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10 of the best National Parks in Cairo

The hassle of every outing, where to go and where to spend today’s vacation. If you’re one of those who spend their outing time at a restaurant or a cafe, you’re missing lots of fun. You can try a new adventure by visiting Egypt’s National Parks. You will enjoy the fresh air with the green views that will make you relax away from the city’s crowd.

Don’t waste time searching for the best National Parks in Cairo because in this blog you will find about 10 of the best National Parks in Cairo, we’re your guide for the next outing with your friends.

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The Child Museum

When they decided to create a museum for children, they made a cheerful museum with a big garden that will make your kids love the place.

You also have the choice to enter the garden alone without the museum, you can choose your preferences. 

Inside this amazing garden you will find a small zoo which includes some ostriches and a very interesting tent just for butterflies. Although this place is made for an educational purpose, your kids will have the opportunity to have so much fun at the garden. At the garden you will see various statuettes of different animals that used to live in Egypt.

International Park

The international Park in Cairo is a very interesting place to visit, inside this park there are parts of different countries around the world. The flowers, trees, and animals of Park come from different areas of the globe, that’s why they named it the International Park. At the entrance of the park you can see the flags of the countries participating with these plants. 

Inside this park you can enjoy having a tour around this beautiful park with a train in 15 min. There is also a theatre and a mini zoo to make your visit more interesting and full of amazing activities. 

Aquarium Grotto Garden

This one is a great please to spend some relaxing time away from the city’s crowd in the middle of a green area. 

The interesting part of this park is it has a grotto and the area around it can have flea markets and festivals at some times of the year which makes it more interesting. 

This park is located in Zamalek city, very easy to access and to have a very relaxing a quiet time with your beloved people.

Al Horreya Garden

At Zamalek and very near to Cairo Opera House you can find one of the best parks of Cairo, Al Horreya Garden. This unique park hosts about eleven special statues for very important public figures that made a huge difference in their countries and left a great impact.

Let’s know first what is the meaning of Al Horreya, this means freedom. The statues inside the park some of them are from Egypt like Ahmed Shawky, Talaat Harb Basha, and Hafez Ibrahim. You can google the name of each one to know more about those great men. Also there are lots of unique statues from different countries, part of them was a gift to Egypt. These countries are Latin-American countries, or  Mexico, Ecuador, and Venezuela. 

What a fruitful park full of amazing green areas and important statues for great men around the world. 

Al-Andalus Garden

Al-Andalus Park was built in 1935 by Zulfaqar Basha in order to be part of the royal mansion of Khedive Ismail which made it very unique among the other parks in Cairo. 

This park also can be known as El Tahrir Garden but today it’s famous for the name Al-Andalus Garden and this is because it was made based on the Andalusian-architectural style and this is clear for you to see on the entrance design.

Inside Al-Andalus Garden you can find lots of unique Statues for Pharaohs, lions, and the famous Prince of Poets “Ahmed Shawky”.  During your tour inside the park enjoying nature and Nile view, you will see various types of palm trees and some beautiful pergolas covered with vine. A tour that is full of relaxing features for your soul.

Orman Garden

The Orman Park is the must visit location during the spring and fall plant exhibitions because the park becomes full of life and amazing colors. The location of the park is very near to Ain Shams university which is in the middle of the crowds.  

You can find various shops in the entire garden so you can purchase your favorite items more easily.

Gezira Island

Located in the Nile in Central Cairo, three bridges connect Gezira Island across the river. The island was first called “Garden of Plants” because it had a unique variety of plants from all over the world. The northern part—known as Zamalek—is one of Cairo’s most-affluent districts and one of the most-appealing attractions to tourists as well as Egyptians. Besides the natural beauty and the green areas on the island, there are a lot of places to visit like the Cairo Tower, the Cairo Opera House, and the Gezira Sporting Club. It also headquarters many embassies and businesses, the best hotels, and the finest schools, which is why the island is a very attractive place to visit in Cairo.

Al-Azhar Park

Often dubbed Egypt’s most ‘romantic’ spot for its endless couples who exchange sweet words under trees or seated on benches, Azhar park really is a wonder to behold.

Location wise, the park overlooks the Citadel, as well as the ‘city of the dead’ quite literally as it is located smack in the heart of the city’s cemeteries.

With a few restaurants as well as random fountains, the park is to be avoided during national holidays as it gets packed. However, during the spring and the fall, it’s a lovely place for a picnic with friends.

In the summer in particular, the park holds various concerts as it is equipped with spaces just for performances.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden, located in Helwan, Cairo, was built in 1917 by the Egyptian architect Zulfaqar Basha to represent cultures of the East. Full of fish ponds, hills, canals, and diverse trees the garden is most famous for its unique statues. For example, more than 30 Buddha statues—including the famous seated Buddha statue over a Lotus flower—and three statues of elephants adorn the garden. A lake there contains a statue of the three wise monkeys and their proverbial principle: “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”. In front of that lake stands another statue of a master sitting with 48 students to teach them Buddhism. Along with the statues, the garden also has a promenade flanked by lanterns, a tall pagoda—a Buddhist temple—and a gazebo where some bands perform.

Family Park

The Family Park is one of Cairo’s newest parks. Located on the Suez Road in New Cairo, the park offers many ways to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as amuse children. Activities inside the park can be categorized into two groups: educational and entertaining. An educational center has buildings that look like Bibliotheca of Alexandria, the Giza Zoo, and the Martial Museum; all to give knowledge to children. There are also several theaters where kids can perform to the park’s visitors. In addition, the park displays various infotainment movies in its 3D cinema. On the entertainment side, the park has its own mini zoo and safari plaza where kids can see ostriches, ducks, deer, and other animals as well as explore different types of plants. A train takes visitors on a tour around the park and through a lighthouse where riders can see panoramic views of the park.

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