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Tomb of King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun is the most famous and the youngest pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He became famous in the whole world after the great discovering of his tomb as it was the first tomb

King Tutankhamun is the most famous and the youngest pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He became famous in the whole world after the great discovering of his tomb as it was the first tomb to be discovered in its entirety, unlike the other tombs that have been stolen before discovering them.

King Tut was a young boy who ruled Egypt during the 18th Dynasty, and he made an exceptional history for Ancient Egypt. We were able to discover his tomb in 1922 by the British Archaeologist Howard Carter and his team in the location of the Valley of the Kings. This tomb hosts luxurious artifacts as all of them were made of gold, all these objects presents the life of ancient Egyptians and made us know more about their history.

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Where is Tutankhamun’s tomb

The tomb of king Tut is located on the West Bank of Luxor across the Nile at the Valley of the kings site, which is almost 1 hour flight away from Cairo. The site of the Valley of the kings hosts many tombs for great ancient kings and the tomb of Tutankhamun is number 62, the tomb is modest in its decorations and size between the other tombs, but it’s more special. King Tut himself was a unique king, as he ruled Egypt very young and continued for only nine years. The tomb also was found fully without any missing objects, which made it a great discovery for the history.

Tutankhamun’s tomb History

The Tomb of Tutankhamun was one of the best preserved Royal Tombs ever discovered in Egypt, it was hidden for over 3000 years until it was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter.

This tomb survived the Nile flood and the tomb’s thefts along all these centuries, the Egyptologists start discovering it by finding some items that lead to the tomb like some embalming materials, broken pottery, and gold foil linen bags. Then they get closer to the tomb to finally find this huge discovery.

The first thing Carter saw after drilling in this tomb was the bright reflection of the gold from all the golden artifacts inside the tomb. Today you can enjoy seeing these golden pieces yourself at the Egyptian museum and after some developments, you will be able to see them at the grand Egyptian museum, which is the largest museum in the whole world.

This amazing Tomb was found by some robbers before, but fortunately they weren’t able to steal any of the important artifacts, and it was found in a great condition.

This tomb was originally made for king Tutankhamun, but due to his early death, the tomb wasn’t fully completed and that’s why the tomb was a bit smaller than the other tombs in the site.

Although the tomb of King Tut was somehow small in the size, it contains almost 5000 artifacts made in gold which included some items that were used by the king daily like, jewelry, incense, clothes, cosmetics, toys and variety of materials, chariots, and weapons. This treasure helped us to discover more about the daily life of ancient Egyptians and how they used to live their lives.

This charming tomb of Tutankhamun was like a golden gate for Ancient Egypt’s history, we were able to discover many secrets and habits about Ancient Egypt, and we found a great art in the artifacts found inside the tomb for this great young pharaoh. Don’t miss exploring such a fascinating site and go for a small journey to Egypt’s history

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