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Kom Al Dikka in Alexandria

Have you tried to imagine what the historical areas used to look like in the old ages, how was life in this empty old area. 

Kom Al Dikka is one of the important attractive sites in Alexandria, Egypt. This site used to be a beautiful Park called Pan, surrounded by charming villas, bathhouses and a lovely theatre in the era of Graeco-Roman. Now you can enjoy discovering this area in Alexandria specially the theater which was made in 13 white-marble terraces. 

Make sire to visit Kom Al Dikka to enjoy visiting this unique Roman amphitheater in Egypt. Let’s know more about Kom Al Dikka in Alexandria:

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The location of Kom Al Dikka

In the center of Alexandria city now you can find the site of Kom el-Dikka where many discoveries and studies was made to know more about of history.

This historical site is the only archaeological site that allows all the researchers to study and do their excavations to help them discover the history of the urban fabric and the architectural history of this ancient city. These excavations have resulted with a great researches that explains the city’s history from topography and architecture to the daily life of its inhabitants since the 2nd century BC.

Kom Al Dikka located in Alexandria was like a treasure for all the researchers in the world.

Kom Al Dikka History

Kom Al Dikka was firstly discovered in 1967 when they started to build the first apartment in the area which was named as Kom Al Dikka which means ‘Mound of Rubble’.

At this historical complex there is the Villa of the Birds which is a very wealthy dwelling that dates back to the (AD 117–138). This building was redecorated more than 4 times before it gets destroyed by fire in the 3rd century AD but fortunately the floor mosaic decorations are remaining till today with beautiful designs for animal and flowers.

The original construction of Kom Al Dikka was by creating a theater at the 3rd century CE, but a very sever earthquake happened in 535 CE and created a huge damages in the theatre. This was during the Byzantine period

The site discoveries

Along almost half century, many discoveries have been made in the site of Kom Al Dikka. This site was like a treasure for all the researchers as they found many valuable antiques.

The most important site that was discovered in Kom Al Dikka is the Roman Theater, there is only a small part remains from the original theatre but it’s still attractive and have lots of details that helped the researchers to know many facts about this era.

Inside this Roman theatre you can find thirteen rows of seats that complete the U shape. The basic structure of the theatre was built in a red brick base and a thick white marble stadium on top. The theatre seats was made is a very elegant style to match the cultured audience who used to attend events in this theatre.

They also discovered the presence of many Lecture Halls to the north of the theatre which clearly indicates the teaching institution in the sixth century. These halls are about 5.5 by 11 meters in size and include around tree rows of benches.

To the north of the Roman theater there are some public Baths that dates back to the fourth century CE and the Roman were using it till the seventh century.

While discovering the area of Kom Al Dikka, they found in the 2010 parts of the Ptolemaic-era temple ruins. They also discovered some incredible statues for different gods and goddesses that include the cat goddess Bastet.

Kom Al Dikka is a fascinating treasure that has an endless surprises, along the years they discover much more of ancient monuments from different decades. Visiting the site of Kom Al Dikka will make exploring the history more fun as you will see places where ancient Egyptians used to live their lifes and how did civilizations develop. Don’t miss this amazing adventure at one of the most incredible cities of Egypt, Alexandria.

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