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The Pharaonic Village

What about traveling through time and having a living look at the ancient Egyptian lifestyle and how they used to live their life. Egypt has made this dream a true thing at The Pharaonic Village.

You will be discovering Egypt’s entire history in only 2 to 3 hours by passing through the ancient ages till the modern times.

If this is your first visit to Egypt or even the hundred, this journey sailing down the canals discovering Egypt’s history in real life is something you should never miss. 

Let’s get deep into the details of this magical village:

The location of the Pharaonic Village

You will find the Pharaonic Village located in the Capital of Egypt, Cairo city. The Ya’aqoub Island is the host of this piece of art in the middle of the Nile and covers 490,000 square feet of the Island.

The village is about 3 miles south of the center of Cairo and It’s surrounded by 5000 trees that are tall enough to cover all the modern life around you and give you the real atmosphere of traveling back  5000 years in history.

The story of building this village

The idea of the Pharaonic Village was established by Dr. Hassan Ragab and his son Dr. Abdelsalam Ragab 20 years ago.

Dr. Hassan Ragab came to Ya’aqoob Island in the first place to grow papyrus to use it for paper fabrication, after it had disappeared for l000 years he came to bring his art back to life. 

He designed the village to include many arts, ancient and modern Egyptian industries, games, and lots of important moments from history.

The unique tour of the Pharaonic Village

If you decided to go for a tour inside the Pharaonic Village, you are going for a fantastic journey. This place is bringing the time back with the assistance of an incredible group of actors and actresses plus typical copies from the ancient buildings, clothing, and lifestyles of the Egyptians.

During this tour, you will be riding floating amphitheaters that take you on a ride around the island to watch the actors and actresses performing all the daily activities and arts that used to happen back in ancient Egypt. 

Ex: sculpting, papyrus making, agriculture, pottery, building, Making food, weaving,…etc

Inside this magical village, you will find replicas of ancient Egypt’s masterpieces like King Tutankhamun’s tomb, this replica is exactly the same full of all his exquisite treasures but in a smaller size than the original one. 

Also, there are more than 12 new museums that present some different interesting information about Egypt, 4 of them related to ancient Egypt and talk about pyramid building, arts and beliefs, mummification and medicine, and the last one talk about the ancient Egyptian boats.

The rest of the 5 museums are related to different periods in Egyptian history like the Coptic history, Islamic civilization, Cleopatra’s ruling era, Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt, and Egypt’s modern history museum. 

All these museums plus 3 others related to the latest 3 presidents in Egypt, Mohamed Naguib, Nasser, and Sadat.

The fun part of the village 

The village not only presents informative content, but it also has lots of interesting and fun activities to do in the middle of the pharaonic atmosphere.

There is a super fun amusement park called “Tut Land” plus an “Art Center” for your kids to express their talents and enjoy the history. You can also ride on the “Nefertari” Yacht and take an unforgettable trip down the Nile.

You will find there, lots of services such as cafeterias, children’s playgrounds, boat rentals and a restaurant that serves different kinds of dishes. All these things help to make your tour even more enjoyable. 

The village welcomes all visitors from 9 am till 6 pm daily. 

A trip inside the Pharaonic village is definitely one your family will always remember! Make sure to take them on a time travel journey to get some knowledge and have fun at the same time. You will never find such a great mix at any place in the world.  

Don’t ever miss this experience during your visit to Egypt.

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