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12+ Cairo Travel Tips - The Ultimate Guide to Enjoy Your Visit to Egypt


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First time to Egypt? 

You most probably wonder “What I need to know before visiting this country?”

You might ask your friends and family members who have been to Egypt before, or even search the internet. 

One thing for sure is that you will find countless answers and recommendations.

That’s why we gathered the most important tips you need to know before travelling in one place.

These Egypt travel tips will help you to have a comprehensive overview of all you should know before your visit including the best time to visit Egypt, how to get around Cairo, where to stay as well as the Egyptian culture, language and food. 

Safety tips are the most important you should know about to have a wonderful trip without any disturbance.

 Visiting Egypt will leave a lasting awesome impression on you; especially, if you consider these tips which will make you safely enjoy.

Airport Tips

Firstly, when you arrive at Cairo Airport, you should get your visa if you have not got it before; you will get it easily and smoothly. It is recommended to have a local SIM card to enjoy free calls and good internet speed. Thus, you will find at the airport, out of the arrival hall, the booths of the three mobile phone providers in Egypt: Vodafone, Etisalat and Orange. Secondly, you should know how to get out of the Cairo airport to the center, you will find some buses linking Cairo airport to the downtown and you will find also taxis but it will be better if you agree with the driver on a fair price for this journey. 

Excellent Time to Visit Egypt

You should choose a perfect time to visit Egypt. It is known that December and January are often the peak months of tourism; however, it is suggested to visit Egypt from October to April because the weather is a delight as the sun is not hot but shining and the air is fresh and pure.

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What to Visit in Egypt/Cairo?

There are many impressive historical and monumental places in Egypt such as Pyramids; your visit to ‎Egypt cannot be completed without visiting pyramids which are the most magnificent landmarks in ‎Egypt. You can also go to museums such as the Egyptian Museum and the Coptic Museum. In addition, visiting Khan El Khalili and wondering in al Moaz Street will seduce you to buy some souvenirs such as Pharaonic objects in marble and alabaster, Egyptian cotton sheets, clothing and, papyrus. You can completely ‎depend on your trusted tour guide to help you enjoy visiting different wonderful places around ‎Cairo. You can go around Cairo by using the metro because it is fast, easy and inexpensive; so that, you can download ‎the Cairo metro map to help you find what you want. If you want to travel around Egypt, ‎trains will be a good means for their comfortability and reliability. ‎

Where to Stay?

Accommodation, of course, is an important thing you are searching for. There are a number of decent hotels you can stay; they are at a fair price, the rooms are clean and the service is full board. For example, you can stay in al-Azar Hotel (Boutique hotel); it is located in downtown, close to the metro station. The Windsor Hotel also is a perfect place to stay amidst the downtown; it is near to many prominent attractions such as the Egyptian Museum, Opera Square, Khan al Khalili Bazaar, Abdine Palace and the River Nile.


Language in Egypt

 The official language in Egypt is Arabic. It will be better if you learn some Arabic words before traveling; this may give you some protection when dealing with others; especially, money dealings.  Moreover, you will be more appreciated and respected by the people there. Try to learn some Arabic numbers to help you when riding a taxi because the license plates in Egypt are in Arabic. If you cannot learn any of these, do not worry because in Egypt; predominantly, in Cairo, many people know English well. Hence, you will always find who helps you and guide you to your destination.

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People in Egypt

People in Egypt are helpful, warm and friendly; they are enjoyed with hospitality especially with foreigners. You will find them smile to you and try to help you if you ask them. Some of them, in the touristic places, may ask you for a picture with you as a kind of greeting and to be memorable for them. Do not hesitate to talk to people in Egypt.


Food in Egypt

Egyptian cuisine is characterized by different special and delicious types of food. Whether you are vegetarian or not, you will find what enjoys your taste buds including local popular food in Egypt such as ful, falafel, Koshry, etc. Most of the Egyptian food types are accessible as there are many street shops wherever you go.  Moreover, local food in Egypt is affordable.

Getting Money in Egypt

The local currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. You can easily exchange your money through the ATM. There are many ATMs everywhere; therefore, do not be worry about running out of money as long as you have them on your account.


Safety Tips in Egypt

One of the most important things sought by the tourists is being safe in the place they go to. Nowadays, Egypt is safer than after 2011 events; security is everywhere and no one can enter any touristic attraction or metro station or train station without going through the security appliance. Being safe also includes avoiding any disease and being healthy.

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General Safety Tips for Traveling to Egypt

There are general precautions you can take in your trip to Egypt/Cairo: 

  • Avoid assembles
  • Check government travel warnings regularly
  • Follow the Foreign Ministry on Twitter and Facebook
  • Register in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive Alerts and to be easily followed in an emergency state.

Health Considerations & Vaccinations

Do not forget to have the first aid kit to use them if necessary. Be careful about the up to date vaccines. Vaccines for typhoid and hepatitis A are highly recommended.

Women’s Safety When Travelling to Egypt Alone

There is a question always raised in females’ minds when traveling; Is it safe to travel as a solo? In Egypt, yes, it is safe. You can go around and wander without any worries; however, try to follow the cultural etiquette and customs of the country. For example, according to the clothes, because Egypt is a Muslim country, it is better for women to dress conservatively. For instance, they can wear long pants or dresses rather than shorts or mini-skirts and long or half sleeves rather than tank tops. On public transport, try to sit next to another woman or family to feel more comfortable. If you are exposed to any kind of harassment, do not worry because you will find all the people around you help you.


Travel tips are very essential before traveling to Egypt; they help you much to determine the best time to visit Egypt, the accommodation places and the sites that deserved to be visited. Besides, you obtain a comprehensive outline of the country, its people, its language and its food; hence, you save much time when you make your trip. Considering your safety tips following the rules of security also helps you enjoy your travel without any troubles.

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