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Sandboarding in the desert of Egypt

You may have tried skating before and enjoyed the frozen weather but have you ever tried the opposite activity? 

Sandboarding is exactly the same as Skating but in the warming sand where you will enjoy the freedom at the other side of the world.

To know more about Sandboarding in the desert of Egypt you need to continue reading this blog

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What is Sandboarding 

Sandboarding is a fun activity where you will feel the freedom of skating on the soft warm sand. Sand has some extra functions than snow as it’s more safe and the riders can control their speed most of the time. It’s more fun and less dangerous than snow. 

While enjoying sandboarding, you will climb a small hill and use your own board then start skating down this soft sand. This process is not dangerous at all, the only difficulty you will face if you fall is to get the sand out of your clothes.

A safe, fun, and warming activity like this should be on the top of your To-Do list. 

Sandboarding locations in Egypt

Egypt has two of the biggest deserts in the world which means you will find here the best sandboarding spots in the world. Whatever sandboarding spot you will choose, you will enjoy its stunning natural landscapes beside the tons of fun you will gain from this activity. 

To know more about each spot in Egypt you need to check the below list: 

Gharb Soheil Village – Aswan

On the west bank of The River Nile you will find The Gharb Soheil Nubian Village where you will enjoy Sandboarding. Your Sandboarding will be in the Nubian Desert with a great tour to the “AnaKato Nubian Houses”. 

You can reach this sand spot from Cairo through a one-hour flight then 15 minutes from Aswan International Airport or you can choose to reach it by boat in 25 minutes and by Car in 30 minutes. 

Hurghada Desert – Hurghada

Near to the Red Sea shores you can find The Hurghada desert where you will be using it’s soft sand to enjoy sandboarding. At Hurghada desert you will also be able to do more fun activities like quad biking and camel riding.

Sinai Desert – Sharm El-Sheik / Dahab

Very near to Dahab and Sharm El-Sheik city you can find the peninsula of Sinai, this place contains the famous Sinai desert. This desert has lots of high sand dunes like the Haduda sand dune with 150m high and el-Safra dune that is very close to Wadi Arada. 

The best part of touring the Sinai desert is reaching it with a 4×4 vehicle where the fun and adventure will begin. Once you arrive, let the freedom begin and get on your board. 

Western Desert – Bahariya Oasis

In the middle of the Western Egyptian Desert there is the Bahariya Oasis which is one of the natural depressions and a perfect spot for sandboarding with lots of large dunes  surrounding it. 

You can easily reach the Bahariya Oasis from Cairo and Giza as it’s not that far. 

Great Sand Sea – Siwa Oasis

If you’re looking for the best spot for sandboarding in Egypt, the Great Sand Sea is your number one choice as this place has spectacular golden sandhills with many dunes of all shapes and sizes that reach 140 meters tall, this means there is extra fun. 

The Great Sand Sea near Siwa is considered the world’s third largest dune field. That’s why it’s your best choice.

Wadi El-Rayan – Fayoum

If you’re searching for a spot with sand desert and some water spots, Wadi El Rayan valley exists in Egypt. You can find this charming spot to the southwest of Fayoum city, it’s famous for having lots of lakes and waterfalls in the middle of the desert. You will be enjoying sandboarding with this beautiful view. 

What else you can do in the Desert

Egypt’s deserts are not only for Sandboarding activities, you can do tons of tours and activities inside this huge desert sea. Here is a summary about what you can do in The Egyptian Desert: 

  • You can go on a Safari tour to discover the secrets of the deserts and the great feeling of the adventure. 
  • There are also great chances to enjoy the beduin nights where you will eat, dance, and listen to beduin music.
  • You will have the opportunity to ride lots of things in the desert like riding camels, the king of the desert, Horses, and 4×4 cars or motorcycles.
  • Camping is the best experience to discover the reality of the desert, as you will sleep on the yellow sand and under tons of stars, plus experiencing the desert in the morning and at night, believe me there is a huge difference. 

All these interesting activities will make you take amazing pictures to save these adventures and remember each and every second in this tour. 

The Egyptian desert is like a treasure, with each step you will reveal lots of secrets and fun.  Don’t ever miss the adventurous sandboarding in the deserts of Egypt and discovering what is inside this huge desert sea.

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