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Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo

One of the milestones of islamic Cairo is the famous Al Azhar Mosque. This mosque is a must visit for those who adore the beautiful art of the islamic history, you will enjoy the artifacts and the architectural designs of the mosque. 

To know more about Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo you better continue reading this article to go through a small journey inside the Mosque:

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The founder of Al Azhar Mosque 

Al Azhar Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Cairo and a very important place for the islamic history. Although there are thousands of mosques in Cairo, Al Azhar Mosque is the most important and unique. In 970 AD, the Fatimids built this amazing Mosque in order to worship allah and also for learning. Yes it’s a holy place for praying but over the years it became a very important center for Islamic theology and learning, people from all over the world come to learn from it. 

There is a university with the same name of the mosque “Al Azhar university” that became one of the great universities where students from all over the world can learn about the history of Islam plus many other schools of thought that govern the interpretation of the Koran.

Now, the whole world respects this place as an influential moderating and regulating authority for Islamic theology.

The construction of Al Azhar Mosque

A building that survived for more than a thousand years should have been through renovation and expanding many times. It went through lots of political shifting and government changes that added a beauty to the mosque’s history. 

The mosque has five minarets that presents the different dynasties that controlled Al-Azhar mosque throughout history. From the original construction of the mosque, they built a very beautiful, white marble central court that is very famous in the middle of the mosque. 

The mosque construction includes one large covered prayer area plus two religious schools that used to be called “madrassa” where they had lessons in Arabic and Qur’anic interpretation; these lessons exist until today.

The madrasa of Al Azhar Mosque

Al Azhar mosque has a special part called the madrasa, this part was established in 988 AD and through the years it grew to become a huge university now. This university is now the second-oldest educational institution in the world. 

It all started from the madrasa at el Azhar Mosque to teach the kids Arabic and Quran from many years ago but now there is a great standing university teaching students from all over the world where you can learn all the different fields beside the Islamic sciences.

This historical masterpiece is a must visit in Cairo, during your tour in the islamic Cairo don’t forget to have a deep look at the historical beauty of Al Azhar mosque. You wil learn so much about the history of islam in Egypt and you will enjoy the amazing architectural art that was created through different eras. Have a tour through history in one place “Al Azhar mosque in Cairo”. 


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