’s consist of the Red and White Crown which are called Deshret and Hedjet. The white crown is on the top and it presents upper Egypt, then the Red crown in the bottom and it presents lower Egypt. King Narmer came and unifid the whole Egypt and make this crown with both colors to be the royal crown for the new unified Egypt.

This is only a small part for the Ancient Egyptian symbols and their meaning and we took you to a quick journey around the pharaoh’s culture. You can now come and visit Egypt and once you see one of those symbols you will be totally aware of its meaning. 

Hieroglyphy has so much to offer and more interesting sybmols to present, you can read more about the magic of the Hieroglyphy language.

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