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Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt? (12+ Tips to Stay Secure)

travelling to Egypt

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Is it safe to travel to Egypt? 

You might ask this question before deciding to visit this beautiful country. 

After 2011, Egypt had been exposed to several attacks and some political instability due to the revolution it had witnessed. 

That’s why some tourists might think it is not safe for them. 

However, now you can travel to Egypt without any fear by following the rules and taking usual precautions; which any traveler considers before travelling anywhere. 

So, no need to worry!

Egypt is much more stable, safer, and better now.

Listening to Your Government Warnings before Traveling

‎It is important to follow your country guidelines listening to its warnings before your visit as there are relationships between the governments clarifying the status. For example, it was recommended by the UK government that no one travels to North Sinai, the area west of the Nile ‎Valley and the Nile Delta (but not between Mersa Matruh and the Delta) and not to go close to borders, especially, the Libya border.‎ You should keep pace with the political situation and terrorism-wise in ‎Egypt before and during your travels. Therefore, you can know which places to visit safely.

Have a SIM-Card

Bring a SIM card; it is recommended to have a local SIM card to easily communicate, to enjoy free calls ‎and good internet speed. When you arrive at the airport, you will find, out of the arrival hall, the booths of ‎the three mobile phone providers in Egypt: Vodafone, Etisalat, and Orange.

In this blog, you will know some top travel safety tips to help you during your visit to Egypt; and you will have the answers to some of your safety concerns when traveling alone to Egypt. 

Moreover, females will find out whether it is safe to go solos or not and how they can protect themselves.


Be Out of Gatherings

It is preferable to be out of big gatherings. However, you can go to celebrations or take part in festivals if they are organized under a governmental authorized license because they will be safeguarded by security and there will be cameras everywhere; so, you can enjoy without fear.

Know Little Arabic

You will feel safer if you learn some common Arabic words because you will understand what is going on around you. For instance, you will realize greetings from people; you will perceive the signs in the streets and stations.

Moreover, learning Arabic numbers will make you safer when you ride a car since the number of plates of transports in Egypt is in Arabic.

You will also know how to deal with the venders when you decide to buy anything and you cannot be deceived by anyone. If you cannot learn any of these, do not worry because in Egypt; predominantly, in Cairo, many people know English well. So that, you will always find who helps you and guide you to your destination.

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Follow Traditions

When you travel to Egypt, try to adhere to Egyptian traditions and customs especially in dressing. Because Egypt is a Muslim Arab country, it is better to dress conservatively. Men can wear pants instead of shorts; women can wear long pants or dresses rather than shorts or mini-skirts and long or half sleeves ‎rather than tank tops. In addition, know that drinking alcohol in public streets is forbidden.


Be Careful of Scammers

People in Egypt are helpful, warm and friendly; they are enjoyed with hospitality especially ‎with foreigners. You will find them smile to you and try to help you if you ask them.

Some of ‎them, in the touristic places, may ask you for a picture with you as a kind of welcome and to be ‎memorable for them. However, be careful from people who may want to take you to other places without your tour guide. Do not go with anyone or trust anyone.

Keeping your money safe in Egypt

If you stay in a hotel, lock your valuables inside the safe in your room. During your wandering and visiting sites, keep your money in your bag and hold your bag carefully. Do not worry because pickpocketing and bag snatching rarely happens particularly in touristic places as they are perfectly safeguarded.

The local currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. You can easily exchange your money ‎through the ATM. There are many ATMs everywhere; therefore, do not be worry about ‎running out of money as long as you have them on your account.


Protect Yourself from Sun

 Sun in Egypt is very hot in summer (June, July, August and September); thus, you should put your sunblock if you go out; wear a hat and sunglasses in order not to be harmed by heat stroke. Try to stay out of the sun and keep a good water bottle on you.   

Health Considerations & Vaccinations

Travel to Egypt is enjoyable yet it can be challenging. Therefore, it is important to look after yourself, take care of health vaccinations like vaccines for typhoid and hepatitis A which are highly recommended. Do not forget to have the first aid kit to use them if necessary.

Know emergency numbers in case if you need them. In an emergency, dial 123 and ask for an ambulance and communicate with your travel company and your insurance/medical assistance company if you are transferred to a medical facility for therapy.

General Safety Tips for Traveling to Egypt

There are general precautions you can take in your trip to Egypt: 

  • Avoid assembles
  • Check government travel warnings regularly
  • Follow the Foreign Ministry on Twitter and Facebook
  • Register in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and to be easily followed in an emergency state.
  • Get insurance even if you are on a short trip

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Hatshepsut Temple

Traveling to Egypt Alone

Is it safe to go to Egypt alone? Yes, it is safe but with due diligence.‎ When you follow the rules and avoid the defined dangerous places, you are safe and you will enjoy your trip. Try to know some friendly locals or fellow travelers to help you if you need. ‎Avoid wandering in very quiet places. Use your GPS on your mobile to reach your destinations and not to get lost and be aware of your surroundings. Do not worry about visiting Egypt alone; Egypt’s Visitor Arrivals data is updated yearly and they record an increase in the visitors’ number. For example, Egypt’s Visitor Arrivals recorded 11,345,760 people in Dec 2018.

Egypt Pyrmaids

Women’s Safety When Travelling to Egypt Solo

There is a question always raised in females’ minds when traveling; is it safe to travel as a solo? ‎In Egypt, yes, it is safe. You can go around and wander without any worries; however, try to ‎follow the cultural etiquette and customs of the country such as in clothes; ‎because Egypt is a Muslim country, it is better for women to dress conservatively.

On public transport, try to sit next to another woman or family to feel more ‎comfortable. If you are exposed to any kind of harassment, do not hesitate to go to the police station but do not worry because you will find ‎all the people around you help you. Use the women-only carriages on the Cairo metro.

One of the females Polish tourists who visited Egypt said, “Tourist attractions are largely safe and not under any threat. Egyptians ‎are one of the most welcoming people I’ve ever encountered on my ‎travels and they love tourists.” She added, “Not once I felt in any ‎danger anywhere in the country, people constantly had my back when I ‎looked lost or unsure.” She wrote an article narrating about her trip to Egypt expressing how she was pleased with the locals who tried to help her on many occasions.


Egypt becomes safer more than the previous years after 2011 and the tourists come from all ‎over the world without facing any problems. Nevertheless, taking precautions before your travel is very ‎important. If you follow the rules related to ‎the country taking into account their traditions, you will not have any troubles and you will enjoy your trip.  You can also ‎travel to Egypt alone whether you are a male or female without any fear.‎

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