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Things to do in Egypt in December - Is December a good time to visit Egypt?

Visit Pharaohs’ temples
nile cruise in egypt

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If you still confused about where you’re going to spend your next Christmas vacation in December, you have to keep reading because after finishing this blog you will definitely choose Egypt to spend your vacation. Egypt has many things you can do during December and here are some of them.

Nile Cruise

For a relaxing time, you have to go on a Nile Cruise trip. Egypt has the longest Nile in the world which is located in the center of Egypt, from its north to its south.

This cruise trip is the best thing to do in Egypt, you have many cities you can take this cruise from but the most famous are Cairo or Luxor and Aswan

Through this trip, you will not only enjoy the beauty of mother nature on day and night but also you can visit the famous attractions of ancient Egyptians especially in Luxor and Aswan. This activity has to be for sure in your to-do list.

Enjoy Sea activities

Egypt located between two seas which make it rich in beaches and wonderful sea views, so you have all the sea activities available for you at any time.

Scuba Diving, for example, is one of the amazing sea activities which helps you discover the world under the sea, the coral reefs in crystal clear waters, and relax on sandy shores. 

Diving is a very interesting sport but the existing of cities under the sea diving start to be much more interesting.

Under the Abu Qir Bay off the coast of Egypt, there is a Lost City called Heracleion that including 64 ships, 700 anchors, gold coins, many statues, and the remains of a huge temple for the god Amun.

The sea always carries wonders, but also having a Leisurely Walk on its Corniche has its own pleasure. Your happiness is in one place.

Enjoy Sea activities in egypt

Visiting Egypt’s Desert

Egypt does not only contain the greatest seas but rather it possesses the greatest and largest of the deserts whose enjoyment activities are the best thing you can ever try.

Within the desert, you can ride camels, which are so interesting in their way of walking and riding that make it more fun. Sunset is fascinating in the desert with amazing views and colors, it is totally different world than a sunset in the sea but both agree that you will have a great moment.

Sandboard is one of the desert activities that you will enjoy the most. If you just get sick of the snow you have to go for the sand it’s more fun. In the desert, you can also go for hiking to the top of Sinai mountain or any other mountain in Egypt for a crazy adventure and an interesting life.

visit egypt's desert

Visit Pharaohs’ temples

As you are already in Egypt, of course, you have to go for an ancient trip to visit the greatness of the Pharaohs. Ancient Egyptians have amazing temples with great structure and stunning reliefs that will blow your mind. 

For example, you better don’t miss visiting Karnak Temple and Abu Simbel in Luxor city and learn how to make Papyrus -The first kind of paper that ever made- Then, of course, the Great Pyramids of Giza -one of the seven wonders in the world- where you will understand and learn every single detail about ancient Egyptian and how they lived their life before.

The Egyptian Museum can also be a great reference for you to know more about the Pharaohs and to see all their tools and mommies by yourself.

Go Shopping

Our last advice for you is to go Shopping while you are touring in Egypt, Egypt is famous for its handcrafting products like Leather, Jewels, accessories and much more. You can also buy Souvenirs for your beloves ones like Perfumes, Smal statues, Patterned Papyrus, and more. 

Everything you are looking for to have an unparalleled vacation is available in Egypt. Your next December vacation is ready to fly directly to Egypt. Make sure to cover all these activities and search for more, Egypt always hiding the best for the real adventures.

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