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The long-awaited opening of the Grand Museum in Egypt

Let’s start counting down for the big opening ceremony of the Grand Egyptian Museum. Finally, we will be able to enjoy the masterpiece of ancient Egyptian history. 

The Museum is now about 96.5% completed and in this blog, we will provide you with all the updated news and information about this incredible building that has the opening due in 2021.

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What is Inside the Grand Museum

You will definitely get shocked by the number of historical pieces inside the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) as it will hold more than 100,000 artifacts including about 3,000 pieces belong just to king Tutankhamun. 

There will be Tutankhamun galleries with a replica of his tomb to give you the whole experience for the most famous tomb in Egypt. What is more unique in this Museum is that the galleries will be bigger 60 times than the original tomb, this will include Tutankhamun’s outer coffin and the inner coffins.

You will get the chance to visit all these incredible artifacts in the year 2021. The GEM opening was due in 2020 but it kept dealing many times because of lots of events and the COVID-19 was one of them. 

This amazing building took about 8 years to be finished as it built on 490,000 square meters, its designer was Dublin-based architects Heneghan Peng

The GEM features and design 

This is not an ordinary museum it has very unique panoramic views of the pyramids of Giza. Inside the museum, you will find the main artifact located in the atrium as a huge statue of Ramses the Great, beside the grand staircase you will find about 87 statues of the greatest pharaohs in ancient Egypt with the Egyptian gods.

This great building will not only include the historical part, but it will also hold more than 28 shops, 10 restaurants, one big conference hall, and one cinema for the fun part and interaction.

The opening ceremony of the GEM

A great museum like this of course needs a great ceremony for its opening. The major general Mr. Atef Moftahor estimates that the museum can host about 2 to 3 million guests during the first year of the opening ceremony and in the long term it can host more than 8 million per year.

In Egypt, they’re preparing to invite lots of the countries leaders around the world to attend the opening ceremony of the Grand Museum.

It takes almost 20 years to finish building such a great piece of art, the Grand Egyptian Museum will open its doors in 2021 to all the human being from all over the world to discover everything about ancient Egypt and to enjoy the royalty atmosphere of the Egyptian kings. 

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