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What a 72 Hours can do in Cairo?


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If you think 3 days is too quick to visit Cairo, yes it is, but we can manage it for you to get the best out of these 3 days. We will help you through this blog to prepare everything for your journey to Egypt to not waste any single second. We will also provide you with a 3 days program including the most important landmarks in Cairo. Plus a checklist for the things you must do before leaving Cairo.

You will know:

  • What to do before booking your trip
  • What a 3 days program looks like
  • Checklist for the important things to do before leaving Cairo

What to do before coming to Egypt

What to do before coming to Egypt

Check the weather

The weather in Egypt is different than Europe or America, which makes it suitable for tourism all year round.

You have 4 seasons to visit Egypt in it:


The weather in spring is kinda fickle, as you will feel warm but with a strong wind at the same time, and the humidity reaches 10%. So you will not worry about feeling cold or hot you will just be modest.

Spring in Egypt is on March, April, and May

Temperature:  Max average +32 °C (90 °F), and Min average t°: +10.5 °C (51 °F)


The weather in summer is hotter than any other season especially in Egypt as the sun is closer there. But you will love visiting Egypt in summer to try the atmosphere in cities on the seashore where you can enjoy diving, swimming and getting a useful tan. The fun starts only in summer.

Summer in Egypt is on June, July, and August

Temperature: Max average +35 °C (95 °F), and Min average +19 °C (67 °F)


Visitors in autumn time come in huge numbers, as the weather in autumn is almost perfect. You will find the perfect mix of reducing the sun heat and windless weather. In autumn you will enjoy the summer activities with the ancient Egyptian visits without any worries about the sun heat.

Autumn in Egypt is on September, October, and November

Temperature: Max average +32.5 °C (91 °F), and Min average +13 °C (56 °F)


Winter in Egypt is the perfect season for visiting, the weather is much cooler which will make your vacation more delightful, as it will be away from the sun’s heat. The winter activities are a lot in Egypt as you will enjoy the desert beauty and ancient Egyptian sites.

Winter in Egypt is on December, January, and February

Temperature: Max average +19 °C (67 °F), and Min average +7 °C (45 °F)

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Choose professional tours company

Choosing the right travel agency is the most important step for an unforgettable vacation. A professional agency will help you discover the whole of Cairo through an organized program and with expert tour guides. This will make the 72 hours mission easier.

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Learn some Arabic

Egyptians have the basic knowledge of the English language, so you will be able to communicate with them. But learning some Arabic will impress them, here are some words to help you express your needs:

  • Shokran means Thank you
  • Naam means Yes
  • Laa means No
  • Akl means Food
  • Mashy means OK
  • Ahlan means Hello
  • Asif means Sorry
  • Salam means Bye

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What to bring with you

Egypt is a very unique place, you will need to bring with you special things to cope with the atmosphere there. Prepare your back page with sunglasses and comfortable shoes to enjoy your adventure among the ancient Egyptians.

Sunscreen and a Hat will be a great idea to protect yourself from the sun heat and maintain the level of enjoyment during your trip.

To Follow the Egyptian culture and traditions, it’s preferred to bring appropriate clothes for this trip. Mix your clothes between light and warm clothes as it can get a little bit cold at night, so be prepared in both cases.

Take care of your Hygiene and bring some hand gel and lots of tissues as you will rarely find tissues in public restrooms. This will help you more in the places outside the tourist areas.

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wonen-look-to-the-nile in cairo

Checklist things to do before leaving Cairo

Cairo has lots of things to do. To not forget anything before leaving, have a look at this checklist which will help you cover all the important and interesting things in Cairo.

  • Take a picture with the great pyramids and sphinx in Giza
  • Have a walk in the downtown streets at night, ex: Talaat Harb St.
  • Try all the Egyptian food, ex: Sobhi Kaber Restaurant, Abo Tarek Restaurant
  • Attend a belly dancing show, ex: Cairo Sheriton, Nile Hilton or Ramses Hilton
  • Try the traditional café, ex: El-Feshawy Café at el-Hossein St.
  • Buy Souvenirs from Khan El-Khalili St.
  • Visit at least one mall in Cairo, Ex: Mall of Arabia, City Center Almaza, or Cairo Festival
  • Visit Islamic & Coptic monuments
  • Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Attend Egyptian wedding in Hotels (if possible)
  • Get into Nile cruise and try the Faloka, ex: from El-Tahreer
  • Have a walk along the Nile

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3 Days Cairo Program

To be able to cover all the highlights of Cairo city, you have to have a professional travel agency to prepare an unforgettable 3 days for you. To make it short for you, check the 3 days package with GAT tours for a low budget and extraordinary trip in Cairo city.

Finally, 72 hours in Cairo is not a dream it is possible with the right preparations. By reading this blog you will be aware of how to prepare yourself before heading to Cairo and what to bring with you for a great trip. A checklist will help you cover all the interesting activities you have to do in Cairo before leaving, and a detailed program for these 3 days.

If you have a busy life, Cairo is the best place to visit in 3 days only.

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