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100th anniversary Celebrations of Tutankhamun’s tomb discovery

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A hundred years after the discovery of the legendary tomb of Tutankhamun, the world had to celebrate this amazing event in a special way.

Let’s tell you what happened in that day to celebrate this great discovery.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities celebration

On this day, the Supreme Council of Antiquities decided to celebrate this event by providing many exhibitions includes art and archaeology where every one can learn more about the Egyptian history, enjoy some interactive activities, know how to write in Ancient Egyptian language, and have some educational workshops a bout the mummification process.

In addition to, a special exhibition entitled “The Centenary of the Discovery of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb: Tutankhamun and His Family” about the main highlights of the tomb of the most popular king in Ancient Egypt, Tutankhamun. During this event, you can enjoy discovering around 18 artifacts that represents King Tutankhamun and some of them were presented for the first time.

The masterpiece of this event is to display a mummy of a young lady that the scientists believe it may belong to Queen Kia, the mother of King Tutankhamun.

National Geographic celebration

National Geographic was very interested in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of discovering Tutankhamun’s Tomb, and they produced an exhibition called “Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience” and the tour started in North American in spring 2022.

The exhibition of “Beyond King Tut” will take you in a time-traveling journey through the sound and light effects to know more about king Tut’s world. This young pharaoh who ruled Egypt since 3000 years ago, and we were able to discover his tomb only in 1922. This discovery amazed the whole world about the mysterious life of the pharaohs. You will definitely enjoy the artistic imagery in this exhibition and the power of the cinematic storytelling to live the golden king’s experience like never before.

Celebrating the 100 anniversary of Tutankhamun’s tomb discovery is a great event that deserve to grab the attention of the whole world, and everyone celebrates on his own style. Make sure to know more about this mysterious life of this young pharaoh and to visit this tomb one day.

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