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Your guide for the Best Time to Visit Egypt In 2022/2023 from the US

If you’re wondering what is the best time to visit Egypt from the weather side, the seasons, and the interesting events, you’re in the right place, as we will introduce you to each and every detail about Egypt all over the year, and you choose the time that suits you the best.  

Whatever your favorite time is, you will definitely find it in Egypt, as the weather is different in many places in Egypt and each place has its own beauty.  So follow the below bog carefully to know everything about Egypt’s best time in 2022/2023.

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Egypt’s weather forecast in 2022/2023

Egypt as a whole country has different cities with a variety of weather temperatures. The usual temperature of Egypt varies from 37 °C to 14 °C, it’s hot in summer and somehow cold in winter, especially at night. The lowest temperature in winter can reach 9 °C and in summer 23 °C. Along the coasts, the temperature is moderate because of the fresh air coming from the seas, and Egypt has 2 seas and a very long Nile River that provides the country with an amazing atmosphere all year. You just need to choose the suitable city for each time of the year, and you will always enjoy your time.

The Best Time to Visit Egypt during the 4 seasons in 2023

For each season, you will find a suitable city with the best atmosphere to enjoy your vacation and discovery more about this beautiful place.

In general, the best time to visit Egypt is from October to April, but you will find below where to go during the 4 seasons and their main celebrations to enjoy your time to the max in Egypt:

Spring in Egypt, Period from 20th of March to 20th of June

Spring in Egypt is the king of all seasons, as the weather is perfect, and you will be able to explore the whole of Egypt in a smooth atmosphere.

Plus having a fresh and sunny atmosphere during winter, you will also get the chance to celebrate one of the famous Egyptian events at that time, which is “Sham Elnessim”. This event came directly after celebrating the Easter, all Egyptians spend the day out in the public gardens or along the Nile, and eat special traditional food. The main meal of “Sham Elnessim” is “Renga and Fesikh” which is a salty fish prepared in special way, beside the green onions, and boiled eggs for kids to color them.

The vibes of Easter and Sham Elnessim in Egypt is priceless, you will live the spring experience like you’ve never lived before.

Summer in Egypt, Period from 20th of June to 22nd of September

As we all know, Summer in Egypt is somehow hot, but this won’t prevent you from enjoying the Egyptian experience as there are plenty of summer activities you can do in Egypt.

Egypt is located between 2 of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Red and the Mediterranean Sea. You can choose your favorite beaches and resorts to live the summer vibes on your own style and enjoy the Egyptian touch for your summer vacation.

Summer in Egypt is way different from any other summer vacations you had before.

Autumn in Egypt, Period from 22nd of September to 21st of December

Visiting Egypt in Autumn is a perfect choice as visiting in Spring. The weather and the prices at this season is beyond amazing. You will get the chance to enjoy the best experience of the Nile Cruises to pass by all the great historical sites of Egypt.

You will sail down the Nile like ancient kings and visit each location on the banks of the Nile that belongs to the ancient Egyptians.

Winter in Egypt, Period from 21st of December to 21st of March”

Winter is the most famous season between all the tourists and their favorite. During this season in Egypt, you will enjoy celebrating the Christmas and new year vibes in different way.

The Egyptian Coptic celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January directly after the new year celebration, that’s why all the Egyptian streets and cafés will be full of the Christmas decorations and having Santa’s costumes.

There is also a unique event happen during this season which is the Abu Simbel Sun Festival. This event only twice every year, on the 22nd of February and the 22nd of October. The temple is located in Aswan, and on these 2 days the sunlight reflects on King Ramses II and the statues of the sun god, which presents the magical architecture of the temple. These 2 days are very special days to king Ramses, the 22nd of February is the anniversary of his ascension to the throne, and the 22nd of October is the anniversary of his birthday. A great king deserves a fascinating and unusual temple.

Activities to enjoy during your visit to Egypt in 2023

One of the most famous and interesting activities to do in Egypt is the Nile Cruising. 

The Nile Cruise will allow you to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the fresh air and the clear sky above you with the crystal stars at night. While relaxing on board, you will also get the chance to explore the most popular ancient sites of Egypt. The best time to do this amazing activity will be from February to April or from October to November.

From June to September, this is the best time for all the beach activities, you can enjoy your summer at one of the fancy resorts of the Red Sea and discover the world under the sea. Beside the water activities, you can enjoy chilling on the beach sand and get tanned or spend some memorable time playing with your family and friends

Visiting the Western Desert is a whole different experience that you can’t miss. Make sure to visit Egypt from February to April or from September to November when the weather is kinda cold to be able to try a desert safari and live the Bedouin experience in a night party or a barbecue dinner. 

In each season, Egypt has a different taste. Choose in which taste you want to try Egypt in 2023. 

Egyptian Festival & Events in 2022/2023

The most famous local event in Egypt is the holy month of Ramadan. During this month, all the Egyptian Muslims practice religious rituals such as prayer and fasting from dawn to dusk, as well as providing a lot of humanitarian aid. All Egyptians during Ramadan enjoy the family and friends gathering and eating food together, especially at breakfast time, which is after dusk. At the end of the holy month of Ramadan, there are many festivals and celebrations in all the Egyptian streets as they enjoy the holiday of Eid El-Fitr.

There is also another outstanding EID that Egyptians celebrate in Egypt, which is the Eid Al-Adha. In this Eid, they honored the sacrifice of Ibrahim with his son as obedience to the command of Allah, and instead of sacrificing his son, Allah send him a lamb. So every year, Muslims all around the world spend 4 days of holiday to celebrate this Eid. 

Egyptians find a way to celebrate and enjoy the time all over the year, and that’s why you will always find your entertainment in Egypt at any season. All that you have to do is to read this article very carefully and choose your own favori

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