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Egypt Attractions

Egypt has different packages for you to choose the most interesting and applicable for you, but the classic tour is more comprehensive with the best places you must visit in Egypt.
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What to expect on an Egypt Christmas tour
Here is a full tour of Egypt during the Christmas holiday with the most important cities to visit in Egypt. Discover Egypt with GAT Tours
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Egyptian Grand Museum
We are all eager for the opening of the Egyptian Grand Museum… a masterpiece under construction.  And you should to! The grand museum will be one of the world’s largest archaeological museums.
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Egypt Ancient Sites
You can spend months to visit the most wonderful popular Egypt ancient sites from the ‎Mediterranean and the Red Sea coast to the Sudanese border in the south. Many archaeological ruins are dating back thousands of years. Here are some of the most famous historical and sacred places including top of the ancient Egyptian monuments...
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The most Prominent Cairo Mosques
Cairo, the city of a Thousand Minarets, has many prominent mosques. They are built in different eras, so that, they are characterized by several different distinguished architectural designs. Cairo Mosques are numerous; here, we will mention the most top of them.
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