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Sinai Peninsula
Sinai peninsula has a special character! This peninsula situated in the only section of Egypt that is situated in Asia hosts some of the most magnificent beaches that attract tourists from all over the globe to spend their vacation in Egypt.

Dahab Egypt
The city of Dahab, or gold in the Arabic language, got its name from the golden sandy beaches situated all over the hotels, resorts, and camps of this city charming with natural beauty.

Located more than 600 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, 80 kilometers to the North of Sharm El Sheikh, and 87 kilometers to the South of Newbie, Dahab has a significant location in Sinai.

This flourishing resort of Dahab in fact grew around a Bedouin Village called El Asslah situated to the South of the city of Dahab. This section of the city still hosts the cheaper hotels, camps, and simple life beaches that suit younger independent travelers with limited budgets that go for tours in Egypt.

Dahab became popular among tourists who visit Egypt in the early 1990s when the Egyptian government gave more attention to this section of Sinai.

Some historians claim that there was an ancient port that was used by the Nabataeans since the 2nd century AD due to the significant location of Dahab on the shores of El Aqaba Gulf.

To the north there is a large number of luxury hotels, some more upscale resorts that welcomes many guests who enjoy their vacation in Egypt on the beaches of Dahab.

Red Sea Egypt
In Dahab, the whole life revolves around the sea and the beaches. The marine underwater life is quite rich in Dahab with various colorful types of coral reefs and different species of fish.

Guests usually spend their time in the morning diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, swimming, and enjoying the warm sun of Dahab. At night, they usually go attend some beach parties, or go for a safari in the desert to have dinner and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the Bedouin life.

The Blue Hole
One of the most famous diving and snorkeling is the Blue Hole. Completely surrounded by coral reefs, this diving spot is more than 80 meters deep in some sections. This is why this section is for the more armature divers.

There are also some protected areas near Dahab that are notable. The first is Ras Abu Galum that is famous for its desert, mountains, plains, and marine environments. For these reasons, it was declared a protected area in 1992. This is besides the Nabq protected area that is famous for its coral reefs, some underwater caves, and mangroves.