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6 hidden Gems in Egypt

We all know that Egypt has the richest ancient civilizations in the world, as it has a huge number of touristic and historical attractions. You will not only enjoy history but also beautiful views that will catch your attention. 

Of course, you know Egypt’s famous attractions which are the Pyramids of Giza, and the ancient temples in Luxor and Aswan but In this blog, we doubt you knew these attractions before as they are real hidden gems. Today’s gems will totally fascinate you, let explore the secrets and wonders of Egypt:

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Djara Cave

Somewhere in the deep of the Western Desert, you will find our first gem in Egypt, the Djara Cave. This cave is a masterpiece full of artistry rocks and several ancient carvings date back to more than 12,000 years.

Gerard Rohlfs was a German explorer who visited Egypt in 1873 and he was able to discover this astounding cave after lots of climate changes. This wasn’t the only discovering move in this cave as people forgot about it until they rediscovered it again in 1989 by another German explorer called Carlo Bergmann.

What is so special about this cave is that the whole cave is made of limestone stalactites which was a result of the water meeting with the dry climate of the desert. This is a natural piece of art that was created with a Zero human interface, that’s why we consider this cave a real hidden gem.

Beasts Cave

Another interesting cave that is hidden in Egypt’s desert called Beasts cave. This cave is about 7,000 years old which made it one of the oldest caves in the whole area. What makes this cave interesting is that it contains more than 5,000 well-preserved paintings that present many things from the Stone Age. You can see paintings of different creatures, humans, and ancient daily activities all over the walls. These paintings are made in red, yellow, and black pigments which will amaze you how these colors still exist until today!!

This made the cave to be a life source for the ancient ages where we all know how the people used to live in the Stone Ages. an interesting place like this should be one of the most important hidden gems in Egypt.


The ancient Egyptian built a place called Nilometer to measure the clarity of the Nile River’s water in 861 AD. thanks to the Nilometer they were able to predict whether there will be a famine or a flood so they can get prepared. 

Nilometer is Located in Rhoda Island in Cairo city, it contains an octagonal column which is the main component to the Nilometer, plus a staircase that was allowed only to the priests, ancient rulers, and kings to use it for the examination of the Nile River behavior.

Colored Canyon

For all the hiking lovers, here we got you a place you can’t miss. This place came in the shape of a maze 40 meters high with a mix of beautiful colors, this place called “Colored Canyon”. Your hiking trip in this place will be a great experience full of the beauty of mother nature and the amazing mixture of the colored stones.

This piece of art contains lots of colors like Magenta, red, purple, and yellow, this mix will be your background during your hiking trip. For your own information this beautiful place was a result of some natural changes like water erosion, wind, and increasing the Iron percentage in the sandstone.

Shali Fortress

Shali Fortress is a very special ancient fortress, it was built in the 13th century was made from some special material, like karshif, clay, the usual soil at that time which is made up of salt, and fine sand. 

The use of this fortress In ancient times was to be a safe refuge from the enemies’ attacks. Over the years, this fortress stood strong and complete until one day a heavy rain destroyed a big part of it, but we still have the other parts until now to be a great historical site to visit.

Eel Garden

Have you ever heard about a garden under water?! In Egypt you have to visit the Eel Garden, this kind of garden is very unique and special as it is an area off Dahab shore that consist of many small eels showing just their head. This scene will make you feel like they are a tall grass in a field. You can enjoy this beautiful site while snorkeling or diving and get the best experience between the water Eels. 

Egypt is always rich in many gems you never heard about, in this blog, we provided you with only 6 of these gems and we will leave the other for you to discover. The journey in Egypt has a totally different taste. You will learn a lot about history, enjoy the beauty of mother nature, and have fun at the same time. 

Make sure to go on such a journey at least once in your life, cause life worth discovering these hidden gems out there. 

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