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Egypt Christmas Traditions - How Egyptians Celebrate Christmas Holidays


Do you want something new on Christmas! you have to spend it in Egypt. Christmas in Egypt has a very different spirit and totally different traditions, Christmas not only for Egyptian Christians but also for Egyptian Muslims, and both have their own traditions.

Christmas importance for Egyptians

In Egypt, there is about 15% of people are Christians which makes Christmas feast an important day in the country.

Not only for Christians but also it is important for Muslims as it’s the beginning of a new year in the Gregorian calendar.

So Christmas in all Egypt is a very important day for celebration and having good vibes.

Do They Celebrate Christmas in Egypt?

The Orthodox Christians in Egypt start to fast for a period of 43 days from the 25th of November till the 7th of Jan the christ’s date of birth.

Their fasting includes mainly vegan meals and excludes any dairy products, meat, or chicken.

After this long period of fasting, they prepare for a very delicious meal on Christmas eve. 

Christmas eve for Christians in Egypt is totally different, they celebrate it in the churches by having a special liturgy in the churches all over Egypt at the same time.


Muslim Egyptians traditions

Christmas is not only for Christians, at Christmas time you will find all malls and public places have Christmas decoration especially the Christmas tree for all Egyptians to celebrate.

This is because ُEgyptians Muslims count the celebration of Christmas as a celebration for the new year based on the Gregorian calendar, which is applied all over the world.

Public places in Christmas 

At Christmas, all the streets and public places have a special decoration to create an amazing Christmas spirit.

You will find lots of brilliant lights everywhere with colors and Christmas trees which give you the feeling of happiness.

There is also Santa Clause everywhere in Egypt as the main character to present and celebrate Christmas


How Egyptians deal with Santa Claus or Papa Noel

Santa Clause is a very famous character in Egypt too but he known as Papa Noel who is a saint that devoted his life to helping the poor and especially children.

Whether they called him Santa Claus or Papa Noel he is so loved between the Egyptian children and they wait every year to hear about his stories and watch the movies about him.

This leads to having his statue with the red custom all over Egypt’s streets.

The only way to know the real traditions of Egyptians at Christmas is to make your arrangement to spend your next Christmas in Egypt.

Don’t take it long and make your decision now, your Christmas vacation deserves to be special

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