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Things to do in Luxor (Egypt) to Have Unforgettable Trip


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Luxor, the city of Thebes was the ancient capital of Egypt; many historical and ancient sites are located there. 

It has the main attractions of Egypt which fascinate any visitor. You will hardly get bored in this city of miracles.

There are many things to do in Luxor and there are many places to go to. ‎

This article reviews the Luxor top attractions including museums and temples. Besides, you will know which activities you can do and where you can stay to enjoy sightseeing.

Unique Things to Do in Luxor


Visiting Top Attractions 

Temple of Karnak

Temple of Karnak is one of the main attractions in Luxor; it is like a small city that contains many amazing temples and buildings such as the Great Temple of Amun, ‎the Temple of Khons, and ‎the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III. You will stay not less than 2 hours trying to discover this superb large temple enjoying the wonderful monuments, sanctuaries, sphinxes, obelisks, columns, and pylons among ‎other ancient ‎buildings.

Abu Simple Temple

Abu Simbel is an Egyptian house of a collection of splendid ancient Egyptian monuments, especially, temples. The two temples of Ramses II are the most famous temples there; they were carved out of the mountainside throughout the reign of Pharaoh Ramses. You can wander in the hall which contains massive statues of Ramses II. There are also sophisticated carvings on the walls and a room at the back with four statues.


Luxor Temple

The Luxor Temple was considered a sacred temple established in the 14th century BC by Amenhotep III. ‎It is located on the east bank of the River Nile in the ancient city of Thebes. It is one of the most beautiful temples narrating the story of the ancient Thebes from the Old Kingdom right up to the Islamic ‎Period. This huge temple has ‎manifested archways and giant statues.‎

It also includes the oratories of the gods with their corridors and secondary rooms as well as an enormous Hypostyle Hall and the open Peristyle Court. The two Royal Mummies of Ahmose I and what is ‎believed to be Ramses are located in two rooms on the ground floor.

You will enjoy seeing the different sanctuaries and monuments which reflect each era and each rule existed in that temple. Entertain your eyes by watching elegant exhibit of incantation and silver bowls.

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is a famous great burial site situated behind the Theban hills. It included tombs for many popular pharaohs such as Ramses I, Tutankhamen, and ‎Amenhotep and about other 62 ancient pharaohs.  Its splendid bright wall paintings will verily catch your eyes.

Its tombs were ornamented by scriptures and sights ‎that reflect the pharaoh’s death trip giving them instructions. These tombs are preserved from any spoil through opening them regularly.


‎Temple of Deir al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple)

Temple of Deir el-Bahri is an adorable temple situated at the foot of the limpid ridges ‎bordering the ‎desert hills. You will view its sandstone stand ‎out against ‎the golden yellow to light brown rocks behind. The greatness of the temple lies in its establishment on 3 porches sloping upward, attached by ramps and divided into north and south part. Each porch has a row of columns. In the temple; richen your eyes by massive splendid statues, reliefs, and inscriptions.

Habu Temple

Medinet Habu is a huge temple complex considered the second large temple in its size after the Karnak Temple. It is situated on the West Bank of Luxor. Enjoy your visit by seeing its magnificent wall carvings and amazing ancient paints on several columns; especially, in the Peristyle hall.

The temple also contains a small older temple established during the 18th dynasty as well as the great temple of Ramses III attached to a royal palace. You will also be delighted with seeing the reliefs viewing on the West Bank.

Dendera Temple (Hathor Temple)

Dandera is one of the stunning sites that entice tourists as it includes some of the best-preserved ancient Egyptian ruins such as temples, tombs, and a Christian chapel. Hathour Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the Dendera complex; it has a grand entrance, remarkably detailed carvings, hieroglyphs, and decorated ceilings.


Tombs of the Nobles

Recognize the late daily life of the ancients while visiting the Tombs of the Nobles which comprise of about 400 tombs of different notables. The ‎tomb paintings show scenes from Egyptian daily life and their routine, their family, work, etc.

They are not like the other tombs which often show the dead guidance into the afterlife. It is worthy to visit the Tomb of Sennofer and Tomb of ‎Rekhmire because they have amazing detailed paintings expressing scenes from the ancient daily life.

Colossi of Mamnon

If you walk beside the road that extends from the Valley of the Queens and Medinet Habu, you will see the popular colossal statues known as the Colossi of Memnon. They express Amenophis III settled on a throne. The statues are engraved with yellowish-brown sandstone. 

A part of the South Colossus base is buried under the sand; so that, its preservation is better than the north one. The North Colossus is known as “musical statue,” you will enjoy a musical note emitted from the statue at sunrise. This gave rise to the myth that Memnon was welcoming his mother with this lenient nostalgic note.


Mummification Museum

This fascinating museum will take you on a strange scientific trip as you will know the processes beyond the ancient Egyptian ‎practice of mummification in a series of well-set-out and informative shows.

The ‎museum contains actual mummies whether human or animal as well as and the tools used in the mummification process such as the ‎spatulas which were utilized to scrape the dead person’s brains out. It is a very useful museum, especially, for those who seek to know more about the burial practices of the pharaohs.


Things to Do in Luxor at Night

Felucca Ride to Banana Island

Stay your day in visiting temples and tombs but relax yourself at night by taking a felucca ride to Banana Island which is five kilometers from Luxor. This island is ‎a small palm-shaded island-filled with ‎treasures of the West and East Bank.

Activities to Do at Luxor

Ballooning at sunrise in Luxor

You can do many activities in Luxor such as ballooning which is one of the town’s most popular activities. However, choose the perfect time to do that; sunrise will be the perfect time. Many sights at Luxor opens very earlier at 6 a.m.; so that, you can have an amazing whole view of the west bank ‎with its temples and village farmland folded between the cliffs. All the balloons start to take off after ‎sunrise.


Where to Stay in Luxor for Sightseeing

There are many hotels where you can stay during your visit. It is preferable to choose a place that you can enjoy the sight and easily access the monumental sites; however, we will review different types of hotels whether luxury hotels or mid-range ones or economic hotels to help you decide.


Luxury Hotels

Sofitel Winter Palace is the oldest hotel in Luxor and also the most ranking one. It includes rich gardens, swimming pools and one of the best restaurants ‎in Luxor. You can also enjoy ‎Spa its wonderful spa and its pool ‎overlooking the Nile.‎

Mid-Range Hotels

The Jolie Ville Hotel & Spa – Kings Island is located ‎on a special island on the Nile. You will enjoy the abundance of features such as ‎gorgeous grounds, three outdoor pools, tennis courts, and a fitness center.

Economic Hotels

The Nefertiti Hotel is one of the best choices of the economic hotels in Luxor. You will be pleased with its friendly staff, roof terrace, restaurant, and clean rooms.


Luxor is considered an open-air museum that adorn any tour visit to Egypt and make you really enjoy it‎. Many things you can do in Luxor such as visiting unique monumental popular sites, making a nile cruise and experiencing new activities. Your visit to Luxor will be an unforgettable memo; particularly, if you stay in a suitable hotel.

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