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Camping and Bedouin nights in Egypt

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I believe you’ve experienced Camping in the woods and the trees covering your head, but you never tried camping in the desert with the charming view of the lighting stars and the fresh air at night. 

Have you ever heard about the Bedouin? In this article we will tell you everything about the camping life and the amazing Bedouin nights in the desert.

What camping in Egypt looks like

Camping in the desert of the Pharaohs Land has a different taste, you will be spending a couple of special nights in a huge empty land. 

This place will clear your mind from any stress and will change your daily routine as you can enjoy some meditation sessions, have fresh air around you, and under a clear sky. 

You will also have the chance to share some special moments and beautiful scenery with your family or friends by being closer to nature. 

Camping in Egypt is kinda special as each camping spot in Egypt has unique feature that will amaze you, 

Some spots are full of amazing high dunes to double the fun, others have different colors than the yellow sand. 

There are also other camping spots near to lakes and natural water sources to give you a fascinating view with the water in the middle of the sand. And some have huge mountains with Stunning views to wake up on. 

The matching point with all these spots is that all can have charming Bedouin nights at night. 

What to do in the Bedouin nights

A part of your Camping night, you will get the chance to experience all the Bedouin lifestyle including food, music, dances, clothes and even drinks. 

Bedouins are a group of Egyptians who live most of their lives in the desert, they have special habits in every detail of their daily life. They know the desert very well and they have a super power of never getting lost in the desert even if it is very wide and all directions are the same. 

That’s why Bedouins will be your guide during your adventure in the desert and they will host you in a Bedouin night to live their interesting life at least once. 

They will first offer you Bedouin dinner at a camp set up on their own way which will be in a tent and present in low tables while they’re wearing jalabiya and a black and white scarf around their heads. Then after this charming Dinner they will serve you a special kind of tea while you’re enjoying their music and dances. 

Have you wondered how the food will be cooked in the desert? Yes, they also have their own way. You will be having the most delicious dinner which is a grilled Chicken and kofta that is cooked directly on the coal, this is beside rice and potatoes also cooked from the coal heat too. If you’re one of the bread lovers, the Bedouin bread will steal your heart as it is freshly baked, from the oven directly to you. 

This experience is like a fretale, you will live a totally different life than yours and enjoy other people’s habits and try their food. An adventure you can’t miss.

How to enjoy your Desert trip

As Egypt contains the greatest seas, it also has the greatest and largest deserts in the world Where you can experience the best activities to get some fun and enjoy different kinds of adventures. 

Inside these deserts you will have the chance to try riding the ship of the desert, Camels, and tour the desert. You will enjoy watching the sunset in the desert as it’s totally different from the sunset in the sea, it’s full of amazing views and colors. 

You can also have some fun by trying Sandboarding on the dunes of the Egyptian deserts. You will get a totally different feeling than having it on the snow. There is also a golden chance to go hiking to the top of the famous Sinai mountain or any other mountain in Egypt, this will be a crazy adventure adding to your life some fun. 

Don’t miss trying to tour the desert in a 4×4 Jeep that will help you to climb up the dunes, and drive along its crest. This will be a very exciting experience as you will discover the secrets of the desert in an adventurous way. 

In the Egyptian Desert you have lots and lots of activities to enjoy such a great adventure. 

The Egyptian Desert trips are full of great adventures, you can experience all of them at your camping in the middle of the desert. This place can’t be found elsewhere except the middle east and especially in Egypt, leave the snow and the cold weather and come to try another feeling of warm weather and the soft sand. Let’s spice up the adventures by visiting Egypt.

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