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Exploring 7 of the Most Fascinating Lakes in Egypt


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What do you know about lakes in Egypt? Do you have an idea about their number, size or ‎usefulness? Have you realized how they are marvelous? 

Egypt has many mesmerizing lakes in the world ‎from North to South.

 Some of them are more popular than others but all are important and ‎beneficial to the environment. In this article, we will demonstrate some of the features of the ‎lakes in Egypt clarifying the most beautiful, the most important and the most visited. 

Let’s get started!

How Many Lakes in Egypt?

Currently, there are about 12 known lakes in Egypt. Some lakes still exist but others unfortunately vanished. Egypt has 7 great lakes which extend on a surface area of 3,600 square miles; they are Nasser Lake (High Dam Lake), Moreis Lake, (Qarun Lake), Mariout Lake, Edko Lake, Burullus Lake, Manzilah Lake, Bardawil Lake. Other lakes in Egypt include Wadi Elrayan Lakes, Toshka Lakes, Great Bitter Lake or al-Buhayrat al-Murrah, Wadi El Natrun Lakes and Salt lakes of Siwa. Lakes water is often fresh; however, some of them are salty for environmental reasons.

The Most Wonderful Lakes in Egypt

Egypt reflects some of the most beautiful natural wonders; their view can take your breath away and their crystal water will make you relax.

Siwa’s Salt Lakes

Siwa is a magic oasis located in the Western Desert. It has many gorgeous landscapes and desert activities. You can enjoy being amidst palm trees, seeing the hot springs and the pure crystal water. Siwa oasis includes several lakes which each of them has its own features such as the Zeitoun Lake; it is the biggest lake in Siwa that covers more than 12,000 hectares. Besides Zeitoun Lake, there is a great salt lake called Maraqi Lake or Siwa or Fatnas Lake. It covers 5,300 hectares. Its salt concentration is higher.

Siwa’s Usefulness

Siwa Lakes are known for their healing features; they are utilized for the treatment of sinus, skin and eye diseases. Siwa Lakes are medical treatment because of their salt concentration in the water; so that, they represent one of the medical tourism types intended by tourists from all over the world. Moreover, they are a place of relaxation. It is worthy to mention that in 2017, the Matrouh Governor declared Siwa Oasis as an international destination for medical and environmental tourism.


Magic lake

The Magic Lake; it is a stunning lake located in Wadi El Hitan in ‎the Fayoum Oasis. Its beautiful name was acquired from the amazing colors of the lake which permanently changes. Dunes and the Rocky Mountains wrap the lake in an attractive site. Magic Lake is one of the most freshwater lakes. You can do several ‎activities during your visit to the lake such as camping, desert safaris, sand boarding and riding. In addition, you will find a good place to relax enjoying the weather and the sunset. Magic Lake has a high level of the most visited places in the area.

Wadi Al Rayan Lakes

Fayoum Oasis is popular with Wadi Al Rayan Lakes; they are two freshwater lakes located in the valley of Wadi Al Rayan. They attract tourists because of its natural waterfall running ‎between the upper and lower lakes, the wide dunes which surround them and the wonderful view. Wadi Al Rayan Lakes are often very busy with tourists as they are a suitable place to enjoy your free time and relax yourself.


Moreis Lake

Moreis Lake is also called Qarun Lake; it is a very old lake . You will be fascinated to know that this enduring ancient lake was created by mistake when the Nile overflowed during the ‎Pharaohs era. It covers around 202 square kilometers. It attracts tourists from all over the world due to its antique buildings and its historical monuments. Visiting this lake will put you in a different splendid mood.

Burullus Lake

Burullus Lake is considered the second biggest lake in Egypt. It is a slightly salt lake located is located in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate. It covers about 460 square kilometers ‎of the region. It is regarded as a historical place because the ancient Burullus establishment is positioned below its water. Tourists can come to Burullus to enjoy seeing its sand plains, its salt morasses, besides, several diverse species of fish, birds, reptiles and ‎mammals that live around the lake.‎

Timsah Lake

Timsah Lake or ‘Crocodile Lake’ is a beautiful lake located in Ismailia governorate. It covers around 5.4 square miles. This lake holds a great position because many beaches overlook the lake including Bahary, Melaha, Fayrouz and other Suez Canal important beaches. The lake lies within an isthmus that extends between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Nasser Lake

Nasser Lake is a distinctive honorable lake because it was established by human hands; it is considered as the largest human-made lake in the world. It is located in Aswan and it is founded as a result of building the ‎Aswan High Dam. It was named Nasser Lake due to the second president of Egypt; Gamal Abdel Nasser. It covers 2,030 square miles and it exceeds the border between Egypt and Sudan. It is a very important lake because it generates hydroelectric power reduces the frequency of the floods downstream of the river.

Many tourists visit Aswan because it is full of many ancient monuments and wonderful landscapes; so that, they got attracted by the Nasser Lake. Tourists can visit Lake Nasser through an amazing comfortable cruise, either from Aswan or Abu Simbel; the journey takes several days to be completed. Lake Nasser also enjoys having different species of large fish such as huge vundu catfish, the ferocious, big-fighting tigerfish; hence, it is a perfect place for which fishermen.


Least Visited Lakes

Mariout Lake

Mariout Lake is a brackish lake located in northern Egypt. It covers about 200 km². This lake is a historical place where Rosetta Stone was discovered in a Temple site at Mariout Lake. Moreover, there are some ancient tombs around the lake.

Bardawil Lake

Bardawil Lake is a shoal very salty lake. It occupies much of the Mediterranean coast of Sinai. It is a vital source of the local fishery; especially, the high-value saltwater fishes. It is also an essential place for wintering waterbirds and some reptile species.


Lakes Benefits

As it was clarified in this article, lakes have many benefits diversifying according to the lake ‎location and the lake kind of water. Some lakes have a therapeutical effect such as Siwa Oasis. ‎Others are essential for flourishing fishing such as Nasser Lake which is also benefits the country ‎by generating hydroelectric power, while others are the home of many mammals such as Burullus ‎and Bardawil Lakes.‎


Finally, we can say that lake in Egypt is characterized by different adorable features that attract tourist from all the world. There are major lakes such as Siwa’s salt lakes; they are a wonderful place for healing, treatment and relax. Magic Lake and Wadi Al Rayan Lakes are fresh water lakes enjoying stunning landscapes and including many activities. The Moreis and Burullus Lakes are featured with the ancient buildings and historical monuments‎. Timsah Lake has a beautiful location overlooking many important beaches. Besides, there is Nasser Lake; the human-made lake which is considered one of the landmarks of Aswan attracting visitors and inducing them to enjoy Nile Cruises. There are also many lakes in Egypt which are very useful to the ecology system such as Bardawil Lake. The Egyptian Lakes number can be estimated at 12 known Lake.

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