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The step pyramid of Djoser

Are you interested in discovering the first pyramid built in Egypt?! Here we will take you on a journey to explore the step pyramid of Djoser, which was the first project made to create a pyramid. Egypt is famous for having many different pyramids in different places, but discovering the first one ever is more interesting.

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The step pyramid History

Djoser or Zoser, like it used to spell, was the ruler of Egypt in the third dynasty. From 4,700 years ago, he got the idea of building a pyramid to take it as his tomb. His vizier Imhotep took the responsibility of the planning for the building. The step pyramid was one of the exceptional achievements of Imhotep.  

The pyramid structure

The step pyramid of Djoser took some steps to get finished, and because it was the first trial to create a whole pyramid, it took some time to reach the final result. The first step started with creating a mastaba tomb (This was in the shape of a flat-roofed structure but with slops in the sides). Then the second step began by making some expansions. The pyramid workers created about six more layers with 60 meters high each layer is on the top of the other. 

During the building of this pyramid, they used about 330,400 cubic meters of stone and clay. What is interesting about this pyramid is it has many tunnels beneath that shaped a kind of a maze with about 5.5 kilometers long, which means it was a magnificent discovery about ancient Egypt.

Maze beneath the step pyramid

The ancient Egyptians built the step pyramid in the center of 37 acres, which gave them space to create this maze with many tunnels beneath the pyramid. It is kind of a mystery to us nowadays so, let us discover what the maze contains. 

The main chamber of King burial

The king’s burial chamber is the center of this pyramid. It is at the bottom of a 28-meter long shaft. It’s newly discovered that the step pyramid was the only pyramid in the Old Kingdom that contains the burial chambers of 11 daughters of the king. 

The chamber workers made the decoration with limestone blocks and many painted stars, which made an attractive ceiling filled with stars. For a mysterious reason, the pyramid workers had scrapped this decoration to end up with a simple granite burial chamber.

The mysterious tunnels

Under the step pyramid, there are many different tunnels, some tunnels are for the food and all that the king needs afterlife. Some tunnels lead to unfinished chambers, which are in the shape of a palace made for the afterlife. 

There is a room decorated with many of the blue faience tiles which present the reed matting located in the real palace of the king in Memphis. This room contains three false doors with the engagement of the king in rituals as a painting.

Another tunnel located on the east side of the pyramid contains many things of the old kingdomو like 40 thousand vessels of stone that belong to the ancestors of the king, some ancient coffins, and remains of human bodies. 

The step pyramid of Djoser is a masterpiece in Egypt. You should visit such a great structure at least once in your life. The very first structure that ever built in history is in one place, and it’s very close to you now. Don’t even hesitate and start the preparation for your next adventure in Egypt.

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