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Egypt Christmas Food

christmes in egypt
egypt food for christmas
How Egyptians celebrate Christmas

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Your Christmas vacation in Egypt is so special, you will see this in the kinds of food they eat on Christmas, the celebration traditions, and much more. 

What makes Christmas special in Egypt 

Christmas in Egypt is special because of 3 main reasons.

  1. The first reason is that Egyptians celebrate Christmas two times, the first one is like the other countries on the 25th of December and the second time on the 7th of January. 
  2. The second reason is the Christmas day for Christians in Egypt is different than the other countries, they celebrate Christmas day on the 7th of January based on the Christian Orthodox. 
  3. The third and the most important reason is that Christmas is the only religious feast that gathers all Egyptians to Muslims and Christians to celebrate it, this is because of the Egyptian Muslims count it as the beginning of New Year based on the Gregorian calendar. 

That’s why Christmas has to be special in Egypt.

What makes Christmas special in Egypt 

How Egyptians Celebrate Christmas

Christians celebration on Christmas Eve is like, spending the whole night in the churches to have a special liturgy that starts from 10:30 pm and continues until midnight.

Then they go home for a very big meal that contains all the delicious Egyptian food as a celebration and the next day they start to visit families and friends with the sweats feast as a gift in their hands.

This is how Christians celebrate Christmas, but all Egyptians celebrate this day also by decorating the streets and stores with colors and lights to have the Christmas spirit in every place you visit.

How Egyptians celebrate Christmas

Christmas Food in Egypt

After Christians finish their prayers, they go home and prepare a big meal that contains all kinds of Egyptian food that they didn’t eat for about 43 days.

This meal contained a famous dish in Egypt which is the “Fata” a lamp soup with some rice and bread topped with red sauce and garlic plus the lamp meat, on the same table there are also many other meals like chicken, pasta and much more. 

On the second-day people start to visit their families and friends with some sweats that made especially for Christmas feast like “Kahk and biscuits” and many other items made in a very special way that makes it very tasty. 

Not only the Christians made these kinds of sweats, but all the Egyptians also made these sweats as a tradition to celebrate their feasts.

egypt food for christmas
fattah traditional christmas food in egypt

Christmas food or Christmas day in Egypt can’t be described, you have to try it yourself. Make sure to spend your next Christmas in Egypt and make this year distinct from previous years. Book your next trip to Egypt and don’t miss this experience.

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