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12 Egypt Ancient Sites You Will Fall in Love With


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Egypt is full of ancient sites that you can spend months to visit and it won’t even be enough.

From the Mediterranean and Red Sea Coast, to the Sudanese border in the south, many of these archaeological sites are dating back thousands of years ago.

So, if you’re worrying you might get bored of your visit, no worries; there is no chance. We promise!

Here are some of the most famous historical and sacred places, including the top ancient Egyptian monuments in Giza and the various temples in Luxor and Aswan.

Let’s start the adventure!

Pyramids & Sphinx

Giza pyramids are one of the most amazing and popular ancient Egypt sites. They are three great pyramids which exist more than 4000 years. These three towering constructions were considered to be tombs for powerful kings and queens. Besides, one of the admirable Egyptian monuments is Sphinx; it is a superb stone carving of the body of a lion and the head of a human, it is closest to the Great Pyramid. It is carved out of an enormous block of sandstone representing an ancient Egyptian sun god.

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Saqqara is a tremendous historic site; it was the capital of the ancient Egypt founded in 3000 BC by Menes. It contains major pyramids such as the first-ever pyramid, known as the Step Pyramid and the funerary complex of pharaoh Djoser.


Dahshour is a wonderful place that has ancient attractions including the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. The Red Pyramid is named that for the rusty reddish tint of its red limestone stones. It was not always red because there are white limestones cased it but they are now few remain at the base of the pyramid. The name of Bent Pyramid is called that due to its unusual change of angle built by Sneferu. It has two entrances and its outer casing was made of limestone.


The Luxor Temple

The Luxor Temple was considered a sacred temple established in the 14th century BC by Amenhotep III. It is located on the east bank of the River Nile in the ancient city of Thebes. This enormous temple has manifested archways and giant statues.

Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is one of the most prominent ancient temples in Egypt. It is situated as a part of the city of Thebes built and expanded by a succession of pharaohs. It is really a huge temple that includes many wonderful temples, sanctuaries, sphinxes, obelisks, columns, and pylons among other ancient buildings such as the Temple of Amun-Ra.


Habu Temple

Medinet Habu is a great temple complex; it is the second large temple in its size after the Karnak Temple. It is located on the West Bank of Luxor. It is well known for its perfect wall carvings and it has surprised ancient paints on its many columns; especially, in the peristyle hall.

Abu Simple Temple

Abu Simbel is an Egyptian house of a chain of gorgeous ancient Egyptian monuments, especially temples. the most famous temples there are the two Temples of Ramesses II. The twin temples were carved out of the mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses. The Great Temple also includes a hall of huge statues of Ramesses II inside. It also has sophisticated carvings on all the walls and a room at the back with four statues.


Dendera Temple (Hathor Temple)

Dendera is one of the stunning places that attract tourists containing some of the best-preserved ancient Egyptian ruins including temples, tombs and a Christian chapel. For example, Hathor temple; the name of Hathor expresses a major goddess in the ancient Egyptian pantheon. It is one of the most beautiful temples in the Dendera complex. It has a grand entrance, amazing detailed carvings, hieroglyphs, and decorated ceilings.

Horus Temple

The Temple of Horus is dedicated to the falcon god Horus located in Edfu. It is one of the best-preserved temples; its entrance is guarded by two colossal granite falcons and once inside the court. It has 32 decorated columns and festival reliefs on the inner walls. Moreover, you can see in the temple at the oldest section the sacred barques (a sailing ship) and a sailing vessel of Horus carved in adorable detail.


The Temple of Kom Ombo is located in a high dune overlooking the Nile. It is a “double temple” which was dedicated to two different sets of gods. The double parts of the temple are exactly similar, everything is multiplied; two entrances, two courts, two colonnades, two hypostyle halls and two sanctuaries.

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is the burial site for many famous pharaohs such as Ramses I, Tutankhamen, and Amenhotep. It also includes about 62 ancient pharaohs. It is situated behind the Theban hills near Luxor.

Luxor temple

Philae Temple

The island of Philae was dedicated to the cult of the goddess Isis. It is located on Agilka Island in Aswan. Philae Temple has a double colonnade directing to the main part of the temple. The temple has two facades and it contains a collection of temples. The story of Osiris was carved into many of the walls. If you go west out of the hypostyle hall to the Gate of Hadrian, you will see an image of the god Hapi, sitting in a cave at the First Cataract representing the source of the river Nile.

Consequently, you cannot miss visiting these historical Egypt ancient sites once at least. You should go to the Giza’s renowned pyramids and their elaborate burial complexes; besides, you should take around in a host of top Ancient temples in Luxor as well as the Philae Temple in Aswan.

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