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Weather in Egypt in December

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Egypt is known for its weather in summer but you have to know more about the weather there in winter.

Because of Egypt’s distinguished location between the two seas and dessert at the same time, this gave it wonderful weather advantages in every session.

In this blog, we will talk about the high session for travelers in Egypt which is December.

Egypt temperature in December

December in Egypt differs from any other months, it has warm and sunny weather with some rain in most of the cities.

For those who prefer cooler air than the one in summer, you better start your arrangements for a journey to Egypt in December.

The average temperature daily is 24 C maximum and 14 C.minimum. The temperatures vary from the coastal cities and the other cities of Egypt, so you better check the temperature of the place you’re going to visit.


Day and night in December 

In Egypt morning weather is different than the evening, in the morning you may enjoy the slightest sun’s heat, and at night you can enjoy the fresh and cool air.

Whatever your preferences from both atmospheres, you will find them during December in Egypt on the same day. 

The Day in December takes about 10 hours with 8 hours of sunlight which sets before 5 PM.


What to wear this December in Egypt 

As you’re now familiar with the temperature in Egypt during December, you can now decide what is suitable for your body in this atmosphere, but here are some general tips for cloths arrangements:

  • For coastal cities, you better wear a light coat or a jacket in the morning but a coat in the evening. You have to be aware that you may need to add additional layers in case. This is not the perfect time or place for wearing sleeveless tops or shorts and it is better for Jeans and leggings. 
  • In Cairo or Giza, you better wear something you can take off sometimes because it gets a little bit warm in the middle of the day, but at the night you can wear a coat or add more layers.
  • For southern cities like upper Egypt, it is a little bit confused. In the early morning and at night, it is much cooler than the mid of the day so you better wear more layers or having a good coat at night and take a very light jacket with you in the morning.

General Tips

    • Don’t forget to have a winter pajamas as not all the hotels can have heaters for your cold nights. 
    • It’s better also to have your sunglasses and a hat as the sun is getting hot in the mid of the day
    • It’s important to put on your sunscreen to protect your skin in case. 
    • Get a scarf with you, it will help to protect you from the sun or the wind
    • Get a raincoat in case you faced rains in some cities in Egypt

Cities you better visit in December 

December is the high session to visit Egypt as it is the best weather to visit all the monuments there. Here are the cities you have to visit in December with the average temperature:

  • Cairo and Giza, the average temperature is 10°C Min and 20°, C Max
  • Alexandria and The North Coast, the average temperature is 11°C Min and 20°C Max
  • Luxor, Aswan, the average temperature is 8°C Min and 24°C Max
  • Sharm El Sheikh and Sina, the average temperature is 15°C Min and 23°C Max

December holidays in Egypt 

The main feast Egyptians celebrate in December is Christmas and New Year. in Egypt, these holidays have a different taste because of their traditions which will make your Christmas or your New Year more fun and interesting. 

From now you are ready to spend your Christmas in Egypt, you have all the tips you need and the fun will begin once you arrive in Egypt.

One last tip, make sure to book everything as early as you can as this is the high session for travel to Egypt and you better get a place this year.


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