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11 Egyptian festivals to enjoy in 2022

If you put Egypt in your traveling list for next year, you better check the festivals that happened during the year in Egypt to have the best experience and attend all the cultural festivals.

In this blog we will give you the guide of the most interesting festivals that will happen in Egypt along the year and you can choose what you want to attend. Make sure to save the date and book your ticket directly after reading this blog.

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Wafaa Al Nil

Egyptians know exactly the importance of the great Nile River And as a tradition since ancient Egypt, they celebrate Wafaa Al Nil or Fidelity of the Nile festival every year in the month of September. This festival is a cultural festival that contains many concerts, poetry readings, and events that reflect the importance of the Nile River for all the children.

Mawlid An Nabi

Mawlid An Nabi is one of the important Islamic festivals in Egypt that refers to the birth of Prophet Muhammad. They celebrate such festivals by family togethering and Enjoying some traditional foods and sweets that are only made in Mawlid An Nabi festival, you must try it yourself.

Sun Festival

At Abu Simbel temple in Egypt there is an architectural miracle that happens twice a year, in February and October. At that time of the year the sun rays drop at the statues of Ra, Ramses and Amun to enlighten them and leave only the statue of Ptah the goddess of darkness in the dark in a breathtaking scene that you can’t miss this year.

Eid Al Ghetass

Another religious festival in Egypt related to christianity which is Eid Al Ghetass to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ. All Egyptians celebrate this festival by having some gatherings and eating special foods and sweets that are cooked mainly at this time of the year.


Ramadan is one of the most famous Islamic months that creates wonderful vibes in the whole of Egypt that you can’t miss. During this month, Muslims avoid any kind of food or drink and they fast from sunrise to sunset and on the breakfast they cook lots of delicious food and sweets made specially at this month. The most interesting thing about Ramadan in Egypt is the beautiful decorations in the streets and Daily late nights as all the streets are awake.

Sham el Nessim

Sham el Nessim is one of the few festivals that still exists from the ancient Egyptian time. All Egyptians celebrate this festival to welcome the spring as Sham el Nessim means the smell of spring. On this day all Egyptians go for outdoor picnics at the beautiful parks of Egypt, they also eat a very special food on this day like a specially made salted fish, colored eggs, and lots of onions.

Some people also enjoy that day in the middle of the Nile by using motorboats or they can spend it at Al Kanater El Khairia to ride horses or rent QW bikes. Sham Al Naseem is that day when everyone is happy and enjoys the fresh air.

Art festival

This Art festival in Egypt is celebrated from August 24 to 31. It is one of the largest art festivals in the Arab world. Besides these festivals and traditions, the most important event in Egypt is Ramadan or Ramzan as it is named in some countries. Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam is also called Ramadan. It is regarded as the most blessed and spiritually beneficial month of the Islamic year. Ramadan or Ramzan has a special flavor among the events of Egypt. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout Egypt, as well as in other Muslim countries. Many Muslim tourists visit Egypt during Ramadan.

Coptic Christmas in Egypt

The Coptic Christmas in Egypt is celebrated on January 7 to celebrate the birth of Christ based on the Orthosox church calculations. The whole Egyptians not only christians celebrate the Christmas vibes in the streets with decorations and cheerful vibes starting from the new year’s eve. They also eat special food on January 7 which is garlic, rice, and meat dishes, for the sweets they make Kahk which is an Egyptian sweet cookie.

The Christmas vibes in Egypt are breathtaking. There will be all kinds of celebrations and you can choose your favorite or you can try a new way everyday.

Egyptian National Day

Every country has a National Day to enjoy the glory and the vector of their history. The National day of Egypt is on October 06 when they celebrate the victory of the Egyptians over Israel during the Yom Kippur War. The army celebrates this day by performing parades and amazing air shows and there are some special shows made to entertain the people as this day is of course a national holiday.

Eid Fitr

Regarding the religious festivals in Egypt, Eid Fitr is one of the most important ones. The Egyptians celebrate Eid Fitr in a three-day festival at the end of Ramadan fast.

The cheerful vibes fill the Egyptian streets these days when the family gathering and holiday outings are applied. The whole of Egypt is full of beautiful and charity vibes at that time of the year.

Eid al Adha

Another religious festival in Egypt related to islam which is Eid al Adha. This festival came after the Ramadan festival with around 70 days when the Egyptians celebrate Abraham’s sacrifice of a sheep in place of his son. This festival is full of charity work and distributing food like meat for all the people. This is plus the family gatherings to spend the festival with the people you love.

Egyptians love to always celebrate, gather with their beloved people, and spread charity and kindness for the purpose of celebrating. Those were only a part of the Egyptian festivals along the year and there is much more to know about during your visit in Egypt. So choose the most interesting festival for you and book your ticket to Egypt at that time to witness a new festival in a new land.

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