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7 food dishes in special Egyptian occasion

For your records, Egypt is on the top of the list for the best cuisines in the world. In Egypt there is a special plate for every event, you will not only enjoy the traditions for each festival but also you will try a special food made just for this occasion. There are many plates in Egypt that you can’t find anywhere else, you will taste some delicious food that you will never forget.

It says that you can remember the places with the food taste you have tried there, and I guarantee you will never forget Egypt in your whole life because of its delicious food on different occasions. In this blog we will tell you what Egyptians eat in every occasions:

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Sham El Nessim (Easter)

Sham El Nessim is celebrated in Egypt every year since ancient Egyptians as they consider this day as the beginning of Spring, agriculture and fertility season. Through the years, all Egyptians celebrate this day on the second day of Easter to enjoy the beginning of Spring at many beautiful parks in Egypt. Egyptians created special plates to eat it on Sham El Nessim and these plates are Salted Fish created from different types of fish and made in different ways called (Fesikh, Renga & Melou7a). Egyptians eat all these plates beside lettuce and onions. This will be a huge different experience for you and you definitely have to try these plates once in your life.


Ramadan is the holiest month for all the Egyptian Muslims and has the most interesting vibes for the whole Egyptians desbit the religion. That’s why the Egyptians created some plates for this month specially. They made some sweet plates made only in Ramadan called katayef (a specialty made pancakes) and Konafa which can be stuffed with different delicious desserts like mangoes, dates, and Nutella. There are also some other sweets you can eat in Ramadan like Basbousa and Om Ali with Creme Brulee.


After enjoying the unique sweets during the month of Ramadan, you will reach the end of the month to enjoy the sweets of Eid El fitr. The Egyptians celebrate Eid El fitr by eating another delicious sweet called Kahk (sugar cookies) made with special ingredients. The preferred moment for the Egyptians in this feast is to enjoy the Kahk beside a warm cup of tea after a delicious oriental breakfast.


Another religious festival in Egypt that has special plates made on that day. Eid El Adha is a very important event for all muslims that honors Ibrahim’s sacrifice of his son, Ismail, to obey God but then God replaced him with a sheep. That’s why Egyptians buy a sheep at that event to divide it between the poor people, the family and neighbors, and the last part for the owners of the sheep. With the sheep meat, Egyptians create many delicious plates like Fattah (Meat, rice, and tomato sauce) Also there is a plate called Kebda (made with the sheep liver). All these delicious plates have a taste that you will never forget with the Egyptian spices.

Mouled El-Nabi

Egyptians don’t leave a single occasion without making a special food for it. Mouled El-Nabi or the birth of Prophet Muhammad also have a special sweets that made only at that time. Egyptians celebrate Mouled El-Nabi with specially made sweets like Homosseya, ladida, malban, nougat, semsemya, and lots of unique and delicious sweets. Check the below photos to know what Mouled El-Nabi sweets looks like.

Tasuaa and Ashura

The Hijri calendar is an islamic calendar that all the islamic occasions depend on. The 9th and 10th of Muharram (one of Hijri calendar months) is a special day for muslims in Egypt (called Tasuaa and Ashura) which refers to the time when Prophet Moses and his people fast to thank God for saving them from the pharaoh and drawing him in the red sea. That’s why Egyptians celebrate that day by creating a homemade sweet called Ashoura (It’s a plate made of wheat, milk, sugar, starch, zebib, and some special nuts on top.

Eid El-Ghetas (Epiphany)

The occasion of Jesus’ Baptism or (Epiphany) is a very important event in Egypt and they celebrate it on their own. On January 19th, the christians in Egypt celebrate Eid El-Ghetass with special prayers in the church then they return home to create a very unique plate for this occasion which is colocasia and then they have the sugar cane as the dessert. They cook colocasia in a delicious Egyptian recipe that will never taste it anywhere else, and the way of eating the sugar cane with family gathering is a priceless moment.

As you saw, Egyptians have a plate for each festival or event they want to celebrate which makes the Egyptian cuisine one of the most unique foods in the whole world. You will not enjoy the Egyptian festivals alone, your stomach will dance with joy from this tasty food all around you.

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