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The Alexandria Aquarium experience

The sea is a mystery that we’re still working to discover till today.

To explore what the world has discovered till now, you will enjoy a special tour at the Alexandria Aquarium, as you will find many interesting marine creatures that will make you feel you’re under the sea.

The Alexandria Aquarium was built in 1930 in order to protect and nurture sea creatures. Today, this amazing place receives many daily visits from students and tourists from all over the world to witness the beauty of these marine creatures. You can find this Aquarium at Al-Anfoushi neighborhood in Alexandria, where you will be very close to the famous Citadel of Qaitbay.

Inside the Alexandria Aquarium, there are two exhibition halls contains large basins with rare species of fish and marine creatures in different types and sizes. They have more than 32 basins to create an appropriate environment for each type of creature that lives in them, as the creatures are a mix from the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and fresh water.

Near to the aquarium there is a small museum made specially to present samples from different sea creatures from the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Amazon. You will also can find there some skeletons to different creatures, specially to a very large whale.

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Types of Sea creatures found in the Aquarium

The Alexandria Aquarium hosts many different types of sea creatures like Marine turtle, Octopus, a large array of fish, and crustaceans. All these species are from the Mediterranean and Red seas, plus the fresh water of the Nile river and Amazon.

This place is the only museum in Egypt that presents living creatures for the sake of learning and discovering.

In addition to the living creatures, you can also explore some skeletons for the largest sea creatures, plus a beautiful statue for the sea meth, mermaid.

Unique Design for the Alexandria Aquarium Museum

This museum was originally designed to be a replica of a submarine, with the tubes and rustic walls. You will be able to enjoy the living marine creatures inside their tanks while walking in the corridors in both sides. This experience will make you feel that you’re in a real submarine, and you’re looking from its glass.

Make sure to spend an exceptional experience at the Alexandria Aquarium Museum and enjoy discovering more about the life under the sea. Visiting Egypt has many surprises for you, as you will be able to enjoy all kinds of entertaining in one place and get great information at the same time. Don’t miss this experience at Alexandria city.

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