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10 Adventurous Activities to Do in Cairo

Adventure is what gives our life a taste so that we can handle the other routine part of our life. If you are still looking for new adventures, you’re in the right place.

Egypt is famous for having thousands of adventurous activities to enjoy but Cairo’s adventures should be on the top of your list. In Cairo, you will try new things, discover new places, and have fun in a totally different way. While you’re reading this blog you will discover all the entertaining activities you can’t miss during your Cairo tour.

Adventurous Activities in Cairo

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Enjoy some dessert activities next to the great pyramids of Giza 

The real meaning of adventure is here at the site of the greatest 3 pyramids in the world. Here, you will experience the majesty of the pharaohs besides doing some adventurous activities with the pyramids’ view. 

Dessert activities in Egypt can’t be counted but the most famous and loved ones are the horses and camels riding. You will definitely enjoy your time touring the whole Pyramids site on the back of interesting animals. If you tried riding horses before, the camels will surely amaze you by how it stands up or moves. What makes these activities more unique is that it is cheaper than you think and you can choose the exact duration and time you want to enjoy it. This will be such a worthwhile experience you should never miss. 

Book your visit to the most charming Islamic open museum (Al Muizz Street)

Al Muizz street is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Cairo. You will find there, lots of houses, mosques, schools, and buildings exist from thousands of years ago and made by many different rulers that lived in Cairo someday.

This street is famous for Its Islamic architectural features and dazzling inscriptions, each step you take inside this street will be followed by a WOW reaction. 

Thousands of tourists made sure to have El Muizz street in their tours including many impressive Islamic features such as El-Azhar Mosque, Sabil-Kuttab of the Ottoman art, and the Complex of Qalawun. We assure you will have the most interesting experience you will ever have.

Trying Egyptian food is like a visit to Disneyland

If you think you have tried the most delicious food in the world, I bet you didn’t yet. Egyptian cousin is on the top of “the most recommended food” list.

In Egypt, they play mainly on the taste of their dishes which will make you feel you are in a very happy place, and what is a happier place than Disneyland?! Each dish will give you a different feeling of happiness exactly like each game inside Disneyland.

Here are some of the most famous Egyptian dishes you should make sure to try:

  • Koshary which is a plate includes rice and pasta with tomato sauce, chickpeas, and lentils on the top.
  • Mulukhiya is a kind of green leafy vegetable which is cooked with garlic and served with rice or bread.
  • Fatta is a very famous dish, especially on religious occasions. It consists of fried bread, rice, meat soup, and large pieces of meat, with tomato sauce with garlic and vinegar on the top.

Make sure to try the Egyptian Disneyland in their own way.

Don’t miss the Sunset feeling on the top El-Mokattam Cliff

Runaway from the noises and go to enjoy the sunset from the highest point in Cairo city. You will find up there, local cafes to have some drinks or shisha while you’re enjoying this breathtaking view. 

All the crowds in the city will get together to form a wonderful artistic painting that will catch your eyes and heart once you look at it. The lights in every small inch will put an amazing touch on this beauty at night too. So visiting the incredible place of El-Mokattam will be more interesting in both morning and night, you will surely enjoy your time there.

Enjoy Tannoura Performance, the traditional Egyptian art 

Egypt is not only famous for belly dancing, but it also has a very special kind of dancing called Tannoura dance. This dance needs professionals to be able to perform it as it has special techniques to do it in the right way. 

What you will love about Tannoura dance is the colors used in the dance clothes and also the impressive moves done by the dancer. If you want to try this Tannoura dance, you can easily ask the dancer to teach you and get such an interesting experience.

Giza pyramids are alive in the Sound and Light show

To witness the ancient Egyptians alive, you had to attend the sound and light show at the great pyramids of Giza. You will see creativity in how you will discover the secrets of ancient Egypt. Egyptian artists have created a creative show to present some important images from some ancient historical eras. 

During this show, you will get to know everything about the ancient dynasties of the greatest kings of Egypt in the shape of historical stories told by the Sphinx and the 3 Pyramids of Giza. What a thing when you see the pyramids talking in front of you! Make sure to go through this experience one day.

Do some shopping at Khan El Khalili Bazaar

You can’t return to your home without having some gifts to your beloved ones or even to yourself as a souvenir to always remember this place.  Khan El Khalili Bazaar is the perfect place to get all that you want, as it is The Largest open-air market in the World. 

I bet you will love the colorful products as this bazaar is full of all types of goods & shiny baubles. You can find there a special section for fresh spices and another for the perfume and essential oils lovers. You have also to pass by the fabric shops or the one for the carpet vendors, you will also enjoy shopping at the clothes shops beside many other attractive shops where you can get all that you need at very good prices with the Egyptian print. 

Don’t miss sailing with a Felucca in the middle of the Nile

The great Nile river has its own charming beauty, as if you’re fond of the natural beauty, you will definitely adore the Nile. You can get the chance to be immersed in this beauty by sailing with a Felucca. 

Felucca is a very traditional sailboat used to sail the Nile since ancient Egypt. you can enjoy Felucca in the day exploring the natural colors and views, or at night to get an unforgettable night enjoying the fresh air and the bright stars. Both times have their own magic.

Special adventure at Cairo Tower, The Highest Point in Cairo

Visiting Cairo needs to be in two dimensions so you can truly say I visited Cairo city. The first dimension is the ordinary visit which is from the ground but the second dimension is from the highest point in the city which is the famous “Cairo Tower”.

Cairo tower is 187 m where you can enjoy the view of Cairo city from the top plus having a fancy restaurant near to you to enjoy Egyptian food and this charming view at the same time. This incredible tower took about 5 years to be completed and designed by Naoum Chebib.

The Pharaonic Village is the live version of Ancient Egypt

Do you love magic? We all love magic but if this magic is to get back in time so it’s much cooler. In the Pharaonic Village you will find a very special magic where you will see the life of the ancient Egyptian in front of you.

You will go on a tour that takes from 2 to 3 hours in a floating amphitheater through the Nile to discover every single detail about the pharaohs. Who didn’t dream of having a history class but in a funny and entertaining way, you will definitely have an exceptional experience.

Adventure needs the power to be able to enjoy all these different kinds of adventures. So you have to be ready before coming to this amazing city to enjoy every second to the max. Start arranging your visit to Cairo now and put all these places in your own itinerary, we assure you will have a very entertaining and adventurous tour.

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