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The best sites for Medical Tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt is not only for discovering its magical history or just having fun, there are also lots of places in Egypt for the Medical Tourism. There are beautiful natural landscapes that will make you enjoy the view plus get some benefits for both health and psychology. Use the natural materials for your own good, like sand, sea, and sky. 

The land of Pharaohs is full of surprises and the magic in it also related to the Medical part, don’t miss such a great opportunity to get the best out of this experience in Egypt. In this blog we will tell you the following:

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What is Medical Tourism 

Medical tourism is a unique type of tourism that takes a huge amount of attention from the whole world. Egypt hosts many sites that serve this type of tourism, it helps the tourists to get natural remedies based on natural resources.  

These resources include, hot sand, mud, sulfur water baths, and mineral water springs. Egypt is on the top of the best destinations for applying this type of tourism beside Jordan. The goal of Medical tourism is to help tourists in recreation, relaxation, and entertainment with all the various natural resources.

This kind of tourism is also meant to help people to get rid of any physical or mental pain or even to solve some kinds of health problems through natural factors present in the environment.

Medical Tourism destinations in Egypt

Egypt from ancient times is famous for providing curative tourism because of having the natural resources to do so. Egypt has eyes, rivers, and underground and mineral waters, this is plus the soil itself has lots of materials for treating many diseases. 

So this lead us to talk in details about the sites in Egypt that has natural resources for medical tourism:

Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis is located in Assiut city which is on the south of Cairo. This magical site contains many deep wells like Bulaq wells and Nasser wells that help in treating lots of health problems. It can help treat chronic pain, disorders of the digestive system, psoriasis, kidney stones accompanied by renal colic, rheumatic diseases, and skin diseases. 

Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis consists of a group of Egyptian oases, you can find this oasis group in the Western desert related to the Giza government and very close to Alexandria city. 

This magical area is approximately 2000 square kilometers, a huge site like this hosts many water springs to heal the physical and mental pain and it’s surrounded by lots of mountains 

Gabal Dakrour ( Dakrour Mountain)

In the south of Siwa Oasis, there is a mountain called Dakrour Mountain which is famous for the appeality of healing  rheumatic patients through its healing climatic properties with the hot sands since ancient times


Aswan is a wonderful city that is famous for having the best atmosphere for healing patients with kidneys, respiratory system, and rheumatic diseases. There are also two special centers in Aswan that treat with sand and water through burying in the hot sand in a studied scientific manner.

Siwa Oasis

For many years, Siwa Oasis faced a natural depression due to natural erosion factors which caused a total depression area of 1,000 km2 and 18 meters below sea level. 

The latest part of Siwa Oasis is related to the Sand dunes but due to  the leakage of groundwater there are many water springs between sulfur and fresh. There are also some saline lakes which were created because of the salinity of the rocks and the whole area was the bottom of a great sea one day. That’s why Siwa Oasis became one of the most important sites for medical tourism in Egypt. 

Ras Sedr

On the southern part of Sinai Governorate specially on the coast of the Red Sea, you can find Ras Sedr city. This historical city witnessed many important times since the Prophet Moses, Jesus Christ, the Greeks, and the Romans. 

Ras Sedr is now well known for its pure sandy coasts, very calm waters, low in seaweed and sea salt.

Moses pool

In Tor Sinai city which is related to the Sinai Government, Moses pool is located. This magical pool is full of natural water that flows from 5 different eyes. It produces around 20 cubic meters of natural water per day, the temperature of the sulfur water at the Moses pool reaches 37 degrees Celsius so it can help in healing many physical diseases. 

If you’re searching for a destination that provides medical tourism with the best natural resources and low coast, Egypt is the perfect match. Forget all the chemicals treatment and head to the natural one, always return to the beginning of everything and you will find the solution and Egypt is where the beginning of everything is located. How do you think the ancient pharaohs were able to treat themselves, it’s because they used the resources in Egypt soil. Make sure to try the Egyptian sites for your natural treatment.

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